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Chapter 1628: Courage to Face Death

Jian Chen was not the only person who recognised this problem.

All the Origin realm experts and Sainthood experts noticed it as well.

It was completely impossible for them to wipe out the core of the evil spirit in just a days time.

The bloodletting of the Forsaken Saints continued, but everyone had lost their excitement and hope from half a day ago.

They all felt heavy and breathless inside once again as if they were facing the end of the world.

As a result, the atmosphere became extremely heavy.

“I am not a sole person back in the World of Forsaken Saints.

There are several tens of thousand clansmen behind me.

As the patriarch, if I cant even protect my own clansmen, I can never live up to the name of patriarch.

If everyone, including me and my clansmen, cannot avoid death in the end, I must die on the frontlines as the patriarch and lay my life down to protect my people,” a Saint Emperors from the World of Forsaken Saints suddenly began to laugh aloud.

Soon afterwards, he suddenly burst into white flames.

His body rapidly dissolved in the flames, turning into an even greater power of his bloodline, which was all channeled into the Primordial Godsilk.

“Mandoff!” Some people cried out in sorrow.

Mandoff was currently burning his own vital energies and his own body to assist in destroying the evil spirits core.

At that moment, everyones gazes gathered on Mandoff.

Everyone looked at him with admiration and respect, whether they were the experts of the four races or from the World of Forsaken Saints.

“Even if I die, I have to die before my clansmen.

I will not be able to protect you anymore in the future.

I shall be leaving first,” Mandoff smiled.

His body turned into ashes in the end under the white flames.

“Mandoffs right.

Were out of options now.

If we dont destroy this damned thing here, all of our people in the World of Forsaken Saints probably wont be able to avoid death once this thing fully recovers.

Since Ill die either way, why dont I die for a purpose” Soon afterwards, another Saint Emperor from the foreign world stood forward and righteously spoke.

Just like Mandoff, he began to burn his vital energies until he died.

Even his body was reduced to ashes in the end.

Their vital energies had been severely exhausted already, so they were probably unable to produce anymore blood at all.

Burning their vital energies and their bodies was akin to completely igniting the final sliver of their bloodline left in their bodies, offering up one last portion of power.

Even their lives had turned into a part of the bloodlines power.

At this moment, a Saint Emperor from the foreign world looked at Jian Chen and asked with clasped hands, “Sovereign Jian Chen, did the ignition of their vital essences contribute to destroying this wretched thing”

Jian Chen looked at the Saint Emperor.

He saw calmness, the courage to face death, and firm determination.

Jian Chen nodded sternly.

He already knew the Saint Emperors thoughts and plan.

“If thats the case, I dont need to worry,” said the Saint Emperor.

With that, white flames erupted from his body as well, and he was reduced to ashes in the end.

“Hahaha, the situation has already developed to a point like this.

Theres no need for everyone to fear death.

Choosing to die willingly is a courageous death.

If our sacrifice can save the lives of a quadrillion clansmen, they will always remain grateful to us.

However, if we continue to fear death, well only be able to live for a few hours longer.

Is there any point to that” An old man said loudly and sternly.

He was also a Saint Emperor from the World of Forsaken Saints.

Afterwards, the old man also ignited his vital energies and his body, burning to ashes.

Perhaps due to the infectious atmosphere, more and more people from the World of Forsaken Saints gave heroic and righteous speeches before laying down their lives.

There were not just Saint Emperors, but Saint Kings, Saint Rulers, and so on were included as well.

Their sacrifice generated even greater power for the Primordial Godsilk, allowing it to glow dazzlingly.

“Jian Chen, the environment of our world is horrible.

Its unsuitable for people below Sainthood to live in.

Many children and weaker clansmen die to the horrible conditions basically daily.

One of the reasons that we came to your world was to move onto the Saints World, but we also sought a better environment for our people to settle down in.

Although we have invaded your world in the past and made you suffer heavy losses, our race will use this opportunity to make it up to you.

I, Gongxi Ming, am willing to lay my life down to stop the crisis.

I only hope that you can give the weaker people of my race a habitable place if the crisis is averted.

I will be filled with endless gratitude even in the afterlife.” Gongxi Ming bowed deeply towards Jian Chen before erupting in white flames.

He began to burn his vital energies as well.

“Gongxi Ming!” Cheng Jingyun stared at Gongxi Ming with many emotions.

Her heart throbbed with indescribably bitterness as she watched her friend of several dozen millenia gradually approach death.

Xiong Zhong and the other protectors and elders, as well as all the Origin realm experts from the Tian Yuan Continent, stared at Gongxi Ming.

Their opinion of him underwent a drastic change, and their gazes became filled with admiration and respect.

The battlefield sank into a deathly silence.

Everyone was stern as they stared at Gongxi Ming.

They felt extremely uneasy inside.

Gongxi Ming was an elder of the Sacred Spirit Hall; he had reached Returnance.

His status could not be compared with those Saint Emperors, yet he actually chose to go down a path of no return right now.

His courage and boldness had deeply touched everyone.

Jian Chen was solemn.

He bowed deeply toward Gongxi Ming, who was wrapped up in flames, and said hoarsely, “I promise you that I will definitely fulfil your final wish if we avert this crisis.”

As if a great burden had been lifted from him, Gongxi Ming smiled faintly before turning into ashes.

The sacrifice of a Returnance expert immediately made the Primordial Godsilk shine with even more resplendent light.

Vaguely, a layer of flames seemed to roar and burn on its surface.

Afterwards, more and more people from the foreign world laid down their lives.

Another Returnance elder from Ouyang Yangwens faction chose to sacrifice himself after Gongxi Ming, along with seven other Receival protectors.

They all turned into power that would conquer the evil spirits core.

Aside from the nine Origin realm experts, thousands of Sainthood experts from the foreign world burned their vital energies as well.

A layer of white flames coated them, allowing them to shine with the most resplendent light in their lives.

They were sent off for the final journey in their lives under the gazes of the various experts.

It was a brave and sorrowful scene; the movement infected countless people.

All the Sainthood and Origin realm experts from the world of the Tian Yuan Continent felt deeply shocked.

Many of them even cried emotionally.

Jian Chen hovered in the air as he looked at the people who laid down their lives one after another with a gaze that trembled slightly.

He bowed deeply towards everyone.

He was so touched inside that he was rendered speechless.

“All of you will be the heroes of our world.

Your names will be passed down through the ages and be revered by every generation.

Your clans and families will be protected by the Sacred Spirit Hall,” the Spiritking proclaimed solemnly.


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