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Chapter 1521: Extraordinary

The Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beasts eyes immediately lit up when it saw the Violet Cloud Peach.

It was filled with joy and buzzed happily.

It immediately flew before Jian Chen and used its two front legs to accept the peach, which was about the same size as itself.

The Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast did not consume the peach immediately.

It first sniffed the peachs faint fragrance and seemed to become drunk.

Its body then began to expand at a visible rate, becoming a meter long in the blink of an eye.

Although it was a soaring ant, the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast was extremely different from regular ants.

It looked similar, but at a closer glance, it possessed many minute features that soaring ants did not possess.

At the same time, it vaguely glowed with red, orange, and yellow hues.

The divine beast opened its mouth and sucked the Violet Cloud Peach away before returning to the size of a fist.

It sneakily glanced at Jian Chen before laying near him to absorb the energy from the peach.

A day later, the four brothers all broke through to Saint Emperor.

They radiated with tremendous presences, which enveloped the entire mountain range, but they remained in a state of cultivation.

They had not completely absorbed the energy from their peaches yet.

The four of them continued to cultivate.

Their strength seemed to be increasing with every passing moment.

However, no rainbow clouds appeared after they breaking through to the realm of Saint Emperor, so their breakthroughs seemed extremely simple, vastly different when compared to anyone elses breakthrough.

Jian Chen was not surprised at all.

He had anticipated this.

He then glanced at Kai Ya.

Kai Ya had reached the Great Perfection of Saint King now and was about to break through to Saint Emperor.

Two hours later, Kai Ya successfully broke through to Saint Emperor as well.

However, the moment she broke through, Jian Chens eyes narrowed.

He looked up and saw the blue sky rapidly replaced by nine-colored rainbow clouds, which spanned the entire continent.

The rainbow clouds completely covered the continent and were visible from any point on the continent.

The appearance of nine-colored rainbow clouds used to shake the entire continent, causing all the apex experts to gather as soon as possible.

However, no one came to see who had broken through now.

This was because all the territories in the world had received Jian Chens blessing.

The world no longer lacked Saint Emperors.

Every single race had a few dozen at the very least.

Both Kai Ya and the four brothers did not waste a single speck of energy in the immortal peaches, just like Jian Chen.

They had completely absorbed every last drop, and breaking through to Saint Emperor had only take up a tenth of what was available in the peach.

Jian Chen assumed that the five of them would need at least a few more days before they could completely absorb the energy in the peaches.

However, to his surprise, Kai Ya roused the next day after breaking through.

She had completely absorbed all the energy and wasted none of it.

What Jian Chen could not understand was that Kai Ya was still a First Heavenly Layer Saint Emperor.

Her strength had not increased at all after she reached Saint Emperor.

On the other hand, the four brothers had reached the Third Heavenly Layer and were still filled with energy from the immortal peaches.

Kai Ya opened her eyes and also showed doubt.

She murmured, “Odd.

The remaining ninety percent of energy in my body all surged into my soul after I broke through.

Its vanished.”

A gleam of light flashed through Jian Chens eyes when he saw that.

He gazed at Kai Ya deeply before sinking into his thoughts.

Kai Ya did not understand why such a strange thing had happened either.

She stood up and arrived beside Jian Chen, thanking him, “Warrior Jian Chen, Im unable to return all the favors youve given me.

I will forever remember them, and if I have the power in the future, I will definitely return all of them a thousand fold.”

Jian Chen frowned when he heard her promise.

He looked at Kai Ya and said unhappily, “Kai Ya, Ive treated you as a friend.

You say this like Im just a passerby.”

Kai Ya smiled apologetically before sternly replying, “Warrior Jian Chen, you are my best friend.” As she said that, Kai Yas heart ached, and she felt rather lonely.

She no longer had any close people in the world after the Kalor tribe had been wiped out.

She did not even have any friends.

She had rarely made friends back in the Kalor tribe.

Jian Chen had become her only friend now.

Jian Chen could sense Kai Yas faint sorrow.

He sighed inside and said, “Kai Ya, why dont you stay in Flame City in the future”

Kai Ya hesitated for a while before nodding to agree with Jian Chens suggestion, “Warrior Jian Chen, Ill return to the city first.

Its very uncomfortable for me to stay near the four of them.”

Jian Chen nodded.

He did not plan on returning to Flame City yet.

He wanted to watch over the four brothers and prevent any accidents from happening.

Kai Ya picked up the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast, who was curled up on the ground, and left, returning to the city by herself.

Jian Chen remained where he was and watched the four brothers until they finally roused after a few days.

They had completely absorbed the energy in the immortal peaches and had reached the peak of Saint Emperor.

They had reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer, becoming the strongest beneath the Origin realm aside from Yang Lie, Feng Xiaotian, and Guihai Yidao.

“With our current strength, we may not be able to kill Origin realm experts with our sword formations, but keeping them busy wont be difficult at all,” ADa murmured.

The four of them were filled with joy due to their increase in strength.

Their strength filled them with confidence.

Now the four of them were powerful enough to take part in the battle against the foreign world.

Jian Chen first congratulated the four of them.

He then paused, before continuing, “Kai Ya is my friend.

ADa, AEr, ASan, and ASi, I hope you dont become enemies with her.”

“We have no disagreements with Kai Ya at all, so why would we become enemies with her At the same time, the threat of the foreign world is so great.

During such a sensitive time, well even disregard any irreconcilable amenities in order to gather strength to deal with any future invasions,” said ADa.


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