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Chapter 1734: An Overgods Dwelling

“The weakest point of the formation is not fixed.

Itll move around as the formation operates, so all of you get ready and listen to me,” said fairy Hao Yue.

Jian Chen, Shen Jian, Ando Fu, Mo Ling, and the Deities all prepared themselves.

They all stood in position, discreetly charging up power to launch their strongest attack at any time.

Jian Chen and Shen Jian both radiated with powerful sword intent.

Standing there, they seemed to have become two divine swords of shocking power.

Sword intent permeated the region, contaminating the air and causing it to sharpen.

Both of them understood that they were facing against a formation an Overgod cast down.

The formation was so powerful that even regular Overgods would struggle to break through it, let alone them, who were mere Gods.

As a result, they all needed to use their full strength this time.

“Three meters left of the wall.

Strike out now!” Fairy Hao Yue called out coldly.

With that, everyone launched their most powerful attacks simultaneously towards the location fairy Hao Yue specified.

There were two resplendent streaks of light among the attacks that illuminated the entire dwelling, completely outshining the light from Mo Ling and Ando Fus attacks.


The attacks from Jian Chen, Shen Jian, Ando Fu, Mo Ling, and the elders of both clans basically struck the place fairy Hao Yue mentioned at the same time.

With a huge boom, a powerful wave of energy splayed backwards, pushing the elders all into a constant retreat.

They struggled to maintain a stable footing while facing the violent energy.

The formation immediately began to shine.

Jian Chen, Shen Jian, and the others were all fixated on the formation.

However, to their disappointment, the formation stabilised after only shaking a few times after taking on their attacks.

“Your attacks are too weak.

If this is all you have, you wont even be able to obtain what Duanmus disciple has left behind, let alone reach where Duanmu cultivated,” fairy Hao Yue said with a frown.

“Try again but with battle skills.

All Deities stand in formation,” said Jian Chen.

All the Deities of the Mo clan and the Ando clan stood in formation, while Mo Ling and Ando Fu prepared their battle skills.

“Three inches to the left! Do it!” Fairy Hao Yue called out.

“Daluo Sword!”

“A Will that Splits the Heavens: The Sword Shakes and Stars Shatter!”

Jian Chen and Shen Jian immediately struck out with their strongest sword technique.

Mo Ling and Ando Fu also used their Truth Tier Battle Skills while the Deities of both clans launched their most powerful attack together.


The attack was clearly much more powerful than the previous one.

The formation immediately began to shake as its light flickered rapidly.

However, the formation remained undamaged after taking on the attacks from so many people.

Fairy Hao Yue shook her head gently.

She sighed, “Thats only equivalent to an attack from a peak God.

Its still far from Overgod.”

The reason why the attack had reached the level of peak Gods was mostly because of Jian Chen and Shen Jian.

Even when using Truth Tier Battle Skills, the attacks of Mo Ling and Ando Fu could only reach mid God at most.

As for the Deities, even when they poured their strength together through their formations, the effects were negligible.

It was basically non-existent, and it was only slightly better than not being there at all.

“Come again!” Jian Chen said coldly.

With that, a terrifyingly powerful sword intent permeated the surroundings.

A finger-sized strand of sword Qi had appeared above Jian Chens head.

The eyes of both Mo Ling and Ando Fu narrowed as shock filled their faces.

The appearance of the sword Qi sent chills down their back.

They felt like they had arrived in a cavern of ice, where even their hands and feet felt numb.

It was terrifying! Just far too terrifying! When Mo Ling and Ando Fu sensed the sword Qi that had appeared, they both could not help but feel a sliver of fear inside.

Shen Jians eyes had narrowed as well.

He gazed at the tiny sword Qi above Jian Chens head.

This was the second time he had seen Jian Chen use this sword Qi, except it was far more powerful than the first time this time around.

Let alone early Gods, but even mid Gods would become stricken with fear before this sword Qi.

It could even claim the lives of late Gods.

The sword Qi was simply too powerful!

Fairy Hao Yue could not help but glance at Jian Chen.

A smear of anticipation appeared in her eyes, and she said, “Right in the centre.

Attack now!”

Everyone launched their attacks again.

They used their strongest battle skills and sword techniques while the Profound Sword Qi hovering above Jian Chen shot out as a streak of white light as well.


This time, the formation finally wavered.

It began to shake violently as its light began to flicker.

However, it was still not close enough to shatter it.

Jian Chens face turned cold at the sight of this.

With a thought, another tiny strand of sword Qi appeared over his head.

It radiated with great power.

The second strand of sword Qi was even more powerful than the first.


Before the formation had stabilised, the second strand of sword Qi turned into a streak of resplendent light, striking the trembling formation with lightning speed.

With a boom, the formation finally cracked after receiving Jian Chens two strands of Profound Sword Qi despite the fact that even regular Gods would struggle to get past it.

It had shattered.

“Were through! Were through! Were through the formation!” Mo Ling and Ando Fu were both overjoyed.

They were extremely excited.

They had been yearning for this dwelling since long ago.

They had come here many times with their ancestors in the past.

It was nothing difficult with their ancestors strength as Overgods to overcome this formation.

It would just take a tremendous effort.

However, as the ancestors were unwilling to spend the effort on a dwelling that did not interest them, the formation always remained.

They devoted their efforts towards Godking Duanmus legacy instead.

As a result, the dwelling that was extremely enticing to them had only been opened up today.

The elders of the two clans became emotional as well.

However, the greatest contributor, Jian Chen, had instead paled.

He became haggard, and he seemed weak.

He had expended far too much energy using the Profound Sword Qi.

He could endure using a single strand of Profound Sword Qi at the great perfection of Sword Origin, but using them consecutively had sapped away all the power of his soul.


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