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Chapter 1579: Gifts

“The young island master is right.

Xuer, you really grown too arrogant over the past few years.

Look at the young island master.

Hes so young and possesses such strength, yet he maintains a low profile.

He views fame and glory as nothing.

If this had not happened in the clan today, the young island master would probably have kept his strength hidden.

You should learn from him.

No matter how glorious your achievements are, you cannot become arrogant and cocky, much less condescending.

Its just like what the young island master said before, there is always a person better than you out there.

You have to take this to heart.” Changyang Ba walked over and gently gave Changyang Xu some words of advice before turning to Shangguan Aojian.

There was clearly admiration for the young island master in his eyes.

“I seem to see Xiangers shadow on the young island master.

Xianger also liked to keep a low profile when he was young.

He never showed off his talent.

Even when the Saint Force test had gone wrong and he had been deemed a cripple, he could have explained it all, but he did not, paying no attention to what others thought of him.

Instead, he remained in the clan and cultivated quietly.

Only when he got into a conflict with a person from the kitchen did he reveal his strength…”

“The greatest pride in my life is Xianger.

The glory the clan has today all comes from him.

If the clan did not have him, the clan would not be here today,” Changyang Ba could not help but emotionally sigh.

He felt strangely attached to Shangguan Aojian.

Shangguan Aojian made him remember the familiar face.

He really could see Jian Chens shadow on Shangguan Aojian.

Shangguan Aojian said nothing.

He paid attention to Changyang Ba as Changyang Ba talked about Jian Chens past.

It seemed like he found Jian Chen extremely interesting.

Whether it was something significant or insignificant, he was unwilling to miss a single detail.

The only pity was that Changyang Ba stopped talking about Jian Chens childhood after saying just a little.

“And then” Seeing how Changyang Ba showed no intentions of continuing, Shangguan Aojian could not help but ask.

Changyang Ba looked at Shangguan Aojian with a smile, “The young island master seems to be very interested in Xiangers past.”

Shangguan Aojian nodded.

He did not deny that.

“Fair enough.

Ive taken a liking to you since my first glance.

Since the young island master is so interested in Xiangers past, feel free to stay for a few days after the ceremony comes to a close,” Changyang Ba offered.

He realized that he was liking the young island master more and more.

“Then Ill disturb you for a few days with my two sisters.” Shangguan Aojian agreed with pleasure.

He had not told Changyang Ba how he was related to him, but he had already begun to treat the Changyang clan as his own family.

At the same time, he had obtained a rather good impression of his grandfather after meeting him the first time.

“Oh right, Ive prepared some small gifts for the patriarch and the four madams,” Shangguan Aojian continued.

Two exquisitely decorated boxes appeared in his hands.

They were completely made from purple gold, making them possess great quality yet not going overboard.

Just the two boxes were priceless.

When Shangguan Aojian mentioned the patriarch, he also mentioned the four madams, so everyone understood that he was referring to the old patriarch and not Changyang Ke, because only Changyang Ba had four wives.

Changyang Ba joyously accepted the two boxes from Shangguan Aojian.

For some reason, he felt even happier than received hundred-thousand-year-old heavenly resources when he received Shangguan Aojians gifts.

Even though he had no idea what was inside them, this was the first time he had felt giddy during the ceremony.

He clearly did not pay too much attention to what was inside the boxes.

Changyang Ba did not plan on opening the boxes and instead passed them to a servant standing by his side.

“Our young island masters gifts must be extraordinary.

Why dont you open them and have a look, patriarch” Xiao Qian suddenly encouraged Changyang Ba to open the gift while standing beside Shangguan Aojian.

Xiao Qian belonged to Three Saint Island and her master was a sovereign.

Many guests in the surroundings immediately became curious when even she described the gifts as extraordinary.

Some good friends of Changyang Ba urged him to open the boxes so that they could all see what was in them.

“Fair enough.

Since everyones so interested, lets see what the young island master has gifted me,” Changyang Ba said with a straightforward tone.

With a friendly smile, he opened a box from the servant next to him.

All the guests in the surroundings held their breaths as they watched.

Very soon, the box was opened and a faint fragrance immediately drifted out.

With just a slight sniff, all the people immediately felt their concentration gather together.

At that moment, they felt like their heads had become extremely light and their souls had grown.

The mysteries of the world that they could not comprehend earlier seemed to have become clearer, where they felt like they were about to break through.

This phenomenon immediately shocked everyone in the surroundings.

They all stared at the box.

Just the fragrance from it possessed such an unimaginable effect.

They all became extremely curious as to what treasure was inside.

Inside the box rested a pouch of fragrance.

The fragrance originated from the pouch.

“The young island masters gift is just far too valuable…” Changyang Ba sighed in surprise.

Everyone understood the value of the pouch of fragrance after just a single whiff.

It had surpassed everyone elses gifts.

“This pouch of fragrance was personally created by our young island master.

He used the powder of many heavenly resources.

Just the hundred-thousand-year-old heavenly resources amount to twelve…” Xiao Yue said.

“What! He used twelve hundred-thousand-year-old heavenly resources to create a pouch of fragrance Isnt the young island master just too wealthy…”

“Even peak organizations find hundred-thousand-year-old heavenly resources rare treasures, yet the young island master has used twelve of them to make a pouch of fragrance.

How can those peak organizations match up to that…”

All the guests became stunned by what Xiao Yue had said.

The young island master could no longer be described as just wealthy.

Xiao Yue giggled as she heard the sighs of surprise in the surroundings.

She continued, “The hundred-thousand-year-old heavenly resources are only the average standard used to make this fragrance pouch.

As for the heavenly resources beyond that, I wont describe them since theyve even surpassed my understanding.

Even I dont know their names.”

“What! The hundred-thousand-year-old heavenly resources are only average Oh my god, i- is this really a pouch of fragrance…”

Including Changyang Ba, everyone became stunned.

Disbelief flooded their faces.

Shangguan Aojian smiled at everyones reactions.

He spoke like everyone was normal, “I used three years to create this pouch of fragrance.

When you wear it, not only does help you concentrate by collecting your thoughts and removing anything that bothers your mind, but it can also assist by helping you comprehend the mysteries of the world when you cultivate with it.

Its even effective for Radiant Saint Masters.

Ive specifically prepared this for the fourth madam.”

Changyang Ba blankly stared at the pouch of fragrance.

The young island master had actually gifted such a precious thing to Bi Yuntian.

He had no idea what to say because the gift was just too precious.

“Hmph, it sure sounds great from how you describe it, but who knows if its fake” Changyang Xu mumbled to himself in a voice that only he could hear.

He really envied the young island master.

He was the young master of the Changyang clan.

Although he had consumed a few ten-thousand-year-old heavenly resources, he had never touched or even seen a hundred-thousand-year-old heavenly resources, yet the young island master had used twelve of them to make a pouch of fragrance.

“Patriarch, the second box was also specially prepared for you by the young island master,” Xiao Yue said again, urging Changyang Ba to open the second box.

Changyang Ba sucked in a deep breath and slowly placed the lid back on the first box.

At this moment, he discovered his hand had begun to tremble slightly.

The young island master had used twelve hundred-thousand-year-old heavenly resources to make a pouch of fragrance, and they were only regarded as average among everything that went into the pouch.

It was probably the only object in the world to have so many extravagant resources poured into it.

Uncle Chang arrived beside Changyang Ba.

After passing the box to uncle Chang to look after, he picked up the other box from the servant and carefully opened it.


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