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Chapter 1830: Guards of the Royal Capital

The three other elders collectively paled.

They stared at Jian Chen in complete fear and disbelief as they staggered backwards uncontrollably.

Jian Chen had moved far too quickly.

Not only was he quick, but he had slain a God so easily as well.

From just a single clash, an elder who was roughly as strong as them had died just like that before them.

Let alone fighting back, he failed to even put up a struggle.

He was truly as weak as an ant!

The three remaining elders of the Yang family were not exactly stupid.

Jian Chen was definitely not a God since he could kill someone around the same strength as them in such a quick manner.

Even late Gods would not be able to kill one of their companions so easily in front of the three of them.

They would have plenty of time to interfere and save them.

“Y- y- y- youre an Overgod…” An elder stared at Jian Chen in terror as he said with a trembling voice.

At that moment, he could only be described as drowned in fear.

There was also some disbelief on his face.

Although they had never seen all the Overgods in the surrounding divine kingdoms, they had heard a few rumors about each person at the very least, so they naturally possessed some information about the nearby Overgods.

Although they would not be able to identify who the Overgod was with a single glance, they could deduct their identity through various traces and unique characteristics.

However, they failed to find anything that matched with an Overgod they knew from Jian Chen.

“Its no longer important whether Im a God or an Overgod.

What is important is that Ive killed an elder of your Yang family.

Moreover, I clearly heard you mention that the Yang family was a very prideful clan, so havent I basically slapped the Yang family in the face How does the Yang family plan on redeeming themselves Do you still plan on getting me to hand over my newly-purchased sword, or do you plan on making me stay here forever” Jian Chen sneered.

He no longer had any positive impressions towards the Yang family after all that had happened.

Although this was all caused by the elders acting on their own accord and was not really related to Yang Kai, the behaviour of his clansmen was more than enough to let Jian Chen understand how Yang Kai was like as a person.

If Yang Kai was a righteous person, his clansmen would never do something like this under his influence.

“No, no, no.

Senior, this is all a misunderstanding.

A complete misunderstanding.

We didnt know that it was senior who had paid a visit to the royal capital, so if weve offended you, we hope that senior can be the bigger man and forgive the reckless actions of us juniors.

We were ignorant and failed to recognise senior…”

“Yeah, yeah.

Its all a misunderstanding.

We hope that senior can be the bigger person and spare us juniors.

Elder Lu had it coming, which was why he died.

Its no one elses fault.

Our Yang family would never stand up for someone like him…”

The three remaining elders all shivered inside as they stared at Jian Chens murderous gaze.

They immediately lowered themselves and begged for mercy in fear.

They seemed to be extremely sincere.

They were unable to control whether the Yang family would look for trouble due to the death of an elder, nor could they interfere with the matter.

However, they did know that they would probably end up just like elder Lu if they did not act like this right now.

The matter at hand was saving their own lives first.

Jian Chen glared at the three elders.

He said nothing as he sank into his thoughts.

The three elders fell into utter silence as Jian Chen pondered.

They even stifled their breaths.

They stood there obediently, not daring to act recklessly.

They understood that everything they did before an Overgod would be futile.

It would not be able to evade their senses.

Right now, they could only hope that the Overgod feared the ancestor of the Yang family and was not willing to fall out with the Yang family completely.

A while later, Jian Chen kicked elder Lus corpse suddenly.

He said, “Ill spare your lives today.

Piss off with your companions body.”

“Thank you senior!” Spared, the three elders caught the corpse and flew out the window as if they had just avoided death.

They moved as quickly as possible.

With just a flash, all three of them had vanished.

It was very difficult to see them moving about in the streets below.

At the same time, the Yang family people who had surrounded the inn below received secret messages from the three elders.

They all dispersed the encirclement with some confusion and surprise, leaving with the dishevelled young master who was missing an arm.

All the people of the Yang family had retreated.

“Theyre going The people of the Yang family are just going like this Its impossible for the matter to just end like this, right”

“Its impossible.

The Yang family is one of the most powerful clans in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

Any person who offends them will always suffer in the end.”

“I think I saw people fly out of the window earlier.

It was just that they moved too quickly, so I failed to see it clearly.

Has the person who injured the young master already been taken away by the elders”

“Thats very likely.

That person probably will suffer from the consequences of offending the Yang family.

Sigh, looks like that is another soul lost from this world…”

The cultivators who had gathered on the streets all sighed emotionally.

Many of them showed much sympathy, as well as anger and deep helplessness.

At this moment, there was actually no one who took joy in the matter, surprisingly.

Clearly, the Yang family was not well-respected by many people even though they were one of the most powerful clans in the kingdom.

“The guards are coming.

Everyone give way!” At this moment, a call rang out, and the expressions of all the cultivators present immediately changed.

Without any hesitation, they stepped to one side and formed a path without any further instruction.

A group of armored soldier on a magical beast rushed over from the distance.

Their faces were all cold, and their gazes were sharp.

“Who has been causing trouble here” The captain of the guards gazed around and said heavily.

“Sir, the young master of the Yang family brought a few elders from the Yang family to take someone away…” A young man in the crowd reported everything he knew with a smile.

However, when the captain heard that Yang Ties arm had been chopped off by someone, his face changed immediately.

He said furiously, “What did you say Yang Ties arm was chopped off By who Who is bold enough to commit such heinous deeds in the royal capital” The guard was extremely furious, as one of Yang Ties female cousins was his wife.

“Sir, the people of the Yang family have already retreated.

Theyve probably captured the person already,” the young man said carefully.


Even if he has been taken away, I wont forgive him.

Come, lets look into the matter and see if we can deduce his identity and background from any remaining traces,” the captain said coldly.

With a wave of his hand, he immediately brought some of his trusted subordinates into the inn.

Jian Chen remained in the same room.

As the rooms defensive formation had not been reactivated, the captain directly barged through the door in a reckless and brutal manner.

However, as soon as the captain entered the room and was about to look for any traces left behind, he was stunned.

Soon afterwards, a gleam of light flashed through his eyes, and he stared at a man in white clothes who stood before the window with his back towards him.

“Who are you” The captain demanded.

“Im that person bold enough to commit such heinous deeds in the royal capital,” Jian Chen stared outside as he said calmly.


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