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Chapter 1418: The Submission of Class 8 Magical Beasts


This is impossible.

Once you reach Class 8, each Heavenly Layer is extremely difficult to attain, and at Class 9, its even more difficult.

Since you have only just become a Saint Emperor, its impossible for you to break through the First Heavenly Layer and reach a higher level of cultivation.” The gold-robed old man was in a daze.

Even though he was filled with despair, he also found it very difficult to believe that Nubis strength had increased so quickly even after reaching Class 9 not too long ago.

Nubis smiled even wider when he saw how dejected the old man had become.

He was in great spirits.

He had learned long ago that there was an extremely powerful Golden-Striped Silver Snake hiding on the Beast God Continent, which was why he had always remained hidden on the outskirts of the Cross Mountains.

He did not join the Gilligan clan within the mountains, primarily to avoid the threat on the Beast God Continent.

This was because he had only been a Class 7 Magical Beast before.

He possessed a natural sense of dread and fear for the old snake he had only heard about on the Beast God Continent, extremely worried that the old snake would secretly make his way to the Tian Yuan Continent and deal with him.

This was why Nubis had chosen to hide in the outskirts of the Cross Mountains.

It was closest to Mercenary City, so he could flee into the city if the old snake really did come.

In a sense, the old snake on the Beast God Continent burdened his heart like an invisible mountain, maintaining a great psychological pressure.

He even moved around carefully at all times, afraid that the news of him being a Golden-Striped Silver Snake would be learned by even more people.

Afterward, the old snake on the Beast God Continent snuck his way onto the Tian Yuan Continent when the Beast God Continent attacked and was slain by the grand elder of Mercenary City, who he obtained the corpse from.

After devouring the old snakes hidden essence, he inherited a small portion of the snakes memory.

He had learned that there was actually an even more powerful old snake on the Beast God Continent, and the snake that had been killed by Tian Jian had always been controlled by the stronger, older snake.

Nubis heart sank once he had learned this.

He feared the more powerful snake even more.

He had also decided that the Beast God Continent was a region he would never set foot on in his life.

Yet now, as he gazed at the snake that had once made him fear and burdened him mentally, who was laying powerlessly in his hands, he was immediately overwhelmed by an indescribably sense of delight.

He was tempted to roar out in joy in that moment.

“Its a pity that the medicine that I had spent great efforts in nurturing died on the Tian Yuan Continent, or I would have become a Saint Emperor,” the gold-robed old man murmured as regret filled his face.

At this moment, the eight Class 8 Magical Beasts who had pursued Nubis before all erased their presences and began to silently back off.

They wanted to escape.

The eight of them were all utterly terrified, where not even a shred of blood remained on their faces.

They trembled gently all over as their hearts became filled with an intense fear.

Some of them had even become filled with regret.

They all cursed how Nubis was a powerful Class 9 expert, yet he had disguised himself as a Class 7 Magical Beast just to fool them, leading the eight of them to recklessly chase a Class 9 Magical Beast across half the continent.

If they had known that Nubis was a Class 9 Magical Beast, they would not have chased him even if they were a hundred times braver.

Nubis narrowed his eyes and his lips curled into a sneer.

He slowly turned his head to the eight magical beasts trying to flee and said, “Little brats, youve chased the great Nubis for so long.

Why do you plan on running off silently now”

The eight magical beasts immediately froze when they heard Nubis.

All their hearts skipped a beat and they all revealed extremely ugly faces, along with some despair.

Extending a finger, a silver thread shot out from its tip as Nubis tied up the eight of them.

He chuckled aloud, “You brats, Ill get to you after I deal with this old snake.”

Afterward, Nubis killed the gold-robed old man mercilessly and used a secret technique to devour his essence.

This was the third time Nubis had devoured the essence of another Golden-Striped Silver Snake.

The one he had devoured previously possessed the strength of a Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint King.

He had only been a Saint Ruler when he had devoured it and the disparity in strength had just been far too great.

This was why Nubis expended an extremely lengthy period to devour all the essence but also why his strength had increased by leaps and bounds.

Now that Nubis was a Saint Emperor, devouring the essence of the old snake who was only at the Great Perfection of Saint King would not increase his power, but it would strengthen his own essence by quite a bit, bringing him great benefits.

Nubis flickered with a faint, golden light all over after draining the old snakes essence.

His strength remained the same as before, but his presence had vaguely strengthened.

Afterward, Nubis looked at the eight Class 8 Magical Beasts and snickered, “Its your turn now.

Youve chased the great Nubis for so long, so how should I deal with all of you”

The hearts of the eight magical beasts tightened.

Some of them immediately dropped their knees and bowed their heads.

An odd smile appeared cross Nubis face as he looked around at the eight magical beasts trapped in his silver thread.

After a moment of thought, he said, “Whatever.

You may have chased me halfway across the continent, but if that did not happen, it would have been impossible to draw out this old snake.

Your lives may be spared, but there will still be punishment.

From today on, I, the great Nubis, am your lord.

Do you have any disagreements”

Spared with their lives intact, the eight magical beasts beamed with joy.

They all hurriedly exclaimed, “We thank the great Nubis for sparing our lives.

From today on, we are willing to obey the great Nubis commands.” They were extremely ecstatic.

The punishment Nubis had mentioned did not seem like punishment at all in their eyes.

Instead, it was a blessing that many large tribes dreamed of.

The brutality of the Beast God Continent surpassed the Tian Yuan Continent.

Conflict would often occur between organizations with Class 8 Magical Beasts and the fall of clans was a common sight.

Although they were protected by the three great experts of the continent, they never interfered with the conflict of others, because there were countless organizations of all different shapes and sizes in the territory they controlled.

Even the destruction of a large organization would not garner too much attention.

However, Nubis was different.

From their understanding, Nubis had just reached Class 9, yet he possessed strength greater than regular Class 9 Magical Beasts.

He just happened to not be in control of any organizations, so if the eight of them yielded, they would become his first wave of power.

They would naturally be particularly favored, allowing them to possess extraordinary statuses.

Nubis smiled in satisfaction.

He waved his hand and said, “You can go.

As for the clansmen back in your tribes, their lives have not been threatened.

Ive only knocked them out, so they should have awakened by now.

Oh yeah, once you go back, dont forget to raise a statue of me, the Great Nubis, in your tribes.

The statue has to be made out of pure gold.

Only that is suitable for my great status.”

The eight magical beasts all furiously nodded.

They all raised their heads to look at Nubis carefully, burning his appearance into their minds.

After the eight of them had left, Nubis rolled up one of his wide sleeves.

It immediately revealed his golden arm, and on his arm, a vague golden layer of light rotated on its surface.

A special patterning covered his entire arm.

In detail, the special pattern was actually similar to scales, but they were not very similar to snake scales.

They had not consolidated right now, so they were very blurry, as if they had not grown properly yet.


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