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Chapter 1871: Powerful Armor

The sudden occurrence shocked all the people in the Blue River province.

At that moment, in the huge provincial city, everyone stopped what they were doing without any exceptions.

They either stood in the streets or on the roofs of buildings as they raised their heads at the sky.

They all stared at Jian Chen in complete shock and surprise.

“Who is this Hes asking for the ancestor of the Mo family as soon as he arrived.

Hes probably an enemy of the Mo family…”

The formation that protects the provincial city has already reached the level of Overgods.

Even if an Overgod wants to smash through it, theyll need to exert some effort.

However, the formation was shattered so easily before this senior.

Hes so powerful…”

“Hes an Overgod.

He must be an Overgod and a powerful Overgod at that.

Heavens, Im actually so close to an Overgod…”

“The stronger he is, the better it is.

The Mo family has been acting as they wished within the province.

Their wastrels always take women from the city.

Who knows how many women theyve dirtied throughout these years.

I hope the appearance of the senior will mean the destruction of the Mo family…”

Countless people discussed with each other in the provincial city.

They all spoke very softly or directly used communication techniques.

All the people in the Mo family had already gathered together.

They stared at the sky sternly.

Many of them were pale-faced, and their bodies were bloodied.

Clearly, they were injured.

Not only had the sword Qi from before destroyed the protective formation of the Mo family, but its powerful ripples of energy had also injured many clansmen from the Mo family as well.

Even the formation that protected the entire city had shattered loudly from the sword Qi.

The terrifying sword Qi had left behind a permanent scar in the hearts of the Mo family.

Many of them felt uneasy, and their gazes towards Jian Chen were filled with fear and shock.

“Jian Chen, youve finally come.

Ive waited for you for a very long time already.”

At this moment, an ancient voice rang out from the Mo family.

It was calm and composed, no weaker than Jian Chen in terms of presence.

A black-robed old man had appeared silently above the Mo family.

He was calm.

His black robes ruffled without wind as the powerful presence of a mid Overgod radiated from him without any hindrance.

Apart from Jian Chen, no one saw when the old man had appeared.

“Ancestor of the Mo family, we originally had no connections at all, but you should have never, ever taken my things.” Jian Chen stood with his arms across.

He stared at the old man calmly and said, “Are you going to hand it over by yourself, or do I have to come and get it”

The ancestor of the Mo family laughed aloud.

He said, “Jian Chen, I have indeed underestimated you.

I never thought that your strength would grow to such a level.

However, so what if youre more powerful That doesnt mean you can defeat me.

If you want this back, youre dreaming.”

“It stopped being yours a long time ago.

Its mine now.

If you have the ability, come get it.”

The ancestor of the Mo family was extremely composed as if he was fearless.

Even when he knew Jian Chen was now a late Overgod, he showed no fear at all.

“If thats the case, allow me to witness just what trump card you have hidden that makes you so confident,” Jian Chens eyes turned cold.

The Startling Rainbow sword appeared in his hands in an instance.

He directly stabbed it at the ancestor of the Mo family.

The strike was as swift as the wind and fast like lightning.

It illuminated the surroundings, instantly enveloping the ancestor of the Mo family.

Sensing the terrifying power within Jian Chens attack, the ancestor of the Mo family was no longer able to remain as calm and composed as before.

He became extremely stern.

In his eyes, Jian Chens simple strike contained extremely profound laws and mysteries.

His sword seemed to cut through the laws in the region and severe space, silencing everything in the world.

Only the Laws of the Sword outshone everything.

The attack had locked onto his presence, sealing off the space around him.

As a result, he could not dodge at all.

“How has he become so powerful Is he the reincarnation of some powerful person” The ancestors heart sank.

Originally, he thought that even if Jian Chen was a late Overgod, he could not be defeated with the protection of the God Tier armor.

However, now that Jian Chen had really attacked him, he suddenly realised he had still underestimated Jian Chen.

The ancestor of the Mo family bellowed out.

His body immediately gave off a hazy, rainbow light.

It was bedazzling.

Armor appeared on his body.

It covered him completely, only leaving his two eyes exposed.


With a deafening sound, Jian Chens Startling Rainbow sword struck the ancestor of the Mo family with devasting power right after he equipped the armor.

The strike was extraordinarily great.

It had completely reached the level of late Overgods.

With the ancestors strength as a mid Overgod, it was naturally impossible for him to fend it off.

His body shot off into the distance like a cannonball.

Several kilometers away, the ancestor of the Mo family managed to regain control of himself after great difficulty.

He only felt his organs fall into turmoil as they had been shaken up badly.

However, there were no wounds on him at all.

The armor had completely blocked Jian Chens attack.

“How is this possible” Jian Chens eyes naturally saw the armor on the ancestors body in the distance.

His eyes narrowed drastically.

He could naturally tell with a single glance that the armor was the same, damaged god artifact the ancestor had initially taken away from him.

However, to his disbelief, the ancestor of the Mo family had actually managed to repair the damaged armor.

Even though it was only the surface that had been repaired and not the whole thing, it was still enough to shock Jian Chen.

It was a god artifact and of quite a high quality as well.

It was so damaged that it was just about to become completely useless.

Repairing it would naturally be extremely difficult.

Even Infinite Primes might not have been able to repair it, let alone an Overgod.

“Oh my god, the ancestor of the Mo family has been blown away from a single move.

Is there something wrong with my eyes…”

“This person is so powerful.

Its said that the ancestor of the Mo family is a mid Overgod, yet before him, he cant even take on a single strike.”

In the provincial city, the cultivators who saw Jian Chen blast the ancestor of the Mo family away with a single strike all gasped in amazement.

Their faces were filled with shock as disbelief filled them internally.

In their eyes, the ancestor of the Mo family was a supreme existence.

He was the absolute ruler of the Blue River province.

He was so powerful that even with the entire divine kingdom in perspective, he ranked within the top ten.

He was an indomitable existence that they could only gaze at.

However, the mighty ancestor of the Mo family was unable to take a single attack from Jian Chen.

The huge difference shocked all the people in the provincial city.

In the distance, the ancestors covered face instantly became cold.

Powerful killing intent flickered in his eyes as he thought, “Since Jian Chen knows the armor has been repaired, I have to kill him today.

Otherwise, once he spreads the news, I probably wont be able to keep the armor.”  With that, the ancestor of the Mo family stopped hesitating.

He turned around and fled into the distance.

“Jian Chen, Im not going to tangle with you.

With this, Ill be able to become a Godking before long.

Once I become a Godking, Ill come to take your head and destroy your clan,” the ancestors voice rang out in the distance.

He was purposefully instigating Jian Chen to come to pursue him.

“And you still want to become a Godking Its a pity that you wont have that chance,” Jian Chen said coldly.

His killing intent rose up as his presence surged.


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