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Chapter 139: Stealth Kill


After the mercenary with the warrant left, Tianxiong Lie waved his hand at the others, “Search the surrounding area carefully for any traces.

I want to know where he ran off to.”

After losing track of Jian Chen, Tianxiong Lie and his group of mercenaries could only hope to look for traces left behind by him, but this was a task that was significantly hard.

In a dense part of the forest in the Magical Beast Mountain Range, Jian Chen sat down under a big tree with a pale face.

Carefully using his Light Wind Sword to pick out the pieces of stone fragments in his body, his clothes were beginning to be dyed completely red.

Each time the tip of the Light Wind Sword stabbed into his flesh, a new wave of pain pelted through Jian Chen.

The constant source of pain had tested Jian Chen’s nerves, and his forehead was soaked with sweat with each additional moment.

When the final stone fragment had been extracted from his body, Jian Chen finally let loose a relieved grunt.

Without energy, he slumped against the wide tree trunk and calmly took in deep breaths of air.

After resting for a while, Jian Chen concentrated his senses on his surroundings only to discover that it was peaceful once more.

Sitting in a cross-legged position, a ball of white light slowly came into view and enveloped Jian Chen in it.

It continued to heal Jian Chen’s body for a few moments before turning into a ball of milky white light.

By this point, Jian Chen’s body was completely submerged.

From the outside, you could only see a blurry outline of his body.

For an hour, Jian Chen continued to stay submerged in that milky glow of white light before it started to gradually dissipate.

Not to long afterward, his body could be clearly seen within it.

This time, Jian Chen’s face no longer had that pale look on it, instead his regular healthy glow was back.

The various wounds that used to adorn his body were now completely gone without a single scar left on his body.

However, Jian Chen didn’t wake out of his stupor just yet, he continued to recollect the lost Saint Force he has used up in his escape.

The amount he had used was not small, and the Saint Force within his body had almost been completely depleted.

Because of the fact that he was not only in the Magical Beast Mountain Range where Magical Beasts could find him, but Tianxiong’s men would be searching the area.

So all Jian Chen could do was to try and maintain his bodys optimal condition in order to be able to confront any dangers he might come across.

Not aware of how much time had elapsed, Jian Chen’s body had actually sat in the same position for six hours constantly refilling his Saint Force.

Not at any single point in time did his body move, neither did his eyes ever blink open.

It was almost like he was a monk that had entered a deep meditation state and had completely lost awareness of the material world around him.

At that moment from behind a tree, a slender python came slithering out noiselessly toward Jian Chen.

Coiling around the tree it paused, before it slowly glided toward him again, and not too long after, it began to stretch its small jaws open.

Just as the snake was less than a foot away from him, the cross-legged Jian Chen suddenly opened his eyes.

A cold glint appeared in his eyes as the Light Wind Sword appeared in the palm of his right hand and stabbed at the python with an extremely quick speed.


The Light Wind Sword accurately pierced into the area where the heart was located.

With the such a large amount of sharp of Sword Qi, the pythons heart was instantly ruptured.

Not even looking at the python, he reclaimed the Light Wind Sword into his body and continued to sit down next to the tree.

Closing his eyes, he continued to try to recover his spirit.

While it looked like he was in a deep meditative state like a monk, in actuality, he was keeping close track of his environment.

In an area where magical beasts roamed about, he didnt dare be careless as he tried to recover his Saint Force.

The four or five foot long python fell from the tree trunk now that it was powerless to stay coiled around it.

As it dropped, it released a deep hissing sound before struggling on the ground for a moment before going still.

After another four hours, Jian Chen opened his eyes once more and stood up on the tree branch.

He took out another set of clothes from within his Space Belt and changed into them.

Noticing that it was now dark, he began to think for a while before deciding on leaving the area.

Jian Chen carefully looked around himself in case the Tianxiong clan was nearby.

At this moment he had fully recovered from his wounds, and even his Saint Force was back to optimal conditions.

Now that he was in the Magical Beast Mountain Range with its complicated terrain, Jian Chen was confident that if he were to come across Tianxiong Lie again, he would be able to easily retreat, unlike the fight before where it had occurred in open space.

Just then, a small rustling sound came from behind.

The moment he heard that sound, Jian Chens heart stopped.

He quickly leaped up onto a nearby tree branch that was hidden from view thanks to the leaves.

Not too long after, a group of men wearing white slowly came into view.

“This type of lifestyle is exhausting.

Having a group of us head into the Magical Beast Mountain Range in order to find just one person without even a single portrait.

How are we supposed to look then” One of the white robed mercenaries complained to the others.

“Thats right, we dont even know what this person looks like.

Even if we were to come across him, how would we even recognize him” A bearded middle age man said.

“Eh, my fellow brothers, do you know exactly why the clan leader wanted us to look for this man so badly” A person said curiously.

“Ive heard that Tianxiong Kang was killed by this man.

Tianxiong Kang is the sole heir to our Tianxiong clan.

You tell me, if your son was killed, wouldnt you be furious”

“Then of course the clan leader would definitely want to catch this murderer.

Ive heard the Tianxiong clan has already sent 300 of its members into the Magical Beast Mountain Range.

Among all those people, the weakest members are Great Saints while theres around 30 Saint Masters.”

“With the clan leader dispatching that many people into the mountain range, do you think well be able to catch the murderer After all, the Magical Beast Mountain Range is huge, and its hard to say if that man has already escaped from here or not.”

“That cant be said for sure, but according to the news, the murderer had already been heavily injured by the clan leader.

In this giant forest, even if here were to escape, he wouldnt get far.”


The group of mercenaries began to idly talk as if they were taking a stroll instead of hunting someone.

Just as these mercenaries walked under the huge tree, the leaves above suddenly swayed as a person darted out with his Light Wind Sword ready to stab into the group below.


Just as these mercenaries tilted their heads up, the sword had already stabbed in between a mans eyebrows.

“Everyone be careful, someones attacking…” Someone was fast to respond, but before he could even finish his sentence, the Light Wind Sword blurred momentarily before stabbing into his throat.



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