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Princess Taian bowed within a luxurious residential palace with a faint smile on her face.

She seemed to be composed and leisurely, without appearing stiff for rules at all.

Before her stood a graceful, dignified woman behind a screen.

The screen obscured her appearance, only revealing a blurry figure.

She was the empress of the Xi Empire.

“Oh, its Xianer.

Ive just returned, and youve come to see me.

You sure receive news fast,” the empress said from behind the screen.

Her voice was kind and filled with warmth.

“A lot of things have happened in the empire during this time.

I was afraid that aunts mood would be affected, so I especially came to spend some time,” said princess Taian.

She seemed considerate, and at the same time, there was a sense of concern in her voice.

“Sigh,” the empress sighed gently as if there was something indescribable and sorrowful affecting her mood.

She seemed rather dispirited at that moment and said, “Xianer, come.

Lets talk.”

“Yes, aunt!”

Princess Taian slowly made her way over and went around the screen, sitting beside the empress liberally.

“Oh right.

Aunt, in the days that you were gone, an extremely surprising supreme Overgod appeared in our northern region,” said princess Taian.

The light in her eyes flickered as she paid close attention to the empress face.

Seeing how the empress did not react too violently, she continued, “Although this supreme Overgod isnt a member of our northern region, he really is powerful.

I think theres probably no one in the entire northern region that can rival this supreme Overgod because he can defeat a Godking as an Overgod.”

“I also heard that the Godking was no ordinary Godking, but the disciple of a large sect from the Xuandao Empire.”

“What is even more surprising is after the Overgod defeated the Godking, he was not injured at all.

Aunt, dont you think this Overgod is powerful”

The empress expression remained the same.

She nodded slightly, “To fight a Godking as an Overgod and achieve victory.

Thats right, he is indeed a supreme Overgod with surprising potential.

This strength might even be enough to rival the person ranked first on the Overgods Plaque.”

“Even aunt thinks so.

Hehe, I also think that this supreme Overgod has the right to challenge the person ranked first on the Overgods Plaque,” princess Taian smiled sweetly.

Soon afterwards, she seemed to think of something, and she suddenly took out an embroidered box from her Space Ring.

She said, “Oh right.

Aunt, when I visited this supreme Overgod last time, he said to give this box to aunt or uncle.”

Reaching this point, the princess paused.

She stared at the box in her hand and said in thought, “Inside must be a gift from the supreme Overgod for aunt and uncle.”

The empress frowned when she heard that.

She said, “Xianer, how can you accept anyones gift for me Its not like you dont understand this.

You better return this box to that person.”

The empress left no room for argument with how dignified her voice was.

“This-” The princess became slightly troubled.

When she thought about how stern Jian Chen was when he gave the box to her, she understood that the item inside would definitely be special.

However, she understood the temperament of the empress extremely well.

Since the empress was unwilling to take the gift, anything she tried would be a futile effort.

“Yes, aunt.

I understand,” the princess became rather dejected.

She stowed the box away unhappily and left the empress residence before long.

However, the princess did not forget what Jian Chen had told her before.

She only needed to give it to the empress or the Xi Emperor.

Since the empress did not want it, she went to find the Xi Emperor.

With princess Taians status, seeing the Xi Emperor was naturally no problem.

Very soon, she arrived in the Xi Emperors study room.

When princess Taian met the supreme emperor of the Xi Empire, the famed ruler who had basically caused an upheaval through the entire empire when he ascended to the throne was sitting back in a precious chair sculpted from crystal that had depictions of dragons.

He propped up his forehead with one hand as he rested.

However, there was heavy exhaustion on his dignified and resolute face.

“Its Xianer.

Xianer, is there anything you need me for” the Xi Emperor said.

His voice was filled with warmth.

He did not move his posture in the chair at all.

He did not even open his eyes.

At that moment, the Xi Emperor no longer possessed his usual coldness or his usual awe.

He only seemed like a lonely and injured soul.

“Uncle,” princess Taian hesitated when she saw how exhausted the Xi Emperor was.

She originally wanted to give Jian Chens box to him, but she found it rather difficult to bring herself to do something like that after seeing how exhausted he was.

“Uncles lost daughter has always weighed on his heart during these years.

He is mentally and psychologically torn.

Now that he has finally gotten some time to rest, am I really going to disturb him” The princess thought.

In the end, she sighed inside and did not choose to take out the box at this time.

Fairy Hao Yue had returned to the Tian Yuan clan in the Dongan province with Jian Chen and everyone else.

They had originally departed soundlessly, without raising any attention, so they did the same when they returned.

“Therell probably be a lot of movements from the Empyrean Demon Cult soon since they lost the nine blood beads and soul beads.

You have to be careful.

You mustnt reveal any traces at all, or no one will be able to save you,” fairy Hao Yue personally cast down a barrier in a secret room deep underground and warned them sternly.

At this moment, the Empyrean Demon Orb suddenly drifted out of Houstons sea of consciousness.

It shone with dazzling red light.

In the next moment, ten thumb-sized beads drifted out.

The ten beads were five soul beads and five blood beads.

They drifted towards Jian Chen, Houston, Shen Jian, Sacredfeather, and fairy Hao Yue.

“The artifact spirit of the Empyrean Demon Orb has told me that its gifting these blood beads and soul beads to everyone to thank you all for your help.” Houston passed on the artifact spirits message, “Although these blood beads and soul beads were condensed from the blood and energy of souls from countless lives, the beads have already become the purest crystal after the formations refined them for so many years.

As a result, absorbing the energy from them wont leave any side effects behind.”

Fairy Hao Yue stared at the blood beads and soul beads and studied them seriously.

She nodded, “Thats right.

The beads have already been refined for so many years that all factors of evil and unstable elements have been eliminated.

The beads have become great nourishment, which can increase your strength by quite a lot.” Fairy Hao Yue glanced at Jian Chen when she said that.

Afterwards, she swung her arm and sent the beads that had drifted before her to Jian Chen.

She said, “These beads are useless to me.

You take them.”

Jian Chen looked at the beads.

He hesitated.

Although the blood and soul beads were extremely nourishing, enough for the cultivation of a person to skyrocket, they were still condensed from the essence of blood and energy of souls from countless people.

To him, only demonic cultivators would use objects like this to cultivate.


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