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Chapter 1520: Gifts of Immortal Peaches

Jian Chens interest was piqued when he heard them mention flying swords.

He asked, “Can I see the flying swords youve forged”

When Jian Chen had first met the four brothers in the depths of the divine realm, he had discovered that the weapons they were using were rather similar to his Azulet swords.

They had been forged, unlike all the Saint Weapons used by the fighters on the Tian Yuan Continent, which were condensed from Saint Weapon.

It was not that weapons made from various materials were non-existent on the Tian Yuan Continent, but they were basically tools for farming or used by people who had not condensed their Saint Weapons yet as temporary weapons.

They would never be used by people who had already condensed their Saint Weapons.

The four brothers were the few people among all the experts Jian Chen had met who used weapons like these.

The four brothers did not hesitate at all.

They drew their metal swords.

They all stuck out their right palms and a finger-sized sword appeared out of nowhere, hovering an inch above their palms.

The toothpick-like swords rapidly expanded, becoming full-sized, 1.3-meter-long swords.

Jian Chens eyes began to shine as he stared at the brothers swords.

He could feel pulses of powerful sword Qi emanating from the swords.

Although the weapons appeared the same as when he had first seen them in the divine realm, the presences they gave off were completely different.

The four brothers had definitely refined the swords again, making their power increase.

At the same time, Jian Chen could see a vague glimpse of the Nirvanic Sword Immortals four swords in the weapons.

The four swords were vaguely similar to the Sword of Mortality, Sword of Reincarnation, the Sword of Slaughter, and the Sword of Severance.

They were only simple signs right now, less than a tenth of their original appearance.

“Theyre becoming more and more like the Azulet swords!” Jian Chen thought.

They did not have similar appearances, but they were of a similar quality and followed a similar method of cultivation.

He could see other practitioners of the sword aside from the Spiritking through the four swords.

The Spiritkings sword was not condensed from energy either.

It was similar to the Azulet swords and the four swords from the brothers.

They were all forged.

“Do you know the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt” Jian Chen stared at the four old men with mixed emotions.

He knew that he and the old men were similar.

They had obtained legacies from the Immortals World, and as long as they were still alive in the future, they would return to the Immortals World.

At the same time, Jian Chen understood that he could become enemies with anyone in this world but the four brothers.

He had received the partial legacy of the former master of the Azulet swords while the old men had received the partial legacy of the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt.

The former master of the Azulet swords was one of the five Grand Exalts of the Immortals World, just like the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt.

They were the only two Sword Gods in the Immortals World and had possessed close ties.

“We know the Nirvanic Sword Formation but not anything about some Nirvanic Immortal Exalt,” answered ADa.

Jian Chen gently sighed.

The four of them had inherited a portion of the Nirvanic Immortal Exalts legacy, but they did not know who the legacy came from.

Jian Chen felt anguish for the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt.

However, he did not plan on telling the four of them about the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt.

He would tell them about the matters of the Immortals World after they entered the Saints World.

In the end, Jian Chen left Flame City with the four brothers and Kai Ya.

They entered the abandoned mines of tungsten alloy nearby and stopped in the deepest parts of the mountain valley.

With a flip of his hand, he gifted the five of them five fifth grade Violet Cloud Peaches.

He then personally used the water of highest quality from the Springs of Life to make Comprehension Tea from five fifth grade leaves.

He said, “The Violet Cloud Peach can assist you in breaking through to Saint Emperor.

Once I make the tea, consum it with the peach.”

Jian Chen was not stingy at all toward the four brothers and Kai Ya, directly using the best peaches and tea he had on hand.

Although he seemed rather unaffected on the surface, his heart ached inside.

There were only twenty-five grade Violet Cloud Peaches as well as some others composed of the fourth grade and below.

He was only left with eighteen fifth grade Comprehension Tea Leaves as well.

A while later, Jian Chen finished brewing the tea.

He split it into five portions and distributed it among Kai Ya and the four old men.

The five of them consumed the tea with the peach just as Jian Chen had requested.

As soon as the peaches reached their stomachs, it transformed into tremendous energy, which filled their bodies.

The energy rapidly increased as the peach was digested.

If the energy had not been extremely gentle, the five of them would not have been able to endure it.

Their faces all changed slightly, but without any hesitation, they immediately sat down and began cultivating by absorbing the energy.

Jian Chen did not leave.

Instead, he sat down opposite of them to watch over them.

However, Jian Chen soon opened his eyes.

He stared at the five of them, brimming with interest.

Surprise filled his eyes.

He had given the peaches to many people in the past, but none of them had been able to completely absorb all the energy aside from himself.

Over half of it would leak out of their bodies and disperse into the surroundings.

However, the five of them did not let any energy leak out after consuming the peaches.

“Are they the same as me, able to absorb all the energy from the peaches and not waste any at all” Jian Chen thought.

He felt rather taken away.

He could absorb the peach completely because he cultivated the Chaotic Body.

Just what were the five of them using to absorb all the energy from the peaches

At this moment, Jian Chen heard a buzz.

The Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast, which had been snoozing on Kai Yas shoulder, had appeared before him with its buzzing wings.

It pleaded with Jian Chen, as if it was trying to get on his good side.

Thirst filled its eyes.

Jian Chen broke into laughter when he saw how the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast was behaving.

He said, “You little bastard.

You were hostile toward me in the inn earlier, yet youre begging me for something now.” Jian Chen shook his head as he smiled.

He pulled out a fifth grade Violet Cloud Peach from his Space Ring and tossed it to the divine beast.

The Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast was a true divine beast.

It could fully absorb the energy from a fifth grade Violet Cloud Peach, so Jian Chen was not worried at all, and now that the battle against the foreign world was drawing closer, Jian Chen also wished to increase the divine beasts strength.

That way, one additional existence with power would be on the side of the Tian Yuan Continent.

He believed that no one was the divine beasts opponent when on the same level of cultivation unless that person was a prodigy from a large sect or clan from a higher world.


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