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Chapter 1797: Too Small for Two

“This person is actually an Overgod.

He really hid it well.

If he did not speak out and draw my attention, I probably still would not know that there was a second Overgod in this hall,” Xuan Dou thought.

Reflexively, he glanced at Jian Chen, who sat on the patriarchs throne, and his expression became rather strange.

He mumbled to himself, “Looking at it like this, the hidden Overgod clearly wants to dominate the entire Dongan province.

The Dongan province is too small for two Overgods to reign supreme.

Looks like therell be a show soon.”

“However, the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan is very strong.

I heard from the Overgods who have returned from Godking Duanmus dwelling that the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen, had slain two early Overgods in the dwelling.

Even Yang Kai feared him slightly.

At the same time, the patriarch has some ties with the Overgods from the five great provincial cities.”

A light flickered through Xuan Dous eyes.

Although he had not entered Godking Duanmus dwelling, quite a few Overgods from the royal city had, so he naturally knew about the events that had transpired in there.

As the commander of the Royal Divine Army whose cultivation had reached Overgod, it was naturally nothing difficult for him to learn about what had happened from the other Overgods.

Seeing Wayner Yan object to Jian Chen so publically, all the Gods gathered in the hall looked towards him as well.

Since Wayner Yan had maintained an extremely low profile before and concealed his cultivation, he did not draw any attention in the hall earlier.

Now that he had exposed himself, many people recognised him immediately.

“Its Wayner Yan.

He was once the greatest prodigy of the province.

He went from being a mortal to a God in just a few dozen millennia before spending five thousand years to go from an early God to mid God…”

“Wayner Yans talent is very impressive.

At the very least, in our Dongan province, no one could rival him.

Its just that he went travelling ten thousand years ago.

I never thought he would return today…”

“Wayner Yan sure is bold to speak out against the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan so publically.

Cant he see that not only have people from four of the five great provinces come, even the commander of the Royal Divine Army, sir Xuan Dou, has come to congratulate the patriarch as well…”

After recognising Wayner Yan, a low hum of discussion immediately appeared in the hall.

The seated Gods all began to discuss with each other quietly.

The reason behind their discussions was to provide Jian Chen with some information regarding Wayner Yan indirectly or to use the opportunity to curry up to Jian Chen directly.

Jian Chen also looked towards Wayner Yan.

He had been expected this because he knew that a second Overgod had appeared in the provincial city, and as soon as he had entered the hall, Jian Chen discovered him.

This was not because Jian Chen had seen through Wayner Yan before Xuan Dou.

Rather, he had always been paying attention to the second Overgod in the provincial city.

On the other hand, Xuan Dou never paid too much attention to anyone else in the hall.

He did not even properly look at them, so naturally, Xuan Dou failed to discover the hidden Wayner Yan.

Wayner Yans method of disguise was nothing special.

It was difficult for those below Overgod to tell his strength, but Overgods would find out once they paid attention to him.

“Brother, congratulations on becoming an Overgod.

From today onwards, our Divine Kingdom of Pingtian has gained another peak expert,” Jian Chen stood up and clasped his fist towards Wayner Yan.

He smiled plainly, without minding Wayner Yans words too much.

“What! Overgod Wayner Yan has become an Overgod...”

“How is that possible In just ten thousand years, Wayner Yan has gone from being a mid God to an Overgod...”

“The Wayner clan has actually given birth to an Overgod…”

Everyone was immediately shocked when they heard Jian Chens words.

Disbelief filled all their eyes.

Wayner Yan could not help but reveal a sliver of complacency when he saw the shocked faces of the Gods around him.

He walked forwards slowly and stood in the centre of the hall.

He clasped his fist towards Jian Chen, “I am Wayner Yan, and I also congratulate the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan on becoming the second Overgod of our Dongan province.

With the existence of the patriarch, my Dongan province has now become the greatest province in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, both in name and reality.”

Wayner Yan labelled Jian Chen as the second Overgod of the Dongan province to declare to everyone that he was the first one.

He spoke even more firmly towards the end, directly referring to the Dongan province as his.

Without a doubt, he was declaring to Jian Chen that he owned the Dongan province.

The Gods gathered here all held their breaths.

All of them were knowledgeable and cunning, so they could naturally tell what Wayner Yan was hinting at.

Their faces became rather strange, and there was some eagerness as well.

They all understood that the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan and Wayner Yan would probably engage in a fierce struggle soon.

At this moment, Wayner Yan clasped his fist towards Xuan Dou, who watched on from one side.

He immediately dismissed any snobbishness and said sincerely, “In a few days, our Wayner clan will be holding a celebration as well.

We will also be setting down some rules for the Dongan province.

I do hope that senior Xuan Dou can grant me the honor and come to visit our Wayner clan.”

Xuan Dou clasped his hands back at Wayner Yan and said, “Once the founding ceremony of the Tian Yuan clan comes to an end, I must hurry back to the royal city for new orders.

I may not be able to make your clans celebration.” Xuan Dou did not care about the Wayner clans celebration at all.

The Divine Kingdom of Pingtian had gained an Overgod, holding great significance for the kingdom.

Basically, they would receive great gifts from the divine king every time this happened, but there was no need for him, the commander of the Royal Divine Army and a late Overgod, to visit personally.

Normally, a late God emissary would be enough.

The Tian Yuan clan was an exception.

Wayner Yans face changed slightly.

He could naturally tell what Xuan Dou was trying to say.

His Wayner clan did not possess the right to invite Xuan Dou.

Xuan Dou had come visiting with rich gifts for the Tian Yuan clans founding ceremony, yet he was unwilling to even grant him the honor of attending his Wayner clans celebration at all.

Without a single doubt, it meant that his Wayner clan was not as great as the newly-founded Tian Yuan clan in Xuan Dous eyes.

Wayner Yans face darkened slightly.


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