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Chapter 1477: Through the Mist

There were many vicious spirits in the mist.

Jian Chen came across over a thousand of them along his journey.

The spirits ranged from weak Saint Rulers to Saint Kings, even a few Saint Kings at Great Perfection.

But the spirits were unable to harm Jian Chen at all.

They could not even slow him down.

A faint glow permeated his surroundings.

He used the Way of the Sword to protect him, so even spirits at the Great Perfection of Saint King were unable to touch him.

As soon as they came in contact with the glow, they were immediately grinded into a white mist, which merged into the surrounding mist.

At this moment, Jian Chen suddenly came to a stop.

The next moment, he suddenly vanished.

When he had appeared again, he was a hundred meters away.

The space where he stood trembled before recovering in just a single moment, becoming as calm as before.

It was still enveloped by mist, but at a closer glance, the mist was slightly different than before.

The space in the Sea of Despair was extraordinarily unstable and would randomly teleport anything in it from time to time.

Any region could suddenly transport a person to another location within the sea realm.

Jian Chen advanced mindlessly through the Sea of Despair.

When he had first come here in search of the sea goddess divine hall, he was able to maintain a straight course because of the Abyssal Crystals guidance.

However, he had not come in search of the divine hall this time but the Anatta Tower.

He did not know where it was and in the Sea of Despair where it was almost impossible to find his bearings, Jian Chen could only try his luck.

The Anatta Tower was the famed god artifact of the Anatta Grand Prime from the Saints World.

Even with the entire Saints World in perspective, the Anatta Grand Prime ranked among the top three of all Grand Primes.

In the past, only the Grand Prime of the warring gods could truly keep the Anatta Grand Prime at bay.

Meanwhile, it was extremely likely that the Anatta Tower possessed all the wealth of the Anatta Grand Prime, which really tempted Jian Chen.

Any single item from a Grand Prime would probably be enough to overshadow everything Jian Chen had gained from the Xuanhuan Microcosm.

As a result, Jian Chen planned on taking the Anatta Tower to raise his strength as quickly as possible during this crucial period of time.

The Anatta Tower possessed an artifact spirit.

If the tower was still in perfect condition, Jian Chen would have never had these thoughts, but not only had the tower been heavily damaged by the Nirvanic Immortal Exalt, but it was also covered by his seals, preventing the tower from recovering after all these years and forcing it to grow weaker.

“The sword spirits said in the past that I could only enter the Anatta Tower after I had reached the seventh layer of the Chaotic Body.

The fifth layer of the Chaotic Body is at the Third Heavenly Layer of Saint Emperor.

I guess the sixth layer should be around the Sixth or Seventh Heavenly Layer while the seventh layer is at Receival.

My Chaotic Body may still only be at the fifth layer, but my true strength is no less than Receival with my comprehension of the Way of the Sword and the Azulet swords.

I possess the strength equivalent to the battle prowess of the seventh layer, so I should be able to enter the Anatta Tower now,” Jian Chen thought.

He was filled with anticipation.

The requirements for entering the Anatta Tower and absorbing the Yinyang Saint Rock were different.

The Anatta Tower required battle prowess, which Jian Chen had already attained, while the Yinyang Saint Rock had nothing to do with battle prowess since it was absorbing the Supreme Yang Qi and Supreme Yin Qi.

He needed his Chaotic Force and Body at a corresponding level to withstand it.

Suddenly, the mist before Jian Chen began to violently surge.

A pair of eyes appeared before Jian Chen.

The eyes were extremely bright, glistening like gemstones.

They were particularly eye-catching in the mist.

“A Saint Emperor vicious spirit!” Jian Chens eyes lit up as he stared at the eyes in interest.

This was the first time he had come across a Saint Emperor vicious spirit after entering the Sea of Despair.

Vaguely, he could even see the consolidated body of the vicious spirit.

This spirit was clearly not the same as the one he and Yadriam had met before.

It did not hesitate at all when it saw Jian Chen, immediately roaring at him.

Jian Chens advance did not slow.

He used two of his fingers as a sword and a sword Qi that was just over a meter long immediately condensed.

It shone with dazzling light as sword Qi permeated the surroundings.

The mist in the surroundings actually thinned.

Jian Chen gently slashed at the vicious spirit charging toward him with his sword Qi.

The spirit immediately produced a chilling shriek when it was hit, having been cleaved in half.

The sword Qi clearly caused it great damage.

Its consolidated body of mist immediately became extremely thin.

When Jian Chen slashed out a second time, the vicious spirit collapsed after emitting another chilling shriek.

It dispersed as mist.

Jian Chen advanced through the Sea of Despair aimlessly.

He had completely lost his sense of direction.

He would encounter teleporting space from time to time and would avoid them most of the time, preventing him from being sent away.

However, Jian Chen was unable to dodge a few instances since the teleported region was relatively larger and would end up in a random area within the Sea of Despair.

There was no day or night in Sea of Despair, so it was impossible to sense the passing of time.

Jian Chen did not know how long he had traveled either.

He killed countless vicious spirits and had even come across quite a few Saint Emperor spirits, but they were all slain by him.

Jian Chen came across quite a few regions that housed the Immortal Emperors remains.

Even though they had been there for countless years, the blood had not dried and had never ran out of life.

Even with Jian Chens current strength, he felt shocked from the terrifying killing intent hidden within the remains.

He was unable to approach them at all.

At this moment, the space before Jian Chen suddenly opened up.

The obscuring mist vanished, and he had arrived in a clear world.

He seemed to have entered a whole different world all together.

The thinner the mist was in the Sea of Despair, the more dangerous it was.

However, the region where Jian Chen stood did not have any mist at all for a radius of several dozen meters.

However, Jian Chen rejoiced when he saw this region.

His eyes lit up in a single moment because he had come here before.

This was the place where the Anatta Tower stood.

“Ive finally found it,” Jian Chen murmured.

Finding this place in the disorienting Sea of Despair was extremely difficult.


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