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Chapter 1795: Founding Ceremony (Two)

There were no absolute secrets in the world.

Soon after the Tian Yuan clan sent invitations to the other clans in the provincial city, the upcoming founding ceremony caused quite an uproar within the provincial city.

When the Tian Yuan clan was first founded, there were barely any people in the provincial city who paid attention to them.

There were even many people who looked down on the small, newly-founded clan.

However, it was a completely different case now.

The Gods in the provincial city only suspected that it was extremely likely the patriarch of the Tian Yuan clan was an Overgod.

Many other people had completely no idea about anything regarding the Tian Yuan clan.

However, many people could tell that the Tian Yuan clan was not simple.

Just the simple fact they possessed such a large energy-gathering formation and were still fine spoke volumes.

As a result, the Tian Yuan clan had basically become the centre of everyones attention.

Anything related to the Tian Yuan clan would garner the attention of everyone.

The founding ceremony of the Tian Yuan clan was naturally not an exception.

An extremely vast city sat on a land extremely distant from the Dongan province like a slumbering, primordial beast.

Just its ancient city walls that were covered with marks left behind by time was over a thousand meters tall.

From afar, it seemed to reach directly into the heavens.

The city walls really could be described as towering into the clouds.

It was majestic and extravagant, making for an extremely imposing sight.

The city surrounded by the walls was almost boundless as well.

It was several dozen times larger than the provincial city of the Dongan province.

Just travelling between the eastern and western gates of the city would take a relatively long time.

For ordinary people, it would have even been impossible for them to cover that distance in their entire lifetimes.

This city was the royal city of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian.

In the centre of the royal city stood an ancient yet dignified royal palace.

This was the most sacred and revered place in the entire Divine Kingdom of Pingtian because it was where the divine king and the Grand Imperial Protector resided.

The two of them were the most powerful existences in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, as well as the only two Godkings.

In the depths of the royal palace, inside a majestic hall, two people currently sat before each other as they focused their attention on the chessboard before them.

One of them was a white-robed old man with a long, white beard.

He seemed extremely ordinary, just like a regular mortal.

His appearance was the type that would struggle to raise any attention if he stood in a crowd.

The other person was a middle-aged man in purple robes.

His face was resolute, and his eyes shone brightly, giving off a sense of dignity.

The middle-aged man possessed the vague presence of a ruler.

The middle-aged man was the divine king of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, while the old man before him was the Grand Imperial Protector.

“A Tian Yuan clan has appeared in the Dongan province.

From the analysis of the information from the people below, the Tian Yuan clan was probably founded by Jian Chen.

What do you think of it, Pingtian” The Grand Imperial Protector held a white piece in his hand as he hesitated for quite some time while speaking calmly.

“You thought of Jian Chen extremely highly before, and since he can even repel Chanlong, hes very extraordinary.

Hell even be able to become a Godking in the future.

Although this Jian Chen did seem to appear out of nowhere, so his origins are rather mysterious, thats not important.

What is important is that since he plans on developing my Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, we naturally welcome him very much.

After all, with every extra Overgod our divine kingdom possesses, the stronger we grow,” said the divine king.

“You share the same thoughts as me.

Whether Jian Chen is a citizen of our Divine Kingdom of Pingtian or not, we have to rope him in no matter what.

Even if we ignore his strength, just his background is enough for us to do that,” the Grand Imperial Protector said plainly as he stroked his beard.

The divine king raised an eyebrow and said, “Are you talking about the soul that Jian Chen assisted in Godking Duanmus dwelling, as well as the young man who saved him in the end”

“Thats right.

Before Godking Duanmu passed away, he had managed to plant a foot in the Primordial realm.

He protected himself with the power of his laws.

Even if we wanted to get through it, wed have to spend quite some effort, yet that soul could pass actually through.

And that young man who appeared outside was actually protected by another Godking.

That means that the organisation behind him possesses a Primordial realm expert at the very least,” said the Grand Imperial Protector.

The divine king nodded.

After a moment of thought, he called outside, “Xuan Dou!”

With that, a black-robed, burly middle-aged man walked in from outside.

He clasped his fist towards the divine king and the Grand Imperial Protector.

A sliver of reverence appeared on his face.

To no surprise, the man called Xuan Dou was an Overgod.

“The Tian Yuan clan of the Dongan province is about to hold their founding ceremony.

Take rich gifts with you to the Tian Yuan clan and congratulate their patriarch for me,” the divine king said sternly.

“Yes, your majesty!” Xuan Dou clasped his fist before backing away.

In the icy world of the Frigid Snow province, Bing Lou stood before a huge, icy mountain with his hunched back and dragon-headed staff.

Behind him was a middle-aged man in luxurious robes.

He stood there politely as he even held his breath.

The middle-aged man was the current patriarch of the Yubing clan, Bing Lin.

“Bing Lin, prepare rich gifts and personally visit the Dongan province to congratulate the Tian Yuan clan on their founding.

Also, greet the patriarch of the clan for me,” Bing Lou said without even looking back.

“Yes, ancestor.”

At the same time, Guhun Xue, Feng Bule, and You Jin all sent people to the Dongan province as well.

There had been a total of five Overgods who had struck it off with Jian Chen in Godking Duanmus dwelling back then.

Only Ling Hougong did not react to the founding ceremony.

Ever since he left Godking Duanmus dwelling, he seemed to have completely vanished.

No one knew where he had gone.

Three days later, the Tian Yuan clan was particularly busy.

All the powerful clans in the provincial city had arrived at the clan early with great gifts, and without any exceptions, the people leading each group of clansmen were Gods.

The people all smiled and behaved extremely politely.

Even when the Huo family and the Dong family possessed Gods who were held captive in the Tian Yuan clan, they did not dare to show any displeasure as if they had completely forgotten the matter altogether.


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