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Chapter 1495: Secret of the Saint Weapons

During this past era of peace, Saint Rulers were hermit experts who rarely appeared before people even after centuries.

Yet, there were two Saint Rulers, wearing armor forged from tungsten alloy, kneeling respectfully like guards.

They did not even dare to breathe too loudly.

If this had happened in the past, it would have been enough to shock countless people.

Even right now, while the Tian Yuan Continent faced the threat of the foreign world, Saint Rulers still possessed an extraordinary status after both Saint Kings and Saint Emperors had all emerged.

To get a Saint Ruler to kneel willingly was virtually impossible.

Even Saint Emperors would not be able to achieve such a feat.

However, Jian Chen now possessed enough prestige for Saint Rulers to kneel for him.

Let alone Saint Rulers, even a few Saint Kings, who admired him, could not help but bend their prideful legs and yield to Jian Chen.

This was not because they had no pride.

Rather, what they felt was admiration for the powerful.

Not to mention the fact that Jian Chen was the only human to have surpassed Saint Emperor since Mo Tianyun.

Yang Lie, Guihai Yidao, and Feng Xiaotian could not be considered people of the Tian Yuan Continent, and when they had come down from the Saints World, their cultivation had fallen to Saint Emperor as well, unable to recover even now.

As a result, the three of them could only be considered half an Origin realm expert.

They were not true Origin realm experts.

“You can all rise,” Jian Chen gently said to the two rows of people.

His gaze was filled with mixed emotions.

He could not help but think of a moment in the past when he had been forced to remain in Mercenary City because of the Saint Rulers who were hunting him down.

At that time, Saint Rulers were indomitable existences in his eyes.

He did not even have the power to fight back or flee before them.

Yet now, he had become an existence that Saint Rulers would admire.

This filled him with amazement.

“Yes, sir!” The two rows of guards courteously replied together.

Only then did they slowly rise and step to the side while breathing quietly.

The two Saint Rulers would glance at Jian Chen from time to time, mad devotion filling their faces.

The two of them were not originally a part of the Flame Mercenaries, but many people had joined over the past dozen years due to their admiration for Jian Chen.

They then become the guards of the discussion hall in the city lords estate.

To them, being able to hold such a position was a great honor.

They viewed the job with pride.

This was because this hall was the place where the fate of the entire Flame Mercenaries could be determined, a place that could influence the entire Tian Yuan Continent.

This was because the important meetings of the Flame Mercenaries were all held in the discussion hall.

Every guard was overwhelmed by indescribably joy when they saw Jian Chen.

Jian Chens name had already reached their ears long ago.

They had only seen his sculpture and never him in the flesh.

Not only did they manage to see him today with their own eyes, but they were able to interact with him at such a close range.

Every single one of them was filled with great excitement.

“Hahaha, great-grandson, you went missing for over a dozen years.

If you still hadnt returned, the two girls would have sent people across the entire continent to search for you.” With a clear chuckle, Bi Hai walked in from outside with his two hands behind his back.

He seemed to be taking a casual stroll, but he crossed several hundred meters with each step.

He arrived inside the hall with just a few steps.

“Brother, youve finally returned!”

“Jian Chen!”

As soon as Bi Hai had entered the discussion hall, Bi Lian and You Yues joyful voices rang out.

The two girls charged in as quickly as they could.

They were ecstatic.

Afterward, Yun Zheng, Senior An, Wang Yifeng, Dugu Feng, Jiede Tai, and a few other members of the upper echelon hurried over from everywhere.

They all clasped their hands to Jian Chen before quietly standing to a side.

Jian Chen also smiled when he saw these people.

His smile was filled with warmth.

“My dear great-grandson, hows the revival of the Saint Weapons been The entire worlds been discussing this for the past decade.

Theres even quite a few old and powerful people whove come to ask for news, but theyve all left disappointed in the end.

Im your great-grandfather after all.

Even if you want to hide this from the entire world, you still have to tell me and satisfy me curiosity,” Bi Hai chuckled.

As Jian Chens senior, he obviously did not need to behave politely and carefully when speaking to Jian Chen.

“Brother, where have been for the past decade Youve made me and sister You Yue worry so much,” Bi Lian grumbled while clinging to one of Jian Chens arms.

Her voice was filled with blame and satisfaction.

You Yue stood to one side as she silently stared at Jian Chen.

She smiled, and in her gentle eyes, tears flashed.

Although it had been over a decade, even the weakest of the people present, Bi Lian, was a Saint Ruler.

They all possessed lifespans of several millennia, so such a short amount of time was not enough to leave any marks on them.

Everyone looked the same as before, including Bi Lian and You Yue.

Aside from everyone being more mature and steady-minded, there were no significant changes.

Jian Chen greeted everyone and asked how they were doing before telling them about the flaw regarding the revival of Saint Weapons.

He could sense that it would not be long until the third battle against the World of Forsaken Saints, so there was no longer any need to hide the flaw anymore.

Telling everyone would instead boost their confidence and morale.

Everyone in the discussion hall fell silent when they learned about the flaw of the revived Saint Weapons.

Even Bi Hai silently frowned.

On the Tian Yuan Continent, many people left behind Saint Weapons when they passed away.

Aside from helping their clansmen, many people did due to the slightest possibility of being revived.

Even though the chances were insignificant, there were still many people who left behind their Saint Weapons without any hesitation just to gamble on a second life.

However, what none of them could have known was that they would be turned into mindless puppets after being revived and that they would be controlled by the person who had revived them.

If all of them had learned that this would be the outcome of theirsecond life, would there have been so many people willing to leave behind their Saint Weapons to be controlled as puppets.

When experts at the Ninth Heavenly Layer did not leave behind their Saint Weapons, they made the choice to destroy them in their final moments of life.

After all, not everyone had clans.

There were many independent cultivators as well.

“Sigh, I never thought that the revived Saint Weapons would turn out like this.

I can imagine that there will be fewer and fewer Saint Weapons on the Tian Yuan Continent in the future if this matter makes it out to the public,” Bi Hai sighed after quite a long while.

His emotions were extremely mixed.


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