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Chapter 1457: Seven Colors of the Soulcore (Two)

“Theres actually this much origin energy here.

Its absolutely astounding.

The origin energy here is enough to create several hundred Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters,” the president of the Radiant Saint Master Union emotionally commented.

However, the president and grand elder became completely stunned at this very moment.

Their eyes became as wide as bells and were fixated on something at the center of the room.

They had become dazed.

A head-sized white orb hovered there.

Pure strands of origin energy surged within it, turning into thick mist, which obscured the orb.

It would have been very difficult to discover the orb if they had not been looking around carefully.

The president and grand elder were unable to look away once they had discovered the head-sized orb.

They were enraptured.

Only a while later did they move their feet with numb faces, subconsciously moving toward the orb.

Soon, they slowly extended their trembling hands toward it.

The moment they touched the orb, their bodies immediately jerked as they became overwhelmed with shock.

The head-sized orb that constantly surged with origin energy was actually completely condensed from Radiant Saint Force origin energy.

The amount hidden within it was so tremendous that it was unimaginable.

The president and grand elder stood there in a daze.

Even with their mental fortitude, they were completely speechless from the shock.

Only after a while did they finally return to their senses.

They both gasped while the gazes used to examine the orb continued to bear some uncontainable shock and disbelief.

“Jian Chen, are you currently Class 7 or Class 8” The grand elder looked at Jian Chen, still shaken.

A gleam of light flickered through his eyes.

He was filled with great anticipation.

Jian Chen smiled mysteriously and raised his right hand.

A strand of milky-white light suddenly appeared at the tip of his finger.

It was not normal Radiant Saint Force but a strand of origin energy.

The only difference was that the origin energy Jian Chen had used did not originate from his forehead, it had appeared from his finger.

At the same time, the strand of origin energy was just far more powerful than the Radiant Saint Force origin energy used by the president and grand elder.

The president and grand elders eyes suddenly narrowed.

They became fixated on the strand of origin energy on Jian Chens fingertip.

They gradually became overwhelmed with excitement.

“Class 8! Class 8! This is the origin energy possessed by Class 8 Radiant Saint Masters!” The president involuntarily exclaimed as his eyes began to burn with interest.

Even the grand elder behaved the same.

All Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters desired to reach the 8th Class before they passed away, just like how Saint Rulers desired to become Saint Kings and how Saint Kings wanted to become Saint Emperors.

The only pity was that the world did not possess natural Radiant Saint Force origin energy, so reaching the 8th Class was almost impossible.

Even in ancient times, only a single Class 8 Radiant Saint Master had appeared, and he had only broken through successfully by using the saint artifact.

“The second Class 8 Radiant Saint Master has finally appeared on the Tian Yuan Continent.” The grand elder signed emotionally.

His eyes were filled with extremely mixed emotions as he gazed at Jian Chen.

The Tian Yuan Continent had never seen a person who was both a fighter and a Radiant Saint Master, yet not only had the person right before them surpassed Saint Emperor and become the sovereign of the humans, but he had even reached the 8th Class with his Radiant Saint Force, becoming the second Class 8 Radiant Saint Master in all of history.

Suddenly, the presidents face changed.

He excitedly asked Jian Chen, “Jian Chen, since youre a Class 8 Radiant Saint Master now, do you have the power to revive Saint Weapons”

Jian Chens face sank, and he gently shook his head.

He sighed, “A corresponding secret method is required to revive Saint Weapons.

Although Ive obtained a part of it from the artifact space, its incomplete.

Its not enough to revive Saint Weapons.

President, grand elder, does the union have this secret method”

The president and the grand elder both sighed.

Despair filled their faces.

The president said, full of pity, “Our union does not have such a powerful secret method, and according to my understanding, that Class 8 Radiant Saint Master in the ancient times could not revive Saint Weapons either.

Its evident that the great Radiant Saint Master did not possess the complete secret method either.”

Jian Chen fell silent.

He was extremely disappointed.

Reaching Class 8 as a Radiant Saint Master did not increase his strength at all.

The only attraction that had caught his eye was the ability to revive Saint Weapons, yet now, he did not even have the complete method.

Reaching Class 8 was basically pointless.

Jian Chen temporarily left the saint artifact in the union and let the president and grand elder cultivate inside.

He hoped they could reach the 8th Class as well.

Not only was Class 8 their dream cultivation level, but their lifespans would dramatically increase once they reached it as well.

Other than that, Jian Chen let the Class 6 Radiant Saint Master he had befriended in the past, Quan Youcai, into the artifact space as well.

He even mentioned that the first young lady of the Kara clan, Kara Liwei, would be able to enter the artifact space to cultivate as well.

Jian Chen only stayed at the union for a few hours before leaving.

He made his way to the Fragrance River outside the city all by himself.

He stood by the river and stared blankly at the surface of the water.

He could not help but think of everything that had happened in the past.

Not only had he experienced an intense battle on Fragrance River, but he had even met fairy Hao Yue there, allowing his fiancee, You Yue, to become her disciple.

“The Fragrance River carries a period of deep memories.

I wonder how much longer this familiar river, these familiar riverbanks, and these boats can last.” Jian Chen sighed emotionally after a long time.

Eventually, he shot into the sky as a violet streak of light, disappearing into the horizon in the blink of an eye.

Jian Chen returned to Flame City on the Zi Ying Sword.

He greeted You Yue, Bi Lian, and his old friends before making his way to the back courtyard of the city lords estate.

There were no guards there, only silence.

A single divine hall stood there, radiating with a hazy glow, like gentle moonlight.

Even the resplendent light from the sun in the sky was unable to obscure the glow.

“Jian Chen has come to visit fairy Hao Yue!” Jian Chen stood at the entrance of the Bright Moon Divine Hall and clasped his hands at the structure.

“Come in!”

As fairy Hao Yues voice rang out, the doors to the divine hall slowly sprung open.

A cool presence immediately gushed out of the divine hall.

Jian Chen stepped into the divine hall with the Azulet swords on his back.

He reached the top floor of the grand hall.

It was empty aside from the throne that stood on one end of the room.

At this moment, fairy Hao Yues illusionary figure silently appeared with a flash of light.

She sat on the throne at the end of the room and looked down at Jian Chen from above.

Her eyes were bright and carried some appreciation for him.

“Jian Chen greets fairy Hao Yue!” Jian Chen bowed at her.

He did not mind how fairy Hao Yue sat high above him.

He was not even a fraction of her age and she was also the master of his fiancee, You Yue.

She had also assisted him in the past, trapping the Changyang protector clan.

Thus, he needed to bow when greeting her no matter what.


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