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Chapter 1392: The Greatest City in the World (One)

“Elders, I am willing to assist you in rebuilding Mercenary City so that you can recover your peak strength in the shortest amount of time,” Jian Chen expressed his thoughts.

He had accumulated a heavy debt with Mercenary City throughout his growth.

Mercenary City possessed a special place in his heart as well.

Now that the renowned Mercenary City had disappeared from the continent, he felt horrible.

Xiao Ling became very upset beside Jian Chen.

She became extremely depressed and unhappy.

If they had to nominate someone who was most attached to the city, it would definitely be Xiao Ling.

She had grown up in the city and guarded it for countless years.

Mercenary City was not as simple as a home to her because it was the marks her master had left behind.

The three Saint Kings of Mercenary City expressed their gratitude toward Jian Chen.

They all respected him, the respect given to someone who is strong.

The battle had cemented Jian Chens status into place.

“Great-grandfathers, great-grandmother, how are your injuries Ill heal you with the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force.” Jian Chen turned his attention to Changyang Zu Xiao, Changyang Zu Yunxiao, and Changyang Zu Yeyun.

His eyes were filled with concern.

Regardless of how powerful he had become, they were still his seniors after all.

“Hehe, my dear great-grandson, our injuries are nothing.

We can recover with just some medicine, so theres no need for you to do something like that,” Changyang Zu Xiao chuckled aloud as Changyang Zu Yunxiao and Changyang Zu Yeyun smiled joyously.

It was extremely pleasant to their ears when Jian Chen referred to them as great-grandfather or great-grandfather.

They felt extremely prideful.

After all, Jian Chens status was now extraordinary.

In the eyes of many, he was an Origin realm expert.

He had even slain peak Saint Emperors just earlier.

“Great-grandson, who would this be” Changyang Zu Yunxiao asked curiously as he looked at Xiao Jin.

He was filled with gratitude toward Xiao Jin, because he knew that if it were not for the boys assistance several times, he probably would have died in battle already.

Jian Chen told them the truth about Xiao Jin.

When they learned that the shocking lightning near the tungsten alloy mine had been caused by him and when they learned about his true identity, the three of them along with the three elders of Mercenary City became absolutely stunned.

Disbelief flooded their faces.

Xiao Jin was actually a natural spirit given birth to by the world, and he possessed the power of an Origin realm expert as soon as he came into existence.

This had completely overwhelmed their understanding of the world.

After all, there were extremely few Origin realm experts even in ancient times, only totaling to four.

Jian Chen and Changyang Zu Xiao spoke some more.

Jian Chen then took Xiao Jin with him back to Flame City.

The three of them did not stay for much longer either, returning to the Changyang clan in Lore City soon after Jian Chen had left.

Xiao Ling did not leave with Jian Chen and instead stayed behind, full of sorrow.

She stared at the place where Mercenary City used to stand in a daze.

Not only did the disappearance of the city mean that she had lost her home, the marks her master had once left behind had vanished as well.

This filled her with sorrow and anguish.

Even Jian Chens comforting was not enough to calm her down.

News of the shocking battle that had occurred at Mercenary City spread across the continent like wildfire.

The news caused a huge commotion.

Not only did it raise a huge commotion on the continent, even the three other races behaved similarly.

Although the four races suffered extremely heavy casualties this time, they were still victorious in the end.

They had slain all the invaders, so the invasion did not cause much panic.

Some places were even filled with celebrations.

At the same time, Jian Chen, Xiao Jin, Xiao Jin, the sea goddess, and Tie Ta had become known to everyone from their performances in the battle, shocking all four races.

Soon after the battle had ended, the Saint Rulers of the Shenxiao sect, Yangji sect, Yiyuan sect, and Moyuan clan all arrived at the battlefield.

They cast secret techniques in search of their Emperor Armaments that had fallen into the magma.

Afterward, they managed to retrieve them successfully with the assistance of the three Saint Kings of Mercenary City.

They then returned to their clans with them.

The seal over Flame City was released when Jian Chen returned.

You Yue, Bi Lian, and the rest ran to Jian Chens side and flooded him with questions.

They were all concerned about what happened at Mercenary City.

Their faces all lit up when they learned that their world managed to fend off the invasion.

They could finally relax.

Afterward, Jian Chen decided to complete his unprecedented deed.

He took Little Fatty, Wang Yifeng, Yun Zheng, Senior An, and the others, the several dozen elites of the Flame Mercenaries, to the depths of the tungsten alloy mine again.

He used the various heavenly resources he had obtained from the Xuanhuang Microcosm to increase their strength.

He understood that he had only fended off the first wave of attacks from the World of Forsaken Saints.

The tunnel was still unstable right now, so only Saint Emperors could pass through.

Those beyond Saint Emperor could easily cause the tunnel to collapse.

It would not completely destroy the tunnel, but they would be sucked into the endless cosmos by the chaotic space.

Even Origin realm experts would not necessarily survive that.

Right now, the tunnel was gradually stabilizing.

This was an unstoppable process, where even wreaking havoc upon it would only delay the inevitable.

Once the tunnel completely stabilized, the World of Forsaken Saints would definitely send even more Saint Emperors or even Origin realm experts.

As a result, Jian Chen needed to increase the strength they possessed.

Not only did it include his personal strength, but that strength also included the overall strength of the Tian Yuan Continent and even the the Sea race, magical beasts, and Hundred Races as well.

Making the Flame Mercenaries powerful was only the first step.

Jian Chen had harvested a total of three fifth grade Violet Cloud Peach trees in total in the Xuanhuang Microcosm.

Each tree bore a hundred and eight peaches, so he did not worry about wasting them at all when he increased the strength of the several dozen people before him.

He gave them all fifth grade Violet Cloud Peaches without a second thought.

Because most of them were Heaven Saint Masters and not a single one of them had stepped into Sainthood, only fifth grade Violet Cloud Peaches would be the best insurance that they would all become Saint Kings.

After all, they would end up wasting a lot of the vast energy during the absorption process.

A day later, the first rainbow clouds appeared in the sky.

They were not seven-colored but five-colored, a Saint Rulers break through.

Little Fatty was the one who had broken through since he possessed the most talent out of all of them.

Soon after Little Fatty, Wang Yifeng, Yun Zheng, Senior An, and the group of elites all broke through.

At that moment, the sky became filled with rainbow light, which lit up the world.

There were nine colors present among all the clouds, reaching over a million kilometers away.

These were not nine-colored clouds, but several layers of rainbow clouds caused by the simultaneous breakthrough of several dozen people.

Every single persons rainbow clouds possessed different colors, which was why there were nine colors when the several dozen layers of clouds appeared.

The clouds enveloped an area far greater than a single persons breakthrough.

This had caused quite a large disturbance on the continent again.

Many Saint Rulers had even thought that a new Saint Emperor had appeared.

The mountain range was currently shrouded by fog while the dense energy of the world drifted in the surroundings, pouring out as dense mist.

All of this was due to the energy of the Violet Cloud Peaches leaking out of their bodies.

They had probably absorbed less than half of the true energy within the peach they had consumed.

Several days later, Little Fatty broke through again, stepping into Saint King first.

Seven-colored clouds descended in the sky, enveloping an area of a million kilometers.

After him, the others broke through one by one as well.

In just a short day, they had all reached Saint King.

Several dozen layers of seven-colored clouds flooded the sky.

They radiated dazzling lights as nine different colors enveloped the entire continent.

The disturbance this time was even greater than when they had become Saint Rulers.

The stacked layer of clouds spread in all directions at an unbelievable rate, enveloping the entire continent very soon and causing a huge commotion.

However, the clouds did not stop there.

The rainbow clouds continued to expand into the sea, stopping at the borders of the Sea race, the magical beasts, and the Hundred Races in the end, shocking all the experts of the three races.

“These arent nine-colored rainbow clouds, but seven-colored ones caused by people breaking through to Saint King.

My god, I can sense over fifty seven-colored rainbow clouds stacked atop one another.

Theres actually several dozen Saint Rulers breaking through into Saint Kings together…”

“Its from the direction of the Tian Yuan Continent.

How is this possible How can there be so many Saint Rulers breaking through together…”

The Saint Kings of all races stared at the sky while dumbfounded.

They were extremely shocked.

The simultaneous breakthrough of several dozen Saint Rulers had not happened even during the glorious ancient times.

Let alone several dozen, just a dozen Saint Rulers breaking through together had not ever happened in the past.


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