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Chapter 1629: Averting the Crisis Narrowly

All the people on the Tian Yuan Continents side currently felt deeply touched.

They all stared at the people from the foreign world who laid down their lives to overcome the crisis with mixed emotions.

Many of them felt admiration.

They were enemies before and had fought many battles against each other, resulting in heavy losses.

Their battles even caused the continent to crack into four pieces, resulting in inestimable damages.

Many people among the four races held exceedingly deep hatred for the people from the foreign world because they had invaded their lands.

They would have been able to avoid everything if these people had not invaded.

However, these same people were giving up their lives one after another to save everybody.

They burnt their bodies and all their vital essences, paying the price of death to force out every last strand of their bloodlines power.

Their actions had deeply touched everyone from the Tian Yuan Continents world, causing their hatred towards the foreign world to dull.

Unfortunately, only the bloodline of the Forsaken Saints was useful for the Primordial Godsilk.

Otherwise, it would not just be them who would sacrifice themselves.

The Primordial Godsilk shone with a golden glow, much brighter than ever before after receiving the power of the Sainthood and Origin realm experts bloodline.

The golden light directly transformed into roaring golden flames, flickering with tongues of flames as it burnt away the evil spirits core.

Under the roasting of the golden flames, its so-called indestructible core dispersed faster and faster.

In the end, it became smaller and smaller, weaker and weaker.

The painful shrieks of the evil spirit rang out from within the core.

With Audrianas life force blocking the second half of its power, the power temporarily could not fuse with the evil spirit, preventing it from regaining its peak strength.

The Primordial Godsilk that roared with golden flames trapped its core, so it could not escape.

The evil spirit seemed to understand that it was doomed today.

It roared and bellowed out in refusal, except its voice became weaker and weaker; it turned less and less audible under the flames from the Primordial Godsilk.

In the end, it completely vanished.

The core that was known to be indestructible, to the point where even Jian Chen and the Spiritking could do nothing about it, had finally dispersed under the flames of the Primordial Godsilk at that moment.

Jian Chen, the Spiritking, and the Origin realm experts in the surroundings all let out a breath of relief when they sensed that the evil presence from the evil spirit had disappeared.

Many people smiled from managing to survive.

Soon afterwards, more than eighty percent of the experts from the Tian Yuan Continents world bowed towards the Forsaken Saints.

They did not bow towards the living experts, but the people who had laid down their lives to avert the crisis of the world.

“The crisis still isnt over completely.

Theres still a fragment of its soul that remains,” Jian Chen said gruffly.

He looked at the sky and the blood-red mist that had basically engulfed the entire place with a demonic red light.

It conflicted against the tree of life Audriana conjured with thirty percent of her life force, except the conflict had become extremely weak now that the core of the evil spirit had vanished.

After all, only a fragment of the evil spirits soul remained in the blood-red cloud.

It was just too weak, unable to control the tremendous power at all.

Even if the soul fragment possessed supreme power that could even overthrow the universe, it was unable to use it at all.

With a thought, the two snapped strands of the Primordial Godsilk shone with blinding light; it soared into the sky like two dragons as it burned with golden flames.

They directly surged into the sky, entering the tremendous blood-red cloud in a seemingly unstoppable fashion.

They planned on wiping out the soul fragment of the evil spirit in the cloud.

Jian Chen slowly closed his eyes below.

His soul seemed to have fused with the Primordial Godsilk as he controlled it while weaving through the blood-red clouds.

The blood-red clouds would begin to disperse wherever the Primordial Godsilk went.

Every strand of blood-like mist represented the evil spirits unique evil power.

It was extremely powerful, even enough to pose a life-threatening danger to Jian Chen and the Spiritking.

However, the Primordial Godsilk just happened to be effective against this power.

Coupled with the fact that the evil spirits soul fragment was unable to control the power, the Primordial Godsilk was unstoppable as it moved among the mist.

The evil spirits soul fragment hid carefully in the blood-red cloud, but Jian Chen discovered it very soon.

Immediately, he controlled the two strands and weaved them together, forming a huge net that covered a huge region.

It trapped the evil spirits soul fragment, and as the net shrank, the soul fragment ran out of places to flee.

The soul fragment could only shriek miserably under the attack of the Primordial Godsilks power before dispersing.

However, Jian Chen did not drop his guard.

He continued to control the Primordial Godsilk so it would travel through the blood-red cloud.

He carefully sensed if there were any other traces of the evil spirit because he was uncertain if the fragment he had found earlier was the entire soul fragment that the evil spirit had left behind.

If a single fragment slipped through his fingers, it would lead to endless trouble in the future once it matured.

The Primordial Godsilk had exhausted its golden flames, so the flames disappeared.

Its golden glow gradually dulled as well.

As it purified the blood-red cloud, its powers were rapidly consumed as well.

Jian Chen searched through the blood-red cloud with the Primordial Godsilk many times, only stopping once the Primordial Godsilk had completely dulled and had less than ten percent of its previous power.

He believed that it was impossible for a fragment of the evil spirits soul to evade his senses after such a tight search.

After all, he had already purified a third of the blood-red cloud with the Primordial Godsilk.

The soul fragment was so weak, so it was impossible for it to hide from his careful search.

Below, all the experts from the two worlds raised their heads to look at the sky.

They gazed at the blood-red cloud, and some of them looked at Jian Chen from time to time.

Their eyes would be filled with admiration and fear, as well as anticipation.

All of them knew that there was still a fragment of the evil spirits soul hiding within the blood-red cloud, and whether it could be destroyed or not would entirely depend on Jian Chen.

They would have temporarily evaded the crisis of the world if the soul fragment still remained, but once it matured, the same crisis would happen all over again.

At that time, they were unsure if they would have the power to stop it a second time.

The Spiritking also sternly stared at the blood-red cloud in the sky.

He knew that the core of the evil spirit had been wiped out, but they still had not truly claimed victory at this point.

At this moment, the two strands of Primordial Godsilk appeared from within the blood-red cloud, shining with a faint, golden lustre.

The two strands coiled around Jian Chens wrist.

At the same time, Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes.

Exhaustion appeared on his face.

“Have you destroyed the soul fragment left behind by the crisis” The Spiritking arrived before Jian Chen and asked eagerly.

Jian Chen exhaled deeply and smiled victoriously, “Yes.

The final soul fragment of the crisis has been destroyed.”

“Good, good.

The sacrifice of so many people from my world was not in vain.

It even included a few protectors and elders,” the Spiritking smiled freely.

Jian Chen did not speak loudly, but he did not try to hide it either.

The weakest people present were Saint Rulers, but even with the distance between them, they clearly heard Jian Chens words.

Immediately, cheers rang out.

Many people were filled with joy, but there were also others who sobbed sorrowfully and painfully.

They had lasted to the end and survived, but they had lost many of their beloved friends and family in this battle.

It was reasonable for them to be filled with grief.

This battle was just too horrifying.

Not only had many Sainthood experts from both worlds fallen, even Mortal realm fighters and ordinary people who did not cultivate Saint Force had died under the devouring powers of the evil spirit.

Many cities that possessed populations in the millions or tens of millions became ghost cities.

They were filled with lifeless corpses.


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