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Chapter 1414: Luring the Snake out of its Hole

“He is the great Nubis.

The great Nubis has destroyed Cloud-scattering City.

This is now his territory…”

At that moment, all the fleeing magical beasts memorized Nubis name.

In the blink of an eye, the city fell into a dead silence.

The entire city was engulfed by the poisonous gas, leaving a large number of magical beasts collapsed on the ground.

Nubis looked at the fleeing magical beasts and secretly hesitated.

He murmured to himself, “It doesnt seem to be enough.

Wiping out a city doesnt seem to be enough to broadcast my great name across the entire continent.

Looks like I need to keep going at it.” With that, Nubis suddenly opened his mouth and sucked.

The gas across the entire city immediately surged violently, having all been sucked back into Nubis mouth.

In just a few seconds, no traces of the gas were left at all.

Only the vegetation that had been reduced to dust and a few shriveled trees remained, as if they were silently narrating what had just happened.

Nubis left.

Soon after he had left the area, a few magical beasts on the ground gently trembled before standing up with great difficulty.

Without any exception, they were all Class 6 Magical Beasts.

More and more magical beasts gradually stood up.

Although they had all stood up with great difficulty, they were not dead.

Nubis had become a Saint Emperor, so he had mastered control over his own venom.

He was able to use it as he pleased.

The venom from before seemed potent, turning the vegetation to dust in a single moment and even withering ancient trees, yet the venom did not kill any magical beasts in the city.

It had just knocked them unconscious.

The magical beasts did not stay in the city after waking up.

They glanced at the sky in lingering fear.

Although they could not see Nubis anymore, their fear for him had already overwhelmed them.

They all left the city one by one.

The city became a true ghost town, without any presence of life at all.

Very soon, the magical beasts that had fled spread the news of what had happened, throwing the surrounding region of several tens of thousand kilometers in great shock.

The news gradually spread further as well.

The fall of a city guarded by Class 7 Magical Beasts was quite a significant matter within the surrounding radius of a million kilometers.

Nubis infamy gradually spread as well.

Nubis did not pay too much attention to the shock he had caused in Cloud-scattering City, because he believed that destroying a city guarded by just Class 7 Magical Beasts would not be enough to shake the continent.

It would not be enough to draw out the snake that was hiding in an unknown location, so he turned his eyes to a powerful organization protected by a Class 8 Magical Beast.

There were no longer a lot of Class 8 Magical Beasts left on the continent.

Most of them had died in the battle against the World of Forsaken Saints.

Only a small number had survived.

The Firefinch tribe was a great organization even with the entire continent in perspective.

The Firefinch clan owned a lot of territory.

The Firefinch clan was originally a nameless clan on the continent and had only begun to rise in the past millennia.

They began to stand out on the continent because of three mutated firefinches had appeared together in a single generation.Two of them had reached Class 8 over a thousand years ago, immediately making the clan a peak-level organization on the continent.

The remaining mutated firefinch had reached the peak of Class 7 and was close to Class 8 as well.

More recently, the tribe had been engulfed by heavy sorrow because one of their protectors had fallen in the battle against the foreign world on the Tian Yuan Continent.

They had even failed to retrieve his corpse, which was an extremely heavy hit to the tribe.

As the clansmen still dwelled in great grief, a golden ribbon suddenly shot over from far away.

It moved extremely quickly, arriving above the tribe in the blink of an eye.

Up close, the golden ribbon was a huge snake several thousand meters long, but it was only as thick as a tree.

It was Nubis in his beast form.

“Ive finally found a Class 8 Magical Beast after so much searching!” Nubis exhaled high up in the air.

In order to find a Class 8 Magical Beast, he had crossed countless mountains and forests, traveling a great distance along the way.

He had finally found one here after great difficulty.

Of course, the several organizations with Class 7 Magical Beasts he came across along the way all suffered disasters.

However, Nubis held back.

He only killed Class 7 Magical Beasts when the organization possessed two or more.

He would always let one flee and would broadcast his identity as a Golden-Striped Silver Snake, as if he worried that the magical beasts that fled did not know what he was.

Nubis erased his presence, which prevented the Class 7 Magical Beasts in the tribe to discover his existence.

However, the Class 8 Magical Beast had discovered Nubis the first moment he had arrived.

The space before Nubis gently rippled and a burly, middle-aged man with long, red hair silently appeared.

His skin was crimson and even his eyes were red.

“A beast of antiquity, a Golden-Striped Silver Snake!” The middle-aged man was the only Class 8 Magical Beast left in the Firefinch clan.

He recognized Nubis with a single glance and a gleam of surprise flashed through his eyes, along with a smear of joy.

Nubis glanced over the man with his cold, merciless eyes before turning around and fleeing without any hesitation at all.

He flew into the distance extremely quickly, as if he had taken off in desperate flight.

The middle-aged man sneered and mumbled, “Beasts of antiquity are extremely rare.

There arent many even across the entire continent, while the one before me just happens to be a Golden-Striped Silver Snake.

Theyre a unique species.

They have intense hatred for their own clansmen and will never give up fighting unless one of them dies if they ever meet.

Theres no need to worry about any experts supporting him.

This beast of antiquity just happens to be weak.

I can kill him with a flip of my hand.

Even though Ive already reached Class 8, devouring a beast of antiquity still has great benefits, and even if I have no use for the essence that can only be devoured by their other clansmen, I can offer it up to that lord!”

The middle-aged man immediately pursued the snake.

With his strength as a Class 8 Magical Beast, catching up to Nubis was naturally a piece of cake.

The distance between the two of them shrank very soon.

Nubis did not panic at all when he saw the middle-aged man grow closer and closer to him.

Instead, he sneered and thought, “You can catch up to me, the great Nubis, only because I want to complete my scheme.

So what if I have to be pursued by you for a while to draw out that old snake I cant reveal the strength of the 8th Class and scare that old snake.

Only with strength of the 7th Class will that old snake come kill me without any hesitation at all.”


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