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Chapter 1417: Devastation

The old man paled.

Not even a shred of blood was left on his face.

He was scared witless now that Nubis had displayed his presence as a Class 9 Magical Beast, because he was also a Golden-Striped Silver Snake.

He knew too well what the outcome of two snakes meeting each other would be.

Without any hesitation, the old man immediately turned around and fled into the distance as quickly as he could.

At the same time, he used a secret technique.

He vomited a mouthful of blood and immediately became much more haggard.

He paid the price of heavily injuring himself in exchange for supreme speed to flee the area.

He wanted to disappear before Nubis could even react.

He did not use a Space Gate because creating one would take some time.

He would be looking to die if he tried using a Space Gate to flee from a Class 9 Magical Beast.

Nubis sneered, “I, the great Nubis, have endured such a great embarrassment.

I endured the pursuit of these Class 8 Magical Beasts across half of the continent only to draw you out of your nest after quite some difficulty.

If you flee, wouldnt that mean I did all that for nothing”

Nubis did not pursue the gold-robed old man.

He just sneered.

Extending a finger, he immediately shot out a golden stream of light, which traveled toward the old man who had vanished into the horizon at unbelievable speed.

The golden light was only as thick as a finger.

Up close, through the hazy golden light, a golden thread was visible inside.

It was only as thick as a chopstick, but it hid shocking amounts of energy.

The golden thread pierced through space and disappeared.

It seemed to be able to break the limitations of space and move through time, catching up with the old man in a single moment.

Afterward, it expanded into a huge net, enveloping the old man.

The old mans face changed.

He roared at the sky and immediately began to shine with a golden light.

There was a faint layer of blood-red within it.

A terrifying pulse of energy shook the surroundings, causing the space around him to tremble violently, almost shattering.

He threw a punch at the sky, shattering the space while a terrifying amount of energy condensed into a huge punch, striking the huge golden net.

He wanted to smash through the net.

The old man paled even more after the punch.

He knew extremely well what the outcome waiting for him was as soon as he was caught by Nubis, so not only did he explode with all his strength as a Saint King at Great Perfection, he had even used a supreme secret technique by burning his own essence blood.

The punch he had just thrown was at the cost of his essence blood as well.

The old man did not care about what the punch did.

He continued to burn his essence blood, enduring the consequence of heavy injuries to wildly flee.

He knew that it was impossible for him to be faster than a Saint Emperor with his strength at Great Perfection.

Only by burning his blood to move at speeds beyond what his strength offered did he have a tiny chance of surviving.

The golden punch shattered space, causing all the space it moved through to crack.

It struck the falling net with a devastating presence.

The collision of the net and punch did not result in any great boom.

However, the net ended up bulging because of the punch.

The old mans shocking attack at the cost of his essence blood had failed to disperse the net.

“You dare to resist the great Nubis, even as a mere Class 8 Magical Beast” Nubis sneered from afar.

A golden thread on his finger was connected to the net, and with a single thought, the net immediately began to shrink, enveloping the fist and quickly wearing away the energy within it.

At the same time, another golden thread separated from the net.

With the net as its origins, it stabbed into empty space and disappeared.

It moved through the void, completely ignoring the distance between it and the old man and catching up to him in a single moment.

The old man clearly sensed the golden thread pursuing him as well.

His face immediately changed, becoming horrendous.

However, the golden thread shot over like an arrow and did not give the old man any time to react.

It stabbed into his back with a faint golden glow, piercing him and passing through his chest.

Afterward, it immediately began to wrap around him again and again, tying him up like a badly-wrapped present.

At this moment, the thin golden thread had already extended several dozen kilometers away.

It had crossed an entire region of space, reaching from the eastern horizon into the western.

If someone stood at its center, it would have been impossible for them to see what the two ends were connected to.

In such a short moment of time, the gold man had managed to flee several dozen kilometers.

While the golden thread did not actually pass through the void of space, it moved just far too quickly.

Nubis tugged his finger and the tightly-wrapped old man was immediately pulled over to him from the horizon.

Nubis could not help but laugh aloud as he stared at the ashen old man, “Old bastard, can you still be arrogant now To think that you wanted to devour the great Nubis essence and reach Class 9.”

“Y- youre a Golden-Striped Silver Snake who has just reached Class 9.

Experts who have just reached Class 9 may be much more powerful than me, but I am not completely helpless against them either.

Ill be able to fend off a few attacks at the very least.

Have you reached Class 9 recently Impossible.

Ive never heard of another Class 9 expert aside from the three on the Beast God Continent.”

Nubis chuckled aloud, “I may have just reached Class 9, but who would have ever thought that I had a great brother.

With my brothers help, Im no longer any ordinary Class 9 Magical Beast, even if Ive just reached it.

How can you be my opponent with your mere peak Class 8 strength”


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