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Chapter 1393: The Greatest City in the World (Two)

This time, Jian Chen caused several dozen people to reach Saint King, leading to just too great of a disturbance.

Several dozen seven-colored rainbow clouds layered upon one another, forming something akin to nine-colored rainbow clouds that only appeared when Saint Kings broke through to Saint Emperors, except that was a far more majestic sight.

The nine-colored rainbow clouds of Saint Emperors would only span across the entire continent, while the several dozen layers of clouds right now had actually surpassed the boundaries of the continent in the form of a mixed nine-colored cloud and had reached the edges of the three other races.

At that moment, the entire world was in shock.

Whether it was the humans on the Tian Yuan Continent, the Hundred Races, or the magical beasts, all of them felt extremely perturbed.

Even the Sea race hidden deep beneath the ocean could sense the clouds, leading a few Saint Kings to emerge from the ocean.

They stared into the distance in shock as the ocean churned.

If they had only been Saint Rulers, they would definitely have suspected that the nine-colored clouds came from a Saint Kings breakthrough, but the mysteries within the clouds were not enough to fool the Saint Kings.

All of them could sense that even though the clouds looked like they had nine colors, they were really several dozen seven-colored rainbow clouds stacked on top of each other.

“Whats happening on the Tian Yuan Continent Why are there so many 14th Star warriors breaking through to the 15th Star” Some experts of the Sea race asked out of curiosity.

“The strongest human of the Tian Yuan Continent, Jian Chen, has close ties with our Sea Goddess Hall.

This means that the humans are the good friends of us as well.

Lets go to the Tian Yuan Continent and have a look.

Lets see whats going on,” said a Saint King from the Sea Goddess Hall.

The simultaneous breakthrough of several dozen people had piqued their curiosity.

“Alright, lets go,” agreed an old man.

His face was rather pale, clearly still injured, but his injuries were not enough to stop him from checking things out.

“This bloody sun sure is uncomfortable.

It makes me feel like Im being burnt alive,” an extremely burly middle-aged cursed unhappily as he glanced at the sun in the sky.

The Sea race spent most of their time in the sea realm and were used to the underwater environment there.

They were not accustomed to the sun even though it could not harm them.

Afterward, the Sea race experts all ripped open Space Gates and made their way to the Tian Yuan Continent.

At the same time, many magical beasts moved out as well.

The simultaneous breakthroughs of several Saint Rulers was an occurrence worth investigating.

All of them wanted to go to the Tian Yuan Continent to see what was going on.

They wanted to find out if a shortcut from Saint Ruler to Saint King existed.

Even the three rulers of the continent who were currently recuperating in the Beast God Hall were alerted.

They all hovered outside the divine hall as they stared in the direction of the Tian Yuan Continent.

The Wasteland Continent inhabited by the Hundred Races was a desolate, dreary place.

Yellow sand and dry earth spanned as far as the eye could see and even the ancient mountains were bare.

There was rarely any greenery visible anywhere.

In the center of the continent stood a mountain that reached into the clouds.

It was extremely well-known on the continent because all the authority of the Hundred Races was centered around the mountain.

The mountain was known as War God Mountain.

It was a holy place among the Hundred Races because it was where their supreme War God Hall stood.

The golden divine hall glowed with an unprecedented luster right now.

It was as dazzling as the sun.

It stood there silently like a slumbering primordial beast, radiating with prestige and a certain holiness.

The three-meter-tall Tie Ta sat on the central golden throne that signified the greatest authority inside.

His golden skin seemed to fuse with the throne, shining with a faint, golden luster that resonated with the entire hall.

All the experts of the Hundred Races gathered beneath Tie Ta.

All of them knelt on the floor emotionally.

A few older people had even teared up while their bodies trembled uncontrollably.

Basically all the people present possessed wounds that came from the battle against the World of Forsaken Saints.

However, none of them bothered with their injuries.

No matter how heavily wounded they were, as long as they could stand and remain conscious, they had all gathered here to welcome their war god.

“Great king of war, you have finally returned.

We have waited painfully…”

“Great war god, weve finally found you.

Our Hundred Races can strive toward glory as long as we are lead by you…”

“Great war god, the entire race shares the same sentiment.

We are all willing to abide by your commands.

You stand supreme.

You are the faith of the Hundred Races, the soul of everyone…”

The experts of the Hundred Races below emotionally cried out.

Every single one of their cries was filled with joy.

Their sorrow from the deaths of so many experts had already been overshadowed by the return of their war god.

The news of the war gods return spread through the entire continent like wildfire.

This threw all the clansmen into utter joy and excitement.

On a continent with horrible living conditions, there was cheering wherever people were present.

Some people had even begun to decorate their households with lanterns and streamers, filling the land with joy.

At this moment, Tie Ta sensed something.

He suddenly looked in the direction of the Tian Yuan Continent and sank deep into thought.

His strength was extraordinary.

Clearly, he had sensed the disturbance that was occuring in the direction of the Tian Yuan Continent as well.

However, the War God Hall was situated in the center of the continent.

It was extremely distant from the borders, so no one else in the divine hall had sensed the pulse of energy from the Tian Yuan Continent aside from Tie Ta, including Saint Kings at Great Perfection.

Little Fatty and the others continued to break through in the mountain range near Flame City.

After becoming Saint Kings, the vast energy from the Violet Cloud Peaches still remained.

They all advanced toward the First Heavenly Layer, the Second Heavenly Layer, the Third Heavenly Layer, and so on.

The Comprehension Tea came into effect as their strength increased.

It allowed all of them to enter a wondrous mental state, assisting them in the comprehension of the mysteries of the world.

With the assistance of the tea, the mysteries of the world were presented before in them in the clearest fashion possible.

Many experts gathered in the surroundings of the mountain range.

Not only had Saint Rulers come, even quite a few Saint Kings were present.

A dazzling violet light flickered in the sky above the mountain range.

The Zi Ying Sword had become thirty meters in length as it hovered there.

Jian Chen was sitting on top of it, carefully observing everything below.

He had expanded the senses of his soul to ten thousand kilometers away, watching over the people below him and protecting them as they broke through.

“The several dozen Saint Kings have broken through here.

I remember that there was a storm of lightning here recently.

Looks like this place really is rather special.

Maybe overcoming bottlenecks will become much easier if I cultivate here.”

“The energy of the world here is just far too dense.

Ive cultivated for thousands of years, and Ive even visited the miniature worlds of the ten protector clans, but theyre all like streams compared to this sea of energy.”

The Saint Kings present all sighed emotionally.

They felt like they had arrived in heaven.

Not only was the energy of the world extremely dense, but it was also extremely pure as well.

Not only were there humans, members of the Sea race, the Hundred Races and the magical beasts were present as well.

Although the Saint Kings in the War God Hall had failed to sense the disturbance, the experts on the edge of the continent could clearly see the rainbow light that came from the clouds.

If it was any other day, the people would definitely have been obstructed by all the experts of the Tian Yuan Continent as soon as they had appeared, but now, they required the reinforcements of the three other races to fend off the threat of the foreign world.

This was why many people gave up their xenophobic thoughts and did not step forward to stop the arrival of the foreigners.

“Lets go in and have a look to see just what the secret is,” a magical beast suggested.

He won the support of quite a few people very soon.

He immediately set off with over twenty Saint Kings, carefully making his way toward the mountain range.

However, before they had even traveled a thousand meters, an azure sword shot through the air as a flash of azure light.

It hung in the air as it obstructed them in the form of a sword several dozen meters long.

“Isnt this one of Saint Emperor Jian Chens divine swords!” Someone immediately recognized the Qing Suo Sword and asked aloud.

“Sovereign Jian Chens strength has already surpassed Saint Emperor and reached the legendary Origin realm.

If you speak sovereign Jian Chens name carelessly, you wont be returning today if you anger him,” a human rebuked quietly.

He felt extremely unpleasant.

Jian Chen was now the pride and glory of the humans as well as a crucial figure in matching up against the three other races.

He obviously needed to be extremely protective over their glorious leader as a human before foreigners.

The foreign experts face immediately changed slightly when he heard that.

He showed deep fear.

He too had taken part in the battle and had personally witnessed Jian Chen killing Saint Emperors like ants.


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