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Chapter 1546: How Dare You Just Scare Me!

Jian Chen ran out of choices now that he had been driven to the end of the road.

He could only fuse the Azulet swords and erupt with devastating power.

He would dish out a dazzling attack and turn the situation around.

If he did not do that, then the Tian Yuan Continent would be doomed on this very day.

Not only would he die, his parents, his relatives in the Changyang clan, Bi Lian, and the others in Flame City would probably all go down with him.

He would probably end up in the same situation as the old master of the Azulet swords after fusing them.

He would not be able to withstand the great backlash and would die.

However, dying like this would at least give him the power to kill Ouyang Yangwen, so at least Ouyang Yangwen would fall before him.

He might even be able to kill all the Origin realm experts from the World of Forsaken Saints currently on the Tian Yuan Continent and make the foreign world suffer heavy casualties, giving the Tian Yuan Continent some more time.

“Master, dont use the fusion of the twin swords.

With your current strength, you wont be able to endure the backlash at all.

Itll mean certain death…”

“Master, stop.

You still have the Anatta Tower.

You can hide in it and enter the chaotic streams of space.

Itll allow you to survive.

Master, you cant use the fusion of the swords.

Your future potential is unlimited.

You cant die here…”

Sensing Jian Chens intentions, the sword spirits immediately cried out in objection.

Both of them were extremely worried.

They were indestructible, so the fusion of the twin swords was unable to kill them.

It would only return them to their weakest form, but Jian Chen would definitely die because the backlash was deadly.

When the Azulet swords were ranked among the ten great god artifacts from the Immortals World, even one of the Grand Exalts of the Immortals World was unable to withstand the backlash.

Even though the swords were only immortal artifacts now, nowhere near god artifacts, the backlash was still not something Jian Chen could withstand right now.

They did not wish to witness Jian Chen die because they had seem a glimmer of Jian Chens future.

If Jian Chen matured successfully, he would definitely attain unbelievable heights in the future.

Yet, Jian Chen had stopped worrying about his fate.

He could indeed survive using the method that Azulet swords had told him to use, but he would never abandon his close friends and family just to survive by himself.

The Azulet swords had turned into two gigantic swords that hung above Jian Chens head.

They were pointed at the sky and let out dazzling violet and azure lights, dyeing the entire region those two colors.

At that moment, the swords completely outshone the sun, becoming the only colors in the surroundings.

They illuminated the entire continent, turning everything violet and azure.

At the same time, an extremely terrifying pulse of energy appeared.

The pulse was so great that it made all the space around them tremble.

It seemed to possess the power to cleave the sky and earth in half.

It made the entire world tremble in fear.

The moment that the terrifying pulse appeared, the intense battle on the Tian Yuan Continent immediately came to a halt.

Everyone stared at the sky, which was dominated by azure and violet, in shock.

The pulse had made all of them tremble from the depths of their souls, as if the end of the world had arrived.

Xiao Ling and Gongxi Ming could not help but stop fighting.

They stared at Jian Chen in shock while Ouyang Yangwens handsome, feminine face also drastically changed.

He became extremely stern, and in the depths of his eyes, there was a smear of fear.

He was the target that Jian Chen wanted to kill first, so the fear he felt was the most intense.

The terrifying pulse gave him the feeling of death.

The twin swords had not fused yet.

Right now, they were in the process of fusing, and a complete fusion required some time to charge up.

However, even though that was the case, the pulse that had erupted was enough to cause people to tremble in fear.

Primordial chaos was divided into yin and yang.

This yin and yang originated from Chaotic Force.

The sword spirits were born from yin and yang, so if they fused, it would be a fusion of yin and yang, descending back into chaos.

This chaos was true chaos.

It was the most powerful force in existence and belonged to the birth of the universe.

It could not be compared to Jian Chens impure Chaotic Force.

The Zi Ying Sword and Qing Suo Sword gradually drew together.

Slivers of Supreme Yin Force and Supreme Yang Force leaked out, coming into contact with one another from time to time.

They would immediately erupt with devastating ripples of energy.

The power from the two swords became greater and greater as they fused.

They ate away space, turning the region where Jian Chen stood into darkness.

The space around him had shattered and collapsed.

It would not close up for quite some time.

Jian Chen gritted his teeth as veins bulge on his forehead.

His entire body shook violently.

In the past, he had attempted a fusion before, except that was only the fusion between two strands of sword Qi, which had cost him his Saint Weapon, the Light Wind Sword.

He had also suffered extremely severe injuries when he did that.

The fusion process was extremely easy since Jian Chen had experienced it before.

The process should be the same as before, but when he attempted the second fusion, now involving swords, he discovered that it was an easy feat to fuse two immortal artifacts.

The closer they got to one another, the more they would resist each other.

The resistance would increase several fold whenever he forced the swords closer, so it was an extremely difficult process.

After all, the current twin swords were no longer the sword spirits that did not possess a physical form.

Despite all that, Jian Chens teeth remained clenched.

Determination flooded his eyes.

He had to fuse the swords and kill Ouyang Yangwen.

The Zi Ying Sword and Qing Suo Sword both loudly thrummed, as if they were shrieking out in pain.

As the swords drew closer and closer to one another, tiny cracks appeared on the swords as well.

They spread in all directions, causing more and more cracks appeared.

The power of the fusion was just too great.

Even though the swords spirits had not recovered all their strength yet, the power from the fusion was still not something immortal artifacts could withstand.

Ouyang Yangwen was not composed.

He stared at Jian Chen with an ugly expression.

He could clearly feel that death was rapidly drawing closer to him, frightening him.

However, when he wanted to stop Jian Chen, he discovered, in shock, that he was unable to get anywhere close to Jian Chen.

The pressure surrounding Jian Chen was just too powerful.

It had annihilated space and also stopped anyone from getting close to him.

“Run!” At this moment, a thought that Ouyang Yangwen had never even considered flooded his head: and that was to run.

At that moment, he could no longer bother with his public image and dignity.

He felt dread from the terrifying pulse.

When his life was under severe threat, he would abandon his dignity without any hesitation.

He no longer cared how people looked at him.

He immediately turned around to run.

Seeing how their elder Ouyang panicked, the other Origin realm experts from the World of Forsaken Saints were frightened to the point that they no longer dared to remain any longer.

They stared at the terrifying pulses in the sky in dread as they abandoned their opponents, flying toward the tunnel as quickly as they could.

However, when they arrived at the tunnel and were about to dive into it, the terrifying pressure in the sky suddenly vanished.

The radiant azure and violet colors disappeared as well.

The world returned to how it had looked earlier.

In outer space, Jian Chen was sheet-white.

Blood spilled from his mouth, turning into a mist.

The fusion of the twin swords had failed.

All the Origin realm experts, who were about to enter the tunnel, stopped due to the sudden change.

They stared at the sky in doubt.

When they saw Jian Chens conditions, they were all stunned.

Ouyang Yangwen was also stunned, but he returned to his senses.

His face immediately darkened.

He clenched his fist tight.

Veins bulge on his arm as he roared out, “How dare you scare me!


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