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Chapter 1478: Into the Anatta Tower

Jian Chen stepped forward with the Azulet swords on his back, traveling through the flat land.

He became cautious after arriving in this huge region without many mist.

He was no longer as careless as before.

Within the mist, there were only the vicious spirits that he needed to pay attention to.

Some of the more powerful spirits were enough to threaten Saint Emperors or even kill them.

However, no matter how powerful those spirits were, they were unable to pose any harm to Origin realm experts because the strongest were only Saint Emperors.

However, this region without mist possessed something terrifying enough to kill Origin realm experts.

This was where the Anatta Tower stood.

Jian Chen advanced over thirty meters into the region and finally became stern.

He stared ahead as light flickered in his eyes.

Several dozen kilometers away from him, an ancient tower stood silently.

The tower was several hundred meters tall and seemed extremely ordinary, nothing really stood out besides the sword slashes that covered the structure.

Each sword slash was extremely deep, engraved into the tower, causing the ordinary-looking tower to appear extremely damaged and ruined.

At the same time, each slash seemed to flicker with light and release a powerful sword Qi from time to time.

The sword Qi was so powerful that it was enough to overwhelm the world.

Without any doubt, it possessed the power to destroy worlds.

Even Jian Chens heart leaped in fright when he sensed the sword Qi.

Jian Chen stopped where he was.

He stood there and stared at the tower for a while before sucking in a deep breath.

He slowly calmed down before walking over confidently.

Suddenly, the damaged tower began to tremble.

As the tower trembled, the space around it rippled.

It violently shook, obscuring the tower.

At the same time, visible waves of destructive power rapidly launched into the surroundings.

Wherever the waves passed, the space would wildly distort.

If it were not for the fact that the space where the tower stood was extraordinarily tough, far tougher than the space in the sea realm, probably just the ripples would have been enough for the entire region of space to collapse.

Jian Chens gaze became extremely sharp.

When he had come here with Yadriam before, the two of them had been forced away by these ripples.

Yet now, faced against the same ripples, he did not flee at all.

With a thought, the Zi Ying Sword flew into his hand as a streak of violet light.

He stabbed at the ripples with the swords.

The entire region was dyed violet as soon as he struck out.

A dazzling glow flickered on the sword as it radiated with surging sword Qi.

Jian Chen had fused his comprehension of the Way of the Sword into the attack, so it possessed the power of laws.

The strike possessed power no weaker than late Receival, even late Receival experts would pale if they had to receive the attack.


The Zi Ying Sword collided against the ripples with a shocking force, immediately erupting with a deep sound.

An even more terrifying ripple of energy exploded, surging into the surroundings as a storm of destruction.

It caused the earth to sink and crack, but when the energy surged toward the mist in the sky, it dispersed without getting close, as if it was a whole different world here, completely separate from the region of mist.

Jian Chens body jerked violently, but he remained where he was.

He did not stagger back at all.

However, his feet had sunk into the extremely hard earth.

At that moment, the entire ground several dozen kilometers away from Jian Chen sank three meters into the ground.

The earth became even tougher than before, akin to stone.

The slashes on the tower suddenly began to glow after the tower emitted that attack.

All hundred and eight slashes on the tower glowed with a dazzling light.

Thirty-six illusionary swords appeared and slowly revolved around the tower, suppressing it.

The tower shook constantly and deep sounds would ring out from time to time, as if it was resisting the seal.

However, it failed to produce a second wave.

A while later, the tower gradually trembled less violently before stopping all together.

The tower recovered its deathly silence from before, standing there without moving at all.

Jian Chen stared at the tower.

He held the Zi Ying Sword in his hand, which was still enshrouded by a violet glow.

When the tower calmed down, Jian Chen began to approach it once more.

The tower was heavily damaged, but its artifact spirit was still present.

The tower was still able to display unimaginable might while in the artifact spirits control.

Thus, it was impossible to approach even with the strength of an Origin realm expert.

Even Reciprocity experts would find it difficult to stay alive, but the tower was currently sealed by the Nirvanic Immortal Exalts slashes, limiting the might it could display.

Killing Jian Chen had become rather difficult.

The Anatta Tower no longer moved, as if it had completely settled down.

Even when Jian Chen arrived at its main entrance, it did not react at all.

Jian Chen gazed up at the damaged tower from the main entrance.

The tower was covered in a total of one hundred and eight sword slashes.

Each slash was several meters deep and they continued to shine even now.

They emitted surging sword Qi as thirty-six illusionary swords revolved around the structure in the air.

They seemed to possess trajectories that conformed to the world, exhibiting the power of laws.

Jian Chens eyes narrowed slightly.

He had secretly raised his vigilance to his limit.

The tower was quiet, but the operation of the seals told Jian Chen that the tower was not as calm as it seemed on the surface.

The door to the first layer of the tower had already been damaged.

The holes were patched up with a barrier condensed from powerful energy, creating a slightly illusory patchwork.

It seemed almost tangible.

At this moment, Jian Chen suddenly slashed out.

The Zi Ying Sword collided with the door, which immediately erupted with a deafening boom.

The Anatta Tower stood there unmoving while the damaged door did not even shake.

However, the glow from the patched up regions darkened slightly.


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