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In an unknown space extremely distant from the Cloud Plane, there stood a huge, striking divine hall with a tremendous presence.

It gave off a terrifying pressure that was enough to scare the world.

The divine hall seemed to be able to rule over an entire region.

Even the independent, unknown space seemed to bow down before it, kneeling at the divine halls feet.

At this moment, two balls of light suddenly appeared in a silent, dark secret room at the top of the divine hall.

They tore through the darkness like two bolts of lightning, giving the dark room some light.

“The Empyrean Demon Orb.

This is the presence of the Empyrean Demon Orb.

Ning Shuang, have you come to the Saints World”

A trembling, excited voice suddenly rang out in the pitch-black room.

It was filled with reminiscence.

The two balls of light that had suddenly appeared were actually a pair of eyes that shone brightly.

It was even possible to vaguely make out a figure seated in the secret room from the two balls of light.

A large body sat there, giving off a terrifying presence that seemed to be enough to make the sky collapse.

“How many years, just how many years has it been Ive finally waited till this day.

Ive already prepared everything in the Saints World.

Ning Shuang, we can meet again very soon.”

The voice filled with reminiscence rang out once again.

After a million years of preparation, a million years of arduous effort, and a million years of bitter waiting and eagerness, it was finally happening.

Even though the owner of the voice had already forged a heart that would not tremble even if the universe was destroyed, it shook uncontrollably at this moment.

He had waited far too long for this day.

“Master, this one has important matters to report!”

At this moment, an elderly voice suddenly rang out from outside the secret room.

It was filled with respect.

Silently, a black-robed old man had appeared outside the secret room.

The old mans eyes were deep as if the boundless outer space was hidden in there.

As a matter of fact, there seemed to be endless laws interweaving with one another in his eyes as if the ways of the world were resonating.

It was like a tremendous universe was evolving in there.

Moreover, the presence that the old man gave off from time to time was enough to shock the world.

The old man was extremely powerful!

However, he stood outside the secret room politely with his head lowered.

Respect had filled his face.

“Is it about the branch on the Cloud Plane” The voice in the secret room rang out.

“Exactly that.

Master, this one has just received the news that the nine blood beads and soul beads that the branch on the Cloud Plane has used countless years to condense have been taken away by an unknown Chaotic Prime,” the old man said politely.

“I know this already.

You can go.

The mission of the branch on the Cloud Plane has been completed,” said the person in the secret room.

The old man was slightly surprised when he heard that.

Afterwards, he bowed politely and said, “This one understands! This one bids you farewell.”

With that, the old man vanished silently.

In the secret room, the person with the glowing eyes began to murmur once again, “Since the Empyrean Demon Orb has appeared in the Saints World, they must have come up as well.

Sigh, its just a pity that my original body is still trapped.

This clone cannot advance to the Cloud Plane.”

The old man directly made his way to a hall after he departed.

Seven people had already been waiting there for him.

These seven people also possessed powerful presences.

They were all experts of the Primordial realm.

“Greetings, grand elder!”

The seven people all bowed when they saw the old man.

Respect filled their faces.

Soon afterwards, one of them said, “Grand elder, according to the images and sketches from the three vice-leaders from the branch on the Cloud Plane, weve basically found out who the intruder is.

She should be Hao Yue, the person who was ranked third on the Godkings Throne several hundred thousand years ago.”

“Hao Yue is extremely powerful.

Its said that when she was a Godking, she killed an Infinite Prime.

Her current strength is even greater now.

Even if us seven elders fight her together, we probably would not be able to defeat her,” said a beautiful woman who only seemed to be in her twenties.

She possessed natural charm, where her actions could invoke an irresistible sense of desire.

At this moment, a terrifying pressure suddenly appeared.

As if it could squash the sky, it enveloped the entire hall with a terrifying might.

Aside from the grand elder, the expressions of the seven other powerful Primordial realm experts changed with the appearance of the pressure.

The seven of them felt like they were suffocating from the pressure.

They even felt like the surrounding space was pressing down on them.

“Grand elder, do you need me to set out and capture the intruder of the branch on the Cloud Plane”

A deep voice rang through the hall.

It was cold and merciless, icy and terrifying.

The grand elder stood there indifferently, where it was impossible to tell what he was thinking, “No need.

The mission of the branch on the Cloud Plane has already been completed.

We dont need to interfere with the matters there too much, just in case it foils masters grand plan.”

The seven elders looked at one another before accepting the orders.

The terrifying pressure that engulfed the entire hall vanished with what the grand elder had said.

Princess Taian sat in her own residence within the imperial palace of the Xi Empire in the northern region of the Cloud Plane.

In her hands, there was an embroidered box that she played around with.

She was very much curious about it.

“Just what is Jian Chen giving to my aunt and uncle He acted so mysteriously about it, and he even said that my aunt and uncle might like it,” princess Taian murmured softly.

However, she did not open the box.

She said with some annoyance, “Its a pity that it has been so many days, and aunt and uncle have yet to return.

I wonder when I can give this box to aunt.”

“And aunt has been in a rather bad mood recently.

Jian Chen is a supreme Overgod, so aunt and uncle should accept a gift from him, right” Princess Tai‘an felt rather uneasy inside.

Looking at the box, she did not feel confident about giving it to them.

“Your highness, the emperor and empress have returned,” at this moment, a female servants voice rang out from outside.

With that, princess Taians eyes lit up.

She put the box away in her Space Ring and immediately ran out.

In the Xi Empire, it was an extremely difficult matter for many of the princes and princesses to see the emperor and the empress.

There were even some princes and princesses who would never even hold a conversation with the emperor or the empress.

However, princess Taian was an exception.

Her status in the Xi Empire was extremely special.

She could visit the emperor and empress whenever she wished.

“Xianer greets aunt!”


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