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Chapter 1518: A Grand Wedding (Four)

Tie Ta, the sea goddess, Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao and Feng Xiaotian became rather stern as they stared at the flakes of snow in the sky.

All the great elders from the protector clans showed odd expressions.

They had witnessed something similar several decades ago, so they could not help but connect the falling snow to that event.

“Is the arctic Ice Goddess Hall descending” At this moment, many great elders from the protector clans could not help but think the same question.

“Brother, youre getting married, and you didnt even tell me.

Am I still your sister” A voice that Jian Chen was familiar with appeared.

In the snowy sky, a woman silently appeared.

She possessed alluring beauty and wore snow-white clothes.

As she hovered in the sky, she seemed like she had fused with all the snow.

“Sister!” Jian Chen cried out in joy and amazement.

He felt very excited.

It was truly a serendipitous moment for him that Changyang Mingyue could come to his wedding.

Tie Ta, the sea goddess, Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao, and Feng Xiaotian all became fixated on Changyang Mingyue at the same time.

Their pupils also narrowed.

They were all shocked.

This was because they could tell that Changyang Mingyue had surpassed the level of a Saint Emperor and reached the Origin realm.

She had even reached late Receival.

Changyang Mingyue snorted gently and looked at Jian Chen with great displeasure.

She said, “So much for still recognizing me.

I had even thought that you had forgotten about me long ago.

You didnt even invited your sister to such an important day.

Instead, I have to come uninvited all by myself.

However, its fortunate that Im not late.

Ive just made it in time for your formal wedding ceremony.”

“Mingyue!” Among the crowd, Yu Fengyan trembled.

She finally could not back anymore, loudly calling to her daughter despite where she was.

Changyang Mingyue froze.

As she gazed at the haggard Yu Fengyan in the crowd, she immediately felt tears well up.

Her eyes also reddened slightly before tears began to roll down uncontrollably.

She no longer bothered with catching up with Jian Chen.

She shot toward Yu Fengyan as a blur.

She happily hugged Yu Fengyan.

Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian sat on the platform with smiles as they gazed at Changyang Mingyue and Yu Fengyan, who had finally reunited.

However, Jian Chens wedding ceremony was being held, so now was not the time to catch up.

Even though the two of them had missed Changyang Mingyue as well, they could not help but suppress their feelings.

Changyang Mingyue had already reached the Origin realm, but she refused to take a seat from the row that had specifically been prepared for Origin realm experts.

Instead, she remained with Yu Fengyan.

Changyang Mingyues Profound Ice Body had reached completion after emerging from seclusion.

She could control the coldness within her at her at will as well, so there was no need for her and her mother to keep their distance, unlike last time they met outside the Ice Goddess Hall.

“Yang Lie, your descendents of this generation are really impressive.

Theres actually two Origin realm experts, and they havent even cultivated for a century,” Guihai Yidao said to Yang Lie with some envy.

Yang Lie chuckled aloud.

He felt extremely delighted inside as well, feeling joy for having two outstanding descendents.

“That Changyang Hu has extremely great potential as well.

If he goes to the Saints World and joins our Pure Heart Pavilion, hell be treated like a treasure by the elders.

Theyll definitely raise him as a prodigy.

He might even be able to enter the Pavilion of Heaven and Earth.” Feng Xiaotian sighed in amazement.

He could not help but feel admiration for Yang Lie.

He had actually gained three prodigious descendents from a single generation.

“Hahahaha, Changyang Bas pretty good, actually pretty good.

Once Jian Chens wedding wraps up, I will definitely reward him well.” Yang Lie laughed from the bottom of his heart.

A lot of the wrinkles on his face seemed to disappear, and he seemed younger.

“A bow to the heavens and the earth!”

On the high platform, uncle Chang sternly hosted the wedding.

As he cried out, Jian Chen, Huang Luan, and You Yue immediately turned to the east and bowed to the world.

The city immediately became silent when they bowed.

Uncle Chang seemed to have become the only person speaking in the entire city.

“A bow to the parents!”

Uncle Chang commanded once again, and Jian Chen, You Yue, and Huang Luan turned.

They bowed a second time, bowing to Jian Chens parents, Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian.

“Good! Good! Good!” Changyang Ba smiled joyfully as he benevolently gazed at Jian Chen and his brides.

He felt extremely emotional inside.

No one had ever thought that his sons wedding would attract all the experts in the world to congratulate him.

“Exchanging bows!”

“To the bridal chamber!”

With uncle Changs final sentence, Jian Chen, You Yue, and Huang Luan let the platform, accompanied by a few female servants.

Over the next few days, they would not see anyone else until the wedding ended.

The moment Jian Chen, You Yue, and Huang Luan vanished from the platform, the veiled Qin Qin in the crowd finally shed a tear.

She turned around and was about to leave the city.

However, when she turned around, she discovered a boy and a girl standing behind her.

The girl seemed to be eleven or twelve.

She wore white clothes and appeared rather clever and cute.

The boy only seemed to be four or five.

He was chubby and possessed golden hair, golden eyelashes, and golden irises.

Even the clothes he wore were golden.

He seemed to be made out of gold.

“Sister, todays a joyous occasion for my brother.

Everyones very happy, so why are you crying Xiao Ling can feel that youre not happy at all.

Why” The girl stared at Qin Qin with her large eyes, which revealed her curiosity.

She wanted clarification due to her confusion.

Qin Qin was in a horrible mood.

She had not planned on responding, but after hearing the naive girls question, she could not help but reply.

She squeezed out a smile and touched the girls cheek.

She gently said, “This is because I feel horrible inside, so I could not help but cry.

Little girl, youre still young right now.

There are many things you still dont understand.

Youll know once youre older, okay” With that, Qin Qin left the city.

The girl nodded, but she did not seem to understand.

She remained confused, failing to completely understand what Qin Qin meant.

“Sister, what does feeling horrible inside mean Do you have to cry if you feel horrible inside” The boy asked questions because of his confusion and curiosity.

“Hmm… about this… youre still young right now.

There are many things you still dont understand.

Youll know once youre older, okay Lets go, Ill take you on a stroll elsewhere.” As the girl spoke, she left, pulling the boy with her.

She moved everywhere in an extremely energetic fashion.

The two of them were Xiao Jin and Xiao Ling.

Over a decade had passed, but they showed no changes at all.

The greatest difference was that Xiao Jin could now speak much more fluently.


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