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Chapter 1916: Primordial Realm Expert

“Looks like the divine king isnt simple.

Hes bold enough to take the kings throne before the Godkings from the empires.

Just that alone means that the divine kings status far exceeds everyone elses,” Jian Chen thought.

However, his expression did not change at all.

He clasped his fist and bowed at the divine king as well as the Godkings in the surroundings.

He did not act particularly humble or arrogant.

“Jian Chen, theres no need to be so polite.

The main reason why Ive called you here is so that everyone gathered here can personally see you.

After all, supreme Overgods that can make it onto the Overgods Plaque are extremely rare in the southern region of the Cloud Plane,” the divine king smiled.

He spoke calmly and pleasantly.

“Jian Chen, we all witnessed your battle against Yunfei.

Your comprehension of the Laws of the Sword is roughly at the same level at Yunfei.

The true deciding factor was the power you controlled,” an azure-robed old man immediately said from the Godkings to the two sides.

He was an elder of the Sword Sect of the Azure Clothed.

He had once guided Luo Yunfei, so he understood Luo Yunfeis strength extremely well.

The old man continued, “Fused with the power of laws, every strike you deal possesses the terrifying strength of peak Overgods.

Its far greater than the origin energy we cultivate.

As a result, Yunfei was defeated by you in a single strike.”

The people in the surroundings all nodded in response to the elders analysis.

They were all Godkings, so they had witnessed all the minor details of Jian Chen and Luo Yunfeis fight clearly through the senses of their souls.

Jian Chen shivered inside when he heard that.

All of these Godkings were impressive.

He had never thought that they would be able to see everything that had happened in that instance in his fight against Luo Yunfei clearly.

“For Jian Chen to possess such a powerful energy, the legacy you possess must be extremely great.

Looks like brother Jian Chen also has a great master,” said elder Mu of the Earth Spirit sect.

He seemed at leisure and at ease, but he had already surrounded Jian Chen with the senses of his soul.

Under the perception of the senses, even though he could not see through Jian Chens true feelings, none of his movements could avoid his senses.

The eyes of many of the Godkings lit up, and they stared at Jian Chen casually after they heard elder Mus words.

“Whether brother Jian Chens legacy is great, or if he has a great master has nothing to do with your Earth Spirit sect.

Has his cultivation method caught the eyes of your Earth Spirit sect Are you having some inappropriate thoughts” An elder from the Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds sneered.

The Daoist Sect of Calm Clouds and the Earth Spirit sect formed the two great sects of the Heavenly Moon Empire, but they were always hostile with each other.

They would argue wherever they went, and they would try to suppress the other at all costs.

They would not show any respect towards the other party at all.

Elder Mu snorted coldly, “Our Earth Spirit sect is a famed sect in the southern region after all, so why would we do something like that Moreover, our Earth Spirit sect does not lack cultivation methods.”

Afterwards, Jian Chen naturally received the invitations from many large sects and organisations.

Many people wanted to rope in a supreme Overgod like Jian Chen.

This was because once he became a Godking, he would definitely become a supreme Godking and dominate.

Naturally, Jian Chen did not choose to join any of them, turning all the invitations down.

However, Jian Chen still felt a sense of danger after what happened that day.

Although the Godkings did not recognise Chaotic Force, they could tell that his cultivation method was extraordinary through the Chaotic Force.

It was possible that some of them had really become interested in his cultivation method.

Jian Chens heart tightened after thinking up to there as he secretly raised his vigilance.

However, fortunately, he had broken through with the Chaotic Body.

Although he was still unable to truly hold off Godkings, he could fight back to a certain degree at the very least.


At this moment, a deafening sound rang out from outside.

The ground shook violently.

Even the main hall where all the Godkings stood shook heavily.

“The three commanders of the Empyrean Demon Cult have moved.

Everyone, come with me to fend them off!” The divine king growled.

With that, he stood up from his throne and quickly made his way outside.

Over twenty Godkings made their way outside as well, following behind him.

Meanwhile, Jian Chen walked at the very back.

However, as soon as Jian Chen moved, he detected an extremely obscure but cold killing intent all of a sudden.

It enveloped his body, making his body grow cold.

Jian Chen frowned.

The light in his eyes flickered.

Just when he wanted to find out who the killing intent had come from, it vanished suddenly.

Jian Chens face sank.

He knew he had caught the eyes of some of the Godkings.

Although he had no idea who it was, he was certain that person was among them.

“Is it the Earth Spirit sect” Jian Chen thought.

However, he was not certain even though he and the Earth Spirit sect had grievances.

The majestic walls of the fortress on the edge of the divine kingdom had already become crowded.

Not only were the armies from several divine kingdoms gathered there, but there were also the members and disciples from large organisations and sects.

Every single one of them gave off quite powerful presences, so when they gathered together, it swept out in an overwhelming fashion, causing the wind and clouds to churn in the sky.

Jian Chen found Sacredfeather, Houston, Rui Jin, and the others on the walls.

After warning them to be careful, he stood steadily with his arms crossed.

He stared into the distance.

Beyond the walls and the light screen, the three armies of the Empyrean Demon Cult all stood in formation.

Black clouds surged high in the sky as demonic aura flooded the surroundings.

Powerful pressures condensed and charged up.

At an altitude of several hundred meters, below the black clouds, three figures hovered.

Their monstrous presences were vast, possessing the might of Godkings.

Under the control of these three people, the pressure surged over in an overwhelming manner.

It caused space to freeze and origin energy to disperse.

The light screen up ahead began to distort.

Just the pressure from the three of them was enough to shake up the extremely powerful barrier of energy.

Standing on the walls, Jian Chen stared at the three figures that were wrapped up in demonic auras.

He could vaguely see that there were two men and one woman.

He furrowed his brows tightly when he sensed the dominating presence they gave off.

“They must be the commanders of the three armies.

They really are powerful.

Theres probably not a single person among the twenty or so Godkings that have come as reinforcements that can hold their ground against them all alone.

I even feel like any one of them is more powerful than the Godkings I encountered on the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair,” Jian Chen was secretly surprised.

The strength of the commanders amazed him.

At this moment, the divine king took a step out.

The shaking wall of light immediately stabilised with his step.

No matter how powerful the presences from the three commanders were, they were unable to shake up the light screen anymore.

At the same time, an invisible presence appeared.

Not only did this presence prevent the presences of the three commanders from getting any closer to the light screen, but it also forcefully pushed it back.

The dragon robes on the divine king were colorful and attention-drawing.

He only stood there casually, but he seemed like he could stop all those armies.

He seemed invincible.

“Empyrean Demon Cult, its impossible for you to take over my divine kingdom.

I urge you to leave and not make pointless sacrifices,” the divine king said indifferently as he gave off a sense of dominance.

His voice was thunderous, booming through the camps of the three armies.

It directly dispersed the black clouds gathered in the sky while the formations of the three armies shook, almost collapsing directly.

The might of his voice was extremely terrifying.

If it were slightly more powerful, it would have been enough to directly heavily injure and kill people within the three armies from the Empyrean Demon Cult without a doubt.

Jian Chen stared at the divine king deeply.

This was not the first time he had seen the divine king, but every time he saw him, he would feel that the divine king was unfathomable, where he could not learn anything from him.

Only when the divine king demonstrated his might did he finally witness the tip of the iceberg.

“Is the divine king an expert who has made it onto the Godkings Throne After all, he was already a Godking when he founded the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

The Divine Kingdom of Pingtian has existed for almost a million years now,” Jian Chen wondered.

At this moment, an extremely terrifying presence suddenly appeared from behind the armies.

It surged out like a volcanic eruption.

Space and origin energy shook wherever it passed by while the ground below it cracked and sank.

All the people on the walls of the fortress found it difficult to breathe as if a mountain weighed on their chests and crushed at their hearts.

Not only did all the Overgods, including Jian Chen, experience that, but even the Godkings paled slightly before the presence.

Their bodies all sank slightly.

Even Godkings struggled to endure the might of the presence.

In the end, the presence that had emerged from behind the armies shot towards the barrier of energy beyond the fortress walls in an extremely brutal manner.

It seemed like the presence was going to shatter the barrier in a single stroke.

“The Primordial realm!” Jian Chen became extremely stern.

From the terrifying presence, he immediately determined that it came from a Primordial realm expert.

The presence was just too powerful.

Just the presence alone was enough to destroy everything.

It was far beyond the limits of Godkings.


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