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Chapter 1433: The Fifth Layer of the Chaotic Body (Two)

“I hope this energy crystal can help me reach the fifth layer of the Chaotic Body successfully,” Jian Chen murmured to himself as he gazed at the energy crystal in his hand.

This was one of the two Class 10 Xuanhuang beast energy crystals he had obtained back in the Xuanhuang Microcosm.

“Back then, I was too weak and lacked an understanding of the Origin realm, so it was difficult for me to distinguish energy crystals beyond the 9th Class.

Now that I look at it, this energy crystal is nowhere near the 10th Class.

Its at least a Class 11 or even a Class 12 crystal, and this was also the weaker energy crystal out of the two I obtained.

The other energy crystal must have reached the 13th Class at the very least,” Jian Chen gently rubbed the energy crystal with his thumb.

His eyes grew brighter and brighter as they became filled with his eagerness.

If it were not for the Icesoul, Jian Chen would not have chosen to absorb one of the two most powerful energy crystals he had ever obtained, because he was not confident that one would be enough for him to break through.

The energy crystal was of an extremely high quality, but it was akin to monster cores after all.

The benefits it could bring were nothing like the Icesoul or the high grade Violet Cloud Peaches, so even if he absorbed it, he would not break through.

However, he had now reached the peak of the fourth layer with the Icesoul.

This was the best moment for him to make a breakthrough.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and slowly calmed himself.

He immediately gathered his concentration and devoted himself to refining the energy crystal in his hand.

He planned to reach the fifth layer in a single stroke.

The fifth layer of the Chaotic Body was extremely significant to Jian Chen.

Not only would it drastically increase his strength, but it would give him the ability to refine the Yinyang Saint Rock.

Seven days later, a loud crack finally rang out.

Jian Chen was filled with eagerness.

A ball of extremely terrifying Chaotic Force filled his body, and at that moment, his body suddenly began to swell.

He became a giant, as if he had been blown up like a balloon.

Every breakthrough of the Chaotic Body would be equivalent to the chaotic neidan shattering, and each shattering would bring tremendous pain.

The muscles on Jian Chens face twitched as his forehead became covered with cold sweat in a single moment.

His face had already paled.

Even though his chaotic neidan had already shattered several times before, he still found the ripping pain unbearable.

However, Jian Chen was willing to accept a great increase in strength for bearing with the intense pain.

Vast amounts of Chaotic Force rampaged through Jian Chens body before slowly being compressed.

Virtually at every moment, the Chaotic Force within Jian Chens body shrank, undergoing a process of compression, slowly changing his fourth layer Chaotic Force to the fifth layer.

At the same time, Jian Chens body endured the battering of the strengthened Chaotic Force.

His flesh also toughened at a visible rate, becoming even more powerful.

This process lasted for several days and Jian Chen finally reached the fifth layer of the Chaotic Body.

Both the toughness of his body and his Chaotic Force had increased in quality.

The chaotic neidan in his dantian had been reduced to the size of a soybean once again.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes.

He sensed the strengthened Chaotic Force in his chaotic neidan and could not help but smile.

He was filled with joy.

The energy crystal in his hand had not been fully absorbed.

He had only used a third of the energy present.

“My chaotic neidan is too small right now.

The Chaotic Force stored inside is limited.

Although the Chaotic Force will be consumed very slowly, the next wave of invasions from the World of Forsaken Saints should not be too far off.

At that time, the battle will definitely be even more intense and even more difficult,” Jian Chen pondered.

He chose to continue his secluded cultivation and continued to refine the energy crystal in his hand.

A few more days passed and the energy crystal in Jian Chens hands finally disappeared.

However, he now needed several times or even more than ten times the amount of energy now that he had reached the fifth layer, so the amount of Chaotic Force he managed to refine from the remaining two-thirds of the energy crystal was extremely limited.

It had only increased his chaotic neidan to the size of one and a half soybeans.


The further I progress, the more energy I require.

When my Chaotic Body was still at the fourth layer, a single Icesoul was enough to make me reach the peak of the fourth layer.

I probably need ten of them to reach the peak of the fifth layer.

If I want to reach the sixth layer, probably even a hundred wont be enough…” Jian Chen sighed inside.

The Chaotic Body really was very powerful, but there was endless pangs of pain behind its strength.

“However, I have truly become a Saint Emperor now.

I have the battle prowess of a Saint Emperor without my comprehension of the Way of the Sword and without the Azulet swords.

If I use the Way of the Sword, there should be no Saint Emperors that can hold their ground against me.

If I use the Azulet swords as well…” Jian Chen wondered.

Only a while later did he think, “I should be able to battle against the clone of the Spiritking.

However, his comprehension of the Way of the Sword is greater than mine…”

“The Spiritking…” Jian Chen felt very pressured as soon as he thought about the Spiritking, because he was just too powerful.

He had sent just a single clone, yet it required Xiao Ling, the sea goddess, and him to work together to fend off.

If he had come personally, even all the power this world possessed would not be enough to stop him.

Although the world had gained two Origin realm experts, Yang Lie and Guihai Yidao, while the eight other founding ancestors of the still not awakened, Jian Chen understood that their strength had fallen from the Origin realm to Saint Emperor after all.

Even with the assistance of their saint artifacts, they were Receival experts at most.

The disparity against the Spiritking was just far too great, so they would not be much help in an actual battle against him.

This was unless they recovered their peak strength and reached the Origin realm again.

And even if they returned to the Origin realm in terms of strength, there were other Origin realm experts in the World of Forsaken Saints aside from the Spiritking, and they outnumbered Jian Chens world by quite a lot.

“I can now absorb the Yin and Yang Qi from the Yinyang Saint Rock, but I need the assistance of the Heavenly Enchantress.

Sigh…” Jian Chens head ached.

He became filled with helplessness as soon as he recalled the Heavenly Enchantress.

He gently shook his head and opened the rooms door.

As soon as the door was opened, Jian Chen saw his sister seated there.

He evidently became stunned.

Changyang Mingyue sensed his emergence as well and stood up.

She looked at him and became surprised.

She said, “Brother, youve absorbed the ten-thousand-year-old Icesoul so quickly Are you sure you havent hidden it away in your Space Ring” Changyang Mingyue suddenly became stern.

She said seriously, “Brother, you have to listen to me.

You have to absorb the entirety of the Icesoul, or I wont let you leave here.”


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