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Chapter 1416: You’re Actually Class 9!

The gold-robed old man was extremely ecstatic.

His eyes burned with desire as an urgent eagerness welled up within him.

This was the attraction of the 9th Class.

Once he reached Class 9, he would be like the Saint Emperors on the Tian Yuan Continent.

He would stand above countless people.

Even across the entire Beast God Continent, there were only three Class 9 Magical Beasts.

Every single one of them ruled an entire region of the continent and reigned supreme there.

More importantly, the gold-robed old man was almost at the end of his six-thousand-year lifespan.

If he did not make a breakthrough, he would not have much time left, so the 9th Class possessed a fatal attraction to him.

Not only would it allow him to become the fourth esteemed champion of the continent, but it also represented four thousand years of life as well.

After that, the gold-robed old man learned the exact location of the peak Class 7 Golden-Striped Silver Snake from the skinny old man before leaving through a Space Gate.

Over ten million kilometers away, Nubis continued to flee ‘desperately’ in his original form.

Every time the powerful experts behind him were about to catch up, he would always flash with a golden light and explode with speed, shooting off into the distance at an unbelievable rate and immediately pulling far away from the people behind him.

His jump in speed would make all the Class 8 experts clench their fists in anger, but they were without any other choices.

Along the way, Nubis would always stop temporarily and cause mayhem for any organization with a Class 8 expert he came across, as if he was afraid that there was not enough Class 8 Magical Beasts behind him.

This lead to an increase from the initial five that tailed him to eight.

“Why is this Golden-Striped Silver Snake so hard to deal with He’s used his secret technique countless times along the way, but he doesn’t seem to show any signs of exhaustion at all.

He’s still brimming with vigor.

Does the secret technique he use not cause him any harm or exhaustion” Similar thoughts crossed the minds of the eight Class 8 experts multiple times.

The eight of them had used everything they had, every method that could immobilize people, along the way, but these abilities that could even temporarily freeze experts of the same class did not have any effect on the peak Class 7 snake at all.

The Class 7 Golden-Striped Silver Snake was just far too difficult to catch.

Some of the Class 8 Magical Beasts even wanted to stop chasing him.

However, whenever they thought about how the damned Nubis had used his venom to attack their clansmen without any reason, they would immediately clench their teeth again and their eyes would redden with anger.

They continued their endless pursuit of Nubis.

“Once I catch him, I’ll peel his skin, eat his flesh, and drink his blood…”

“So what if he’s a beast of antiquity If I catch him, I’ll definitely make him wish he was better off dead…”

“God dammit.

This Golden-Striped Silver Snake is clearly only at the peak of Class 7, but it’s provoked all of us without any fear.

This is abnormal.

Does this snake have some kind of scheme And regarding his strength, maybe he’s not the peak of Class 7 like he seems on the surface.

Maybe he reached Class 8 long ago.” None of the Class 8 Magical Beasts were dim-witted.

They discovered something off very soon, but they still did not give up the pursuit.

“Hahaha, now I’ve surely created a large enough disturbance.

Eight Class 8 experts pursuing a peak Class 7 beast of antiquity will definitely cause quite the commotion on the Beast God Continent.

It’ll spread as quickly as it can.

I just wonder if that old snake has received the news,” Nubis thought.

He appeared desperate, but he did not even glance at the Class 8 Magical Beasts behind him.

He moved forward without any specific direction, running wherever there was a city or a tribe, as long as there were a lot of magical beasts.”

“God dammit, if that old snake just happens to be in seclusion and hasn’t received the new, do I, the Great Nubis, have to just continue like this” Nubis thought of a terrible possibility soon afterward.

His head immediately began to ache.

But, at that moment, the space several dozen kilometers away from him began to violently distort.

A Space Gate rapidly formed.

Before a figure was even visible, a powerful presence leaked out, actually causing the space several hundred kilometers away to ripple.

The energy of the world there seemed to stop moving.

The range of the extremely powerful presence included Nubis and the eight Class 8 Magical Beasts behind him.

It immediately caused the eight of them to slow down.

A gleam of interest flashed through Nubis’ eyes.

He suddenly turned his head toward the Space Gate several dozen kilometers away and purposefully slowed down.

The Class 8 Magical Beasts behind all became shocked and stopped pursuing one by one.

They all stared in the direction of the Space Gate.

The presence was just far too powerful.

They immediately felt like they were carrying a huge mountain on their back when the presence engulfed them, causing their bodies to grow heavier.

Even the space around them seemed to be pressured by the presence, causing it to feel like mud and making movements extraordinarily difficult.

“The peak of Class 8.

This is an expert at the peak of Class 8!” A four-meter-tall man cried out.

He became very stern.

He was the huge white bear that Nubis had provoked.

As soon as he finished speaking, an old man in gold robes and golden hair slowly stepped out of the Space Gate.

In his cold, ruthless gaze, there was a condescending presence, as if he was a lord that stood in heaven and reigned above life.

However, the old man truly did possess that status on the Beast God Continent.

He was a beast of antiquity and had reached the Great Perfection of Saint King.

Aside from the three Class 9 experts, there was no one who could defeat him.

The moment Nubis saw the old man, he immediately became overjoyed.

His eyes burned with desire, as if the old man was not a peak Class 8 expert but a glistening treasure.

At the same time, the old man caught sight of Nubis several dozen kilometers away.

His eyes became filled with the same light that was filling Nubis’ eyes, also becoming overjoyed with a burning desire.

The old man took a single step, and with the slight rippling of space around him, he immediately vanished.

When he reappeared, he was already several dozen kilometers away, right in Nubis’ way.

He looked at Nubis greedily as he said in excitement, “He’s right, he’s right.

It really is a peak Class 7 Golden-Striped Silver Snake.

Thank the heavens for siding with me!”

The eight Class 8 Magical Beasts stopped quite far away.

They looked at the gold-robed old man in fear and respect.

Even though they were filled with hatred for Nubis and were tempted to immediately kill Nubis off since he had stopped running away, they dared not to step forward.

The Golden-Striped Silver Snake that was several thousand meters long had vanished from the sky, replaced by Nubis in human form.

He had returned to being a handsome young man with golden robes and hair.

He stared at the old man as his eyes burned with desire.

His lips curled into an odd malevolent smile.

“Old bastard, I, the great Nubis, have finally lured you out.

I never thought that your strength would be so great, having already reached the peak of Class 8 and only a step away from Class 9,” Nubis sneered.

With that, the eight Class 8 experts in the distance all showed different expressions.

They stared at Nubis in surprise.

None of them had considered that Nubis had provoked them to create a disturbance and lure out this peak Class 8 expert.

The gold-robed old man sneered, “Little guy, you’ve made a miscalculation.

You may have hidden your strength, posing as Class 7 despite being Class 8, but I’ve reached Class 8 long ago and now stand at the peak of the 8th Class.

Before me, you don’t even have the ability to flee.”

Nubis laughed aloud and stared at the old man as if he was looking at a joke.

He said, “Old bastard, who said that I, the great Nubis, need to flee You’re the one who should be running.” A presence great enough to make the surroundings tremble radiated from Nubis as soon as he finished speaking.

The presence was just far, far greater than the golden-robed old man.

As soon as the presence had appeared, the region of earth below them was pressed down and cracked.

Under his presence, all the vegetation and trees in the surroundings were crushed to dust.

The eight Class 8 experts revealed a much worse expression at that moment.

Their gazes became filled with shock as they all paled.

They all stared at Nubis, trembling, having become absolutely terrifying.

“Class 9, he’s actually Class 9.

We’ve actually been hunting down a Class 9 expert this entire time,” the eight Class 8 experts lamented inside.

Their hearts quivered and they seemed to feel their blood flow in the opposite direction.

They had even made up their minds about death.

The old man had lost his calmness and composure from before as well.

He stared at Nubis in disbelief as he cried out, “You’re actually Class 9!”


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