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Chapter 1519: Reunion with Past Acquaintances

In the blink of an eye, a week had passed since Jian Chen had gotten married.

Most of the experts who had been present at the wedding had dispersed and the city slowly returned to its peaceful days.

However, there were a few people who did not choose to leave and instead remained.

In the morning, Huang Luan and You Yue assisted Jian Chen in getting dressed with slightly flushed faces.

Their eyes were filled with happiness and joy.

“Yueer, Luaner, Ill take you to see a few of my old friends in a while.” Smiled Jian Chen.

He looked at the two women with gentle eyes.

You Yue and Huang Luan nodded with a smile at the same time.

They said nothing.

In their hearts, Jian Chen was their entirety.

In an inn within the city, Kai Ya was seated at a table, enjoying a delicious breakfast.

However, she would frown and show displeasure form time to time.

It was quite obvious that she was in a horrible mood.

ADa and his three brothers were seated at a table beside Kai Ya.

However, the four of them did not touch the food in front of them that was known as the most delicious breakfast food in the city.

Instead, they gazed at Kai Ya and appeared doubtful and confused.

The four of them had realized that if they were a certain distance away from Kai Ya, they would feel killing intent from the bottom of their heart.

This killing intent was extremely odd.

They could not control it, and it would attempt to surge out into the outside world.

The four of them could not figure out the reason why it appeared.

Kai Ya frowned even more.

She could sense that the vague threat from the four old men had become even more powerful.

If it were not for the fact that Flame City prohibited all fighting and for the fact that she understood that she was not their opponent, she probably would have begun fighting with them already.

Kai Ya glanced at the tiny beast perched on her shoulder and immediately became much calmer.

She knew that she was not the opponent of the four brothers, but with this beast by her side, there were no Saint Kings in the world who could injure her, including Saint Kings at Great Perfection.

On the other hand, the four brothers had not become Saint Emperors yet.

“It truly is a joyous occasion for me to be able to coincidently see my old friends here.” A clear voice materialized from outside the building at this moment.

Jian Chen entered the inn and, to no surprise, behind him walked You Yue and Huang Luan.

Aside from the four brothers and Kai Ya, there were quite a few other people in the inn.

As soon as Jian Chen set foot in the building, all the people, aside from the five of them, simultaneously stood up and bowed politely to Jian Chen.

The four brothers and Kai Ya saw Jian Chen as well.

Unlike all the other people, the five of them did not bow to Jian Chen.

When they saw his familiar face, they could not help but think of everything that had happened since they had met Jian Chen in the sea realm.

Their emotions immediately became mixed.

The four brothers were affected in particular.

When they first came across Jian Chen in the divine realm, the four of them had almost began fighting with him.

Back then, even though Jian Chen was stronger than them, it was only by a limited amount.

However, the changes that Jian Chens identity had undergone made the brothers feel like they were in a dream.

They were just about as powerful as Jian Chen in the past, but he had already become the sovereign of the humans now, having surpassed Saint Emperor and reached the Origin realm.

Jian Chen smiled and returned the peoples bow amicably with a clasped fist.

Afterward, he made his way to Kai Yas table and sat down.

However, his eyes remained fixated on the tiny beast on her shoulder.

An odd light filled his eyes.

“I visited the Kalor tribe in the past and found that it no longer existed.

I originally worried that you had suffered a disaster, but looking at it now, not only did you emerge unscathed, but you even experienced quite a fortuitous encounter.” Jian Chen stared at Kai Ya.

He would glance at the tiny beast perched on her shoulder from time to time and sigh in amazement.

He recognized this beast.

It was the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast he had seen in the divine realm in the past.

It was a true divine beast, possessing great future potential.

He had originally planned to return to the divine realm tame it when he was strong enough, but now, the young divine beast to have been tamed by Kai Ya.

While Jian Chen was staring at the divine beast, it opened its eyes.

When it discovered Jian Chen, it immediately stood up and began to glow red, orange, and yellow.

It stared sharply at Jian Chen.

“Xiao Lu, do not be rude!” Kai Ya gently poked the divine beast and gave a firm command with a soft voice.

The Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast immediately calmed down.

Afterward, Kai Ya smiled faintly at Jian Chen, “Warrior Jian Chen, Xiao Lu is still young.

Please do not be offended.”

Jian Chen chuckled as he stared at the divine beast.

He sighed, “Its been so long, but this little fella still remembers me.

Sure is rare.”

Jian Chen gave an explanation when he saw Kai Yas confusion.

“I once entered the divine realm and came across him.

Hes a divine beast, called a Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast.

Its still young right now.

Back when I wanted to tame it, I was not powerful enough, so I could only give up on that thought.

Im very curious as to how you tamed it.”

Kai Ya was surprised when she heard him speak.

She glanced at the tiny beast on her shoulder and said, “Back when I ran out of choices after being pursued by my enemies, I was forced to take the risk of entering the depths of the divine realm.

There I met Xiao Lu.

After it saw me, it followed me out of its own will.

Xiao Lus very obedient as well.”

“What! The Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast followed you out of its own will” Jian Chen was stunned, extremely shocked.

He knew that the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast was not the kind of divine beast that the people from this world could understand.

If a divine beast was taken to the Immortals World, it would only be a regular immortal beast.

However, the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast was a true divine beast.

Its power was beyond the imaginations of the people from this world.

Jian Chen was extremely confused why a true divine beast would follow Kai Ya out of its own will and obediently listen to her.


Is there something wrong And Ive only been able to power up so quickly because of Xiao Lu.

He gave me some nectar, which was why my strength could skyrocket in such a short amount of time,” Kai Ya added.

“Really now.” Jian Chen came to an understanding.

No wonder Kai Yas strength had increased by such a great magnitude in less than two decades.

She had reached the Eighth Heavenly Layer of Saint Kings from Saint Ruler.

Just the thought of accomplishing that within two decades was unheard of on the continent.

After all, Kai Ya did not possess any heavenly resources like the Violet Cloud Peaches that were even invaluable in the Immortals World.

However, what surprised Jian Chen was that the Seven-colored Heaven-devouring Beast had actually decided to follow Kai Ya.

He recognized how extraordinary Kai Ya was.

After all, it was a true divine beast.

It would never follow an ordinary person, let alone stick to Kai Ya so closely if she was an ordinary person.

Jian Chen then looked at the four old men.

He greeted then and asked about their well-being.

Although he did not have any particularly deep ties with the four brothers, he had fought alongside them in the divine realm in the past.

At the same time, their cultivation method was connected to the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt from the Immortals World, so they were basically the same as him.

After all these years, the four brothers had gained strength at an extremely rapid pace as well.

They had all become Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings now.

Afterward, Jian Chen invited Kai Ya and the four brothers to the city lords estate as guests.

He conversed with them casually before bringing up the World of Forsaken Saints.

The five of them only possessed a limited understanding of the foreign world.

Jian Chen naturally hid nothing and told them everything he knew.

Once they learned about the foreign worlds true strength, all of them became extremely stern.

“I never thought that the World of Forsaken Saints would actually possess such a terrifying strength.

Just the number of Saint Emperors they have is astounding.

Itll basically be a battlefield for Saint Emperors.

Saint Kings will be doomed if they take part in the battle.

Its a joke that the four of us wanted to use the blood of the foreign experts to demonstrate the power of our sword formations,” ADa said with a sunken face, but he felt no fear at all.

“Brother, if were separated, wed indeed be doomed against Saint Emperors, but if we formed our sword formations, we can kill Saint Emperors,” AEr said confidently and enthusiastically.

“Thats right.

Weve just forged our flying swords, so our battle prowess has soared.

Coupled with the sword formation weve just comprehended, we should be able to handle any Saint Emperors as long as we face a maximum of three at a time.” ASan stood up, burning with enthusiasm.


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