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Chapter 1719: The Frenzy in the Provincial City

Very soon, Jian Chen emerged from the seventh hall.

He planned to visit the Lu family immediately to collect their wealth.

Although the ancestor and most of the Lu familys elders had taken part in the operation against the Mo clan, the patriarch of the Lu family did not take part.

As the patriarch of a clan, he must possess quite the number of divine crystals.

Besides that, basically all large clans possessed their own treasuries.

Most of their wealth would be stored there, and they would pour the entire clans power into protecting it.

Generally, all the cultivation resources like divine crystals would be stored in the treasury, and it was unlikely to be with the ancestor.

This was because divine crystals were a type of consumable that was often obtained and spent.

It would come and go very often, while it was nothing special for the ancestor of a clan to enter seclusion for several thousand years or even more.

If he carried around the divine crystals, it would be very inconvenient.

If the divine crystals were placed on the patriarch, there would be the worry of the patriarch suffering an accident, and they would run the risk of a huge loss.

As a result, many larger clans would not have a single person manage all the wealth.

Instead, they would store it in a special treasury protected by formations, making it extremely safe.

When Jian Chen emerged from the seventh hall, all the elders of the Mo clan had already been mobilised to hunt down the remaining forces of the Lu family.

Even Mo Ling had personally gone forth to deal with the elders of the Lu family, while the people of the Ando clan who had fled before were all gathered in an empty region outside the Mo clan.

They were all dejected and haggard.

To no surprise, Ando Fu was among them.

Clearly, they had learnt that their Ando clan had suffered defeat.

They had basically become prisoners.

Even the ancestor of the Ando clan could not change the situation.

A gleam of light flashed through Jian Chens eyes when he saw Ando Fu.

He could not leave Ando Fu here, just in case he caused a large disturbance once Jian Chen left for the Lu family.

After all, once Jian Chen left, there would be no one left to keep him suppressed.

He might even abandon his own clansmen to flee.

Even though he was heavily injured, Mo Ling still could not catch up to him if he fled.

“Ando Fu, come with me to the Ando clan,” Jian Chen said to Ando Fu.

His original destination of the Lu family was now changed to the Ando clan.

Ando Fu was dejected.

He nodded slowly and did not say too much.

He directly led Jian Chen to the Ando clan so that he could give Jian Chen all his clans wealth.

“Brother Mo Ling, Im going to the Ando clan first.

Ill have to trouble you with collecting the wealth of the Lu family,” at the same time, Jian Chen sent a message to Mo Ling.

“Dont worry, brother Jian Chen, leave it to me.” Several tens of thousand kilometers away, Mo Ling directly slew the last elder of the Lu family with lightning speed before replying to Jian Chen.

He flew towards the Lu family with Xi Yu and another elder of the Mo clan.

Even though the Lu family still possessed two Deities, they had lost all their Gods, so even with their protective formations that were similar to the Mo clans, Mo Ling could enter before the formation was activated and slaughter all of them.

Jian Chen, Ando Fu, and Mo Ling arrived before the formation cast down by Lu Tian a million kilometers away.

They did not immediately smash through the formation.

Instead, they waited for a while and only attacked the formation after the Mo clan killed the remaining forces of the Lu family.

They hurried off to the Ando clan and the Lu family.

Clouds and mist shrouded the mountain range where the Ando clan was located, making it seem heavy.

Beasts roamed the lands, while birds danced in the sky.

It seemed like an otherworldly place.

Even Jian Chen praised the landscape when he arrived at the Ando clan.

He had to say that the Ando clan had done an extremely impressive job in this aspect.

Jian Chen followed Ando Fu into the Ando clan.

By now, Ando Fu had already recovered his immortal-like appearance.

His condition had been temporarily stabilised after consuming some medicine.

Although he had not recovered, at least his condition would stop worsening.

As for Jian Chen, he had assumed a particularly low profile now.

He followed Ando Fu closely as he entered the Ando clan, making him seem like Ando Fus attendant instead.

However, Jian Chen placed all his attention on Ando Fu, observing his actions closely to prevent him from doing anything strange.

After all, this was the main base of the Ando clan.

Jian Chen had to remain on guard.

He was not afraid of any trouble, but he was afraid of Ando Fu escaping at this time.

The Ando clan, Mo clan, and Lu family all once possessed Overgods, but Jian Chen had already learnt from Mo Ling that the three Overgods had devoted their lives to Godking Duanmus dwelling and did not place much emphasis on the clans they created.

As a result, there was nothing in the three clans left behind by the Overgods.

All the defences of the clans had been added one by one by the descendants.

Aside from the three founding ancestors, the clans had never given birth to another Overgod, or even a late God.

As a result, their defences were not particularly great.

When Jian Chen entered the Ando clan, all eighteen powerful clans that ruled over the distant provincial city of the Ando clan had gathered together.

They had each sent a God ancestor, so a total of eighteen Gods had gathered together.

They discussed how the high grade divine crystal mine in the Dark Cloud Mountains should be divided with great intensity.

“Among the powerful clans of the Dongan province, our Huo family, Dong family, and Nanyun clan are the most powerful.

We all possess late Gods, so we three clans should own the largest portion of the mine.

Each clan will take ten percent of the mine,” a red-robed old man said at ease with squinted eyes.

He was a God from one of the three most powerful clans in the Dongan province, the Huo family.

The three most powerful clans were not on good terms normally.

In fact, they even fought against each other many times, but with the appearance of the high grade divine crystal mine, the three clans all abandoned their past grievances and banded together so that they could benefit as much as possible.

They all understood that the high grade divine crystal mine was just too valuable.

There was no organisation in the entire Dongan province that could take it entirely for themselves.

Even when the three most powerful clans worked together, they only hoped to each gain ten percent of the mine.


There are a total of eighteen organisations gathered here today.

Your Huo family, Dong family, and Nanyun clan want to claim thirty percent in total, leaving seventy percent to be split between the other fifteen clans.

If you run the calculations, each clan wont even get five percent of the share.

Our Jin family will be the first ones to disagree to a suggestion like that,” the God of the Jin family immediately objected.

He showed no fear at all towards the three clans.

The three clans were powerful, but they only possessed a single late God at most.

Just a single late God was not enough to reign supreme in the Dongan province.

Even if they worked together, they would not be able to fend off the fifteen other powerful clans because all the Gods from the fifteen clans would be enough to crush the three most powerful clans.

Even late Gods could be kept busy by two to three mid Gods.

Unless the three late Gods possessed supreme battle prowess like the prodigies of large sects and clans, they would never fear them.

The God from the Huo family did not become angered from the God from the Jin familys objection.

The Jin family was an extremely powerful clan in the entire Dongan province.

Even though they were not one of the three most powerful clans, they had just as many Gods as the three clans.

They just did not have a late God.

“In my opinion, the high grade divine crystal mine should be split fairly…” Another God said.

He represented one of the weaker clans in the Dongan province, but even as one of the weaker clans, they possessed three Gods at the very least.

“Split fairly You sure can come up with ideas.

Your Kang family only has three early Gods.

Not only does our Dong family have a late God, we even have two mid Gods and two early Gods.

Thats five Gods in total.

What right does it give your Kang family to take just as much as our Dong family” The God from the Dong family snorted coldly.

After he said that, the expression of the God from the Dong family suddenly changed.

With a flip of his hand, a jade talisman used for communication appeared in his hand.

His face changed drastically when he learnt what had been sent to him.

No longer paying attention to how the mine would be split, he immediately stood up and clasped his hands towards everyone present.

He said, “Everyone, I have matters to attend to, so I will be leaving first.

My Dong family will take part in the discussion about the mine some other day.” With that, the God from the Dong family left in a hurry.

Before the God from the Dong family could make it out of the hall, the Gods from the Huo family and Nanyun clan also received messages.

Their faces changed drastically, and they bid farewell to everyone present without any hesitation.

After that, they left in a hurry.

Afterwards, all the Gods gathered there received messages as well.

Without any exception, their faces changed once they received the news.

They no longer bothered with the mine and left in a hurry.

In the blink of an eye, the eighteen powerful clans who were discussing how the mine would be split had all left.

The majestic discussion hall fell quiet.

The entire provincial city of the Dongan province fell into a frenzied state as a piece of news was spread.

“A Godkings dwelling has actually appeared in the Dongan province.

Thats just unbelievable.

Is this real or fake…”

“Ive heard of Godking Duanmu.

Hes an extremely powerful Godking.

Its said that he reached the peak of Godking and was only a single inch away from the Primordial realm…”

“What Godking Duanmu reached the peak of Godking Doesnt that mean hes even more powerful than the divine king of our Divine Kingdom of Pingtian…”

“Stop comparing the divine king to Godking Duanmu.

Theyre people on two completely different levels.

If Godking Duanmu began fighting with the divine king, he would be able to kill the divine king with a single hand because Godking Duanmu was a supreme Godking who made it onto the Godkings throne.

Although he failed to make it into the top one thousand, hes still a supreme expert for making it onto the Godkings throne…”

“What! Godking Duanmu even made it onto the Godkings throne Its said that countless peak Godkings have attempted the Godkings throne, yet the number of people who actually make it up there are basically mythical existences.

Its so difficult to make it up there that even a few prodigies have failed…”


Such a great Godkings dwelling has actually appeared in our Dongan province.

This is just unbelievable…”

“Hurry up and go find the Mo clan and the Ando clan.

Its said that the people of the two clans know where Godking Duanmus dwelling is, and they possess the key to Godking Duanmus dwelling…”


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