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Chapter 1386: More Origin Realm Experts

The black, metal sword was something extraordinary, equivalent to the Zi Ying Sword.

Not only did it avoid falling into a disadvantage against the Zi Ying Sword, but it also fought freely.

However, after the tunnel became riddled with server cracks, the metal sword no longer bothered to deal with the Zi Ying Sword.

It rapidly approached the exit of the tunnel as it fended off the Zi Ying Swords attacks.

Jian Chen recalled the Zi Ying Sword after seeing how it was unable to do anything to the black sword.

He used a sword technique he had learned from the sword spirits and shot out three powerful sword Qi, condensing a trapping formation to stop the black sword.

Afterward, he constantly swung his sword, sending out strands of powerful sword Qi toward the cracked and collapsing tunnel, causing the cracks to widen.

He wanted to destroy the tunnel.

At the same time, Xiao Ling struck out as well.

She copied Jian Chen and attacked the tunnel with as many powerful attacks as she could.

As long as the tunnel was destroyed, they could temporarily stop the invasion of the foreign world.

The tunnel began to collapse on a large scale after enduring the attacks from the two of them.

The space in the tunnel distorted as thick cracks constantly appeared.

It had become severely shattered.

However, the tunnel was far tougher than Jian Chen had imagined it to be.

It had cracked and shattered, yet it remained intact due to a mysterious force.

They were unable to completely destroy it.

At the same time, the black, metal sword finally displayed its might.

An extremely powerful energy erupted from within the sword, immediately tearing Jian Chens formation to shreds.

It shot toward the exit of the tunnel in a flash of black light while the space within a dozen meters from it was reduced to darkness.

The darkness would linger for quite some time.

The tunnel cracked even more from the extreme power of the black sword.

A segment of it had even fallen apart, but an energy continued to hold the two sides together.

The black sword understood that the tunnel would not collapse, so it ignored the damage and erupted with its greatest power, charging forward as quickly as it could.

In a single moment, the sword traversed the last portion of its journey and arrived at the entrance.

It then stabbed at Jian Chen without slowing down at all.

Jian Chen became stern as he immediately placed the Zi Ying Sword in front of him.


The sharp tip of the metal sword clashed with the Zi Ying Sword with an extremely great force, producing an abnormal metallic ring.

Powerful pulses of energy erupted from underground, causing magma to be thrown into the air in huge waves.

The tip of the metal sword remained stuck to the Zi Ying Sword.

It burst forth with all its might, charging out of the tunnel with Jian Chen.

It transformed into a black speck in the blink of an eye and disappeared into the sky.

“Big brother!” Xiao Ling produced a cry of surprise as she tailed them.

She disappeared into the sky as well.

The battle beneath continued.

Although Jian Chen was now gone, there was Tie Ta, so the Tian Yuan Continent had not weakened at all.

However, the rate of casualties among the four races had not decreased.

Two-thirds of the Saint Kings had already passed away.

Although Tie Ta had slain many, there was still over a hundred foreign Saint Emperors.

Kaiser, Lankyros, and the path lord of carnal desires had fled the battlefield due to the heavy injuries that they had sustained.

Cangqiong was the only remaining Saint Emperor of the magical beasts, dealing with the foreign Saint Emperors by utilizing his ability to move the fastest in the world.

However, he dared not to face them openly.

The Sea race had suffered extreme casualties as well.

Less than half of the people they had brought were left.

The hall master of the Sea Goddess Hall was currently engaged in a battle against several Saint Emperors with a trident.

She was covered in blood, both hers and her opponents.

She was extremely heavily injured.

Atlantis was no longer present on the battlefield.

She had suffered very severe injuries and had almost passed away.

She had been saved by Yadriam in a final moment and had been sent into a divine hall that she carried along her side.

At this moment, two streams of light shot through the sky from afar.

They entered the battlefield with great force, piercing the heads of two Saint Emperors and wiping out their souls as soon as they arrived.

“Its our clans Emperor Armament.

The ancestor, the ancestor is our reinforcement!”

The great elders of the Tyrants Blade School and Changyang clan were reinvigorated, because the two streams of light were the Wave-breaking Blade of the Tyrants Blade School and the Righteous Yang Sword of the Changyang clan.

The two weapons had killed their way into the battlefield and gave off a presence that caused the Saint Emperors to shiver inside.

The two weapons were not as powerful as the Azulet sword or the black, metal sword, but they could easily deal with Saint Emperors.

The foreign Saint Emperors were not the weapons opponents at all when only one of them was fighting at a time.

They would end up slain within ten attacks.

Even the combined attacks of several Saint Emperors were only enough to reach a stalemate against the two weapons.

“God dammit, these are weapons of Origin realm experts.

I never thought that there would be more Origin realm experts here…”

“Thats impossible.

There is no origin energy here and the energy of the world is so thin.

Its impossible for so many Origin realm experts to appear.

Just the existence of one or two of them is a miracle…”

“No, theres something wrong with the two weapons.

They seemed to have been heavily damaged in the past, falling from the grade of saint artifacts…”

The Saint Emperors of the foreign world all cried out, but soon a person discovered the flaws of the weapons and pointed them out.

This was because the World of Forsaken Saints had always been in possession of Origin realm experts, so many Saint Emperors from the foreign world had an extremely deep understanding of that realm of cultivation.

The knowledge they possessed was incomparable to the people of the Tian Yuan Continent.

After all, the world only had four Origin realm champions in the past.

Even a million years ago, records of Origin realm experts were rare existences.

The temperature in outer space was extremely low.

So cold, in fact, that even Earth Saint Masters would not be able to survive.

A huge, white planet loomed to one side while the vast cosmos dominated the other.

There was no gravity theorem nor any sense of direction.

It was impossible to distinguish which way was left, right, up, or down, and the energy of the world was absent as well.

Even Saint Emperors would not be able to replenish the Saint Force they consumed in outer space.

Jian Chen currently wielded the Zi Ying Sword as he hovered in a ball of blinding white light.

His presence was as vast as the sea while his battle intent roared within him.

He stood there like a drawn sword.

Xiao Ling stood near Jian Chen.

She nervously stared at an area right in front of her.

Some fear was present on her face, but it was also filled with an awareness and was full of vigilance, as if she was about to face a powerful opponent.

The black, metal sword hovered silently right before them.

It churned with light, which pierced into the surrounding space and caused it to warp.

A dense, dark light was emitted from the sword, rapidly condensing into a human-sized figure.

The light created a middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance.

He stood tall and straight, and the presence he emitted was like a mountain—calm and steady.

He stood there with his arms crossed, as if he had fused with the surroundings.

He gave off the feeling that the world was beneath him.


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