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Chapter 1493: The Fortune Jade Seat

“Master, I think the story from the fake Anatta Grand Prime is true.

It was extremely likely that the Anatta Grand Prime was ambushed by Ta Ji and Yan Zun after being heavily injured by the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt, which was why he died in the end.

Before he died, he used his abilities to project the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng and his Fortune Jade Seat here and also recorded his cultivation method in the seat, hence leaving behind his legacy.

This is because rarely anyone can enter the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng in the Saints World.

If he didnt do that, it is extremely likely that his lineage would have ended then.”

Jian Chen sank into his thoughts, and only after quite some time did he conclude, “If thats the case, the legacy of the Anatta Grand Prime should be true and some of what the fake Anatta Grand Prime said was probably what the Anatta Grand Prime left behind.

Obtaining the legacy to kill the Grand Prime Yan Zun is true, but the only thing we cannot believe is the comprehension of the Laws of Destruction.”


The comprehensions are extremely likely a scheme devised by the artifact spirit.

His intentions are likely to possess master.

Trying to possess people as an artifact spirit is forbidden.

Youll need to pay an unbelievable tremendous price, and with just the slightest carelessness, you will end up dispersing instead.

Has the artifact spirit lost his mind” Zi Ying mocked.

He was laughing at how naive the artifact spirit was.

“The artifact spirit sure has lived a very long time to think of things like that.

Hell never succeed as long as Zi Ying and I are here, and hasnt the fake Anatta Grand Prime realized that if she is urging master on too much, causing doubt to form instead” Qing Suo added scornfully.

“We still cant confirm whether shes the artifact spirit of the Anatta Tower or a fragment of the Grand Primes disciples soul.

However, I did happen to catch sight of something in the eyes of the fake that was very similar to the artifact spirit.

The artifact spirit uses the Laws of Destruction as well, so I think its most likely the artifact spirit.

I never thought that the artifact spirit would be able to survive after exploding the Immortal Emperors essence blood.” Jian Chen deduced.

He then thought about the black pearl he had stored away in a wooden box within his Space Ring and continued, “However, even if the artifact spirit is still alive, he is extremely weak.

Otherwise, itd be impossible for him not to move against me while I was rebuilding my body.

Its possible that hes so weak that he cant even deal with my soul, or he cant get through my line of defense.”

“If thats true, we dont have to worry about the artifact spirit at all.

Hes even weaker than Zi Ying and me right now, and under the current suppression of the tower, its basically impossible for the artifact spirit to recover.

And even if he recovers some strength after countless years, master, you will be able to kill him with a flick of your finger by then,” Qing Suo snickered.

She took joy in the miserable state that the artifact spirit had been reduced to.

Jian Chen did not think about the artifact spirit too much.

Even if he knew that the artifact spirit was still alive, he was unable to find where it was hiding.

After all, he had only refined the first layer of the Anatta Tower.

He only had a vague sense regarding the second to ninth floors, not seeing them as clearly as the first floor.

Regarding the pearl, it was extremely likely that it would try to take possession of Jian Chen, but he did not believe it was where the artifact spirit was hiding either.

“My top priority is to gain strength.

I dont have to fear anything once I am powerful enough,” thought Jian Chen.

He looked at the Fortune Jade Seat and slowly made his way to it before sitting down on it.

The seat was only a projection, but Jian Chen felt like he was sitting on the real thing.

A cool feeling radiated from the seat and permeated his body.

Not only did he feel at ease, even the circulation of his Chaotic Force seemed to speed up.

At the same time, a calming presence gushed into his head.

At that moment, he seemed to have entered a wondrous state of mind, where he felt like everything was clearing up.

The hazy, mysterious laws of the world were actually presented before him clearly, as if he could see the veins of the world.

“This Fortune Jade Seat really is good.

Sitting on it can indeed help people comprehend ways.

It has the same effect as Comprehension Tea.

If I cultivate here, my comprehension of the Way of the Sword will skyrocket,” Jian Chen thought, but he sighed soon after.

It was a pity that the seat was not the real thing, or he could move it out and sit on it everyday.

At this moment, a gentle force suddenly radiated from the seat.

Jian Chen felt like he was a tiny boat in the vast ocean before this gentle force, insignificant.

He was forcefully pushed off the seat as a vague voice rang through his consciousness.

“You are not fated! You are unable to obtain my legacy!”

The voice seemed masculine and feminine at the same time, both young and old.

It also sounded like the cries of insects or birds.

It seemed to contain all the sounds within the world, and all of them had fused together to form one voice.

“This is the Anatta Grand Primes voice!” Jian Chens expression changed slightly as he stood before the seat.

Surprise and doubt flooded his face as he closely recalled the voice that had just appeared in his soul.

A while later, a gleam of light flashed across Jian Chens eyes.

He sat on the seat once again.

He was not interested in the Anatta Grand Primes legacy at all since he cultivated the Chaotic Body.

Even if the Anatta Grand Primes cultivation method was heaven-defying, it was unsuitable for him.

What he really wanted was to cultivate on the seat and borrow the powers of the fortune jade to comprehend the Way of the Sword.

However, the same thing happened.

In less than ten seconds after sitting down, the gentle force appeared once again and pushed him off.

“You are not fated! You are unable to obtain my legacy!”

The Anatta Grand Primes voice rang in Jian Chens head once again.

It was hard to distinguish whether it was masculine or feminine, but it was impossible to discern the age of the speaker.

It possessed all the sounds of the world, having become a type of law itself.

It could reach the souls of people.

“Cant I just cultivate there” Jian Chen was unsettled.

He was left staring at such a great treasure before him, yet he was unable to use it, which filled him with regret.

The Fortune Jade Seat was just a projection, but it would still bring extremely great benefits while comprehending the Ways of the Sword, just like Comprehension Tea.

He did not have many Comprehension Tea Leaves left and each leaf only gave him an extremely limited period of time to spend comprehending the mysteries of the laws.

On the other hand, the seat before him was not limited by time, allowing him to comprehend for as long as he wished.

Jian Chen clenched his teeth.

He did not want to give up.

He sat on the seat once again, but this time, he only used it as a cushion.

He sealed off all his senses, preventing him from sensing the wonders within the seat, hoping he would not be kicked off.

This was because the cool presence from the seat would still enter his body as long as he sat on it.

In the end, he was unable to last more than three seconds, to his disappointment, even when he treated it as a seat.

The voice rang in his head a third time, and this time, it was as loud as a great bell.

It caused his soul to shake and was aggressive.

Jian Chen did not give up.

He thought of all the ideas he had and sat on the seat again.

Less than ten seconds later, he was pushed off by the gentle force again, and he immediately paled.

The fourth time the voice rang in his head was thunderous.

It jolted his soul violently, causing it to ache as if it was been ripped apart.

He suffered slight injuries to his soul.

“The more I try, the more powerful the voice becomes.

If I want to try cultivating on the seat again, the sound will be even more terrifying.

Itll be enough to heavily injure my soul or even shake it to pieces.

Looks like theres no hope for me to cultivate using this seat.” Jian Chen stood near the Fortune Jade Seat with a pale face as he stared at it.

He sighed inside and left in despair.

At the main entrance of the tower, Jian Chen raised his head and stared at the structure.

When he had come here this time, he had not planned on taking the tower itself.

He just wanted to find some treasures, or some of the wealth accumulated by the Anatta Grand Prime, so that he could strengthen himself.

What he had never thought he would obtain was the ability to refine the first layer of the tower after defeating the artifact spirit.

Though, he gained nothing more than that.

The Anatta Grand Prime had indeed left his wealth in the Anatta Tower, but it was all stored in a crack in space on the ninth floor.

Jian Chen was unable to retrieve them with his current strength.

“The Anatta Tower has a total of nine layers.

Ive only refined the first layer, so I can only use the basic controls of the structure.

I cant even use its power,” Jian Chen murmured.

His voice was filled with helplessness.

He extended his hand and watched the tower rapidly shrink.

It became the height of a finger and flew into his hand.

The sword slashes still remained on the tower, but they had shrunken with the structure.

Each slash shone with a bright light.

The suppression of the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt still remained.


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