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Chapter 1872: The Earthenfire God-slaying Formation

The ancestor of the Mo family fled as quickly as he could.

He seemed frantic, but he was actually extremely composed.

A vicious light flickered in his eyes along with heavy killing intent.

Jian Chen pursued closely behind.

His entire body seemed to become a huge streak of light.

He moved extremely, far faster than the fleeing ancestor of the Mo family.

The distance between the two was gradually getting closed.

“Come, come.

Ive already cast down an absolute killing formation in an obscure location.

It cost me a huge price to cast it.

Even if youre a late Overgod, youll struggle to break free once you get caught.

Coupled with my attacks from outside, youre dead for sure, Jian Chen,” the ancestor of the Mo family sneered.

He was extremely excited.

Once Jian Chen died, no one else would know he possessed a god artifact.

He did not need to worry about the people from the Blue River province at all.

After all, even some Overgods could not recognise god artifacts, let alone them.

A powerful sword intent appeared from behind.

It instantly enveloped the fleeing ancestor in light.

Jian Chen had already caught up from behind.

He swung his Startling Rainbow sword and erupted with powerful sword Qi to kill the ancestor of the Mo family.


Protected by the divine artifact, the ancestor of the Mo family was fearless.

He did not try to dodge Jian Chens attack at all.

Instead, he used the might of his armor to endure it all.

When the sword Qi struck him, not only did he emerge unscathed, but the violent energy ripple even blasted him away instead, allowing him to fly forwards even faster.

The ancestor of the Mo familys organs were in turmoil.

They were shaken significantly.

Jian Chens attack was unable to destroy the god artifact, but whenever his attack landed on the armor, it possessed a great force as well.

Clearly, the armor that only had its surface repaired was unable to redirect the force.

As such, it directly passed through the armor and entered the ancestors body.

One of them fled while the other pursued.

Very soon, they had crossed several million kilometers.

They flew over many provincial cities and major cities, alarming countless people.

The ancestor of the Mo family had already endured over a dozen attacks from Jian Chen.

Each attack would shake up his organs.

Even though he remained uninjured after all those attacks, it was still painful.

In the end, the two of them arrived in a remote mountain range.

“Earthenfire God-slaying Formation!”

The ancestor of the Mo family stopped running.

His hands formed seals as he suddenly bellowed out.

Instantly, powerful ripples of energy erupted from countless mountains.

A huge formation appeared, enveloping the entire mountain range.

Endless flames spurted out from the ground and filled up the air.

Jian Chens world had already become fire-red.

The terrifying heat filled the surroundings to the point where even the air seemed to be burning.

There was an endless sea of fire beneath him while clouds of fire floated above him.

“Jian Chen, youre done for today.

Hahaha…” The ancestor of the Mo familys arrogant laugher rang out in the surroundings.

Right now, he could already taste victory.

Jian Chen hovered in the sky calmly.

He stood as still as a mountain.

The terrifying heat from the fire surged up, but it did not approach him.

“If this was a killing formation on the level of Godkings, I really would be done for today.

Its a pity that this formation is only at the level of Overgods,” Jian Chen shook his head gently.

“Indeed, its very difficult to kill you with just this formation.

However, what if you add me to the equation I personally cast down this formation, so I know it like the back of my hand.

I can move through it as I wish.

I only need to find the right time to launch a sneak attack.

Meanwhile, you wont be able to harm me at all,” the ancestor of the Mo familys voice rang through the formation.

It originated from everywhere, making it impossible to locate his hiding place.

As he spoke, the formation suddenly began to operate.

The world filled with flames shook violently.

The sea of flames rose up as a huge pillar of fire surged from beneath the ground.

It turned into a vicious beast that charged at Jian Chen.

It kicked up flames along the way, and the terrifying heat caused the space to warp.

These were terrifying flames that were enough to pose a huge threat to late Overgods.

However, with Jian Chens battle prowess, even among late Overgods, he ranked towards the top.

The threat of the attack had lessened as a result.

He stabbed out.

The Startling Rainbow sword shone with resplendent light as he produced a huge sword Qi several meters in length.

It shot out with lightning speed.

With a boom, the huge, beast-like flames directly collapsed from Jian Chens sword Qi.

The clash between the two attacks caused powerful ripples of energy to erupt.

It actually caused the entire formation space to shake violently.

It was also at this moment that a black sword appeared silently behind Jian Chen before stabbing towards the back of Jian Chens head with lightning speed.

Jian Chens face did not change.

He sneered disdainfully.

Without even looking back, he directly stabbed backwards within a hairs breadth of the sword.


The two sword tips collided together with extremely great accuracy.

They separated as soon as they came in contact with each other.

The armored ancestor of the Mo family had appeared within the formation.

However, the ancestor of the Mo family did not engage in an open confrontation with Jian Chen.

He immediately retreated with his sword, disappearing back into the formation in the blink of an eye.

Jian Chen appeared where the ancestor of the Mo family was before basically at the moment that he vanished.

He stabbed out a few times at the empty space.

Powerful Laws of the Sword erupted, causing the entire space to shake.

However, he failed to force out the ancestor of the Mo family.

“Jian Chen, I may not be able to beat you in an open battle, but killing you is nothing difficult with this killing formation.

The formation will constantly attack you as long as it remains in operation.

Id like to see just how long you can last,” the ancestor of the Mo family laughed aloud.

“Your formation is a little too weak,” Jian Chen murmured to himself.

Suddenly, his presence changed.

An extremely powerful sword Qi surged from him as endless powers of the Laws of the Sword appeared.

It all gathered towards him.

“Daluo Sword!” Jian Chen called out.

He formed a seal with his hand, and a golden sword Qi condensed above his head.

It shot out as a golden streak.


The golden sword Qi struck the formation with devastating might.

With a great boom, the Earthenfire God-slaying Formation cast down by the ancestor of the Mo family shook even more violently.

The ancestor of the Mo family took advantage of when Jian Chen struck out to sneak attack him.

However, he was blocked again, and several strands of sword Qi landed on the ancestor.

However, with the protection of the armor, every single attack from Jian Chen was unable to injure him at all.

It only shook up the ancestor quite a lot.


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