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Chapter 1379: Attack (Two)

The mountain range violently rumbled as great thick cracks began to cover the entire region.

Whole mountains began to collapse as rocks rolled down, creating heavy booms.

The area that was shaking was extremely vast.

The entire continent was affected.

Even if someone was several million kilometers away, they could still sense the trembling ground.

Jian Chen arrived on the highest mountain in a flash.

He stood straight as he gazed into the distance.

He looked in the direction of Mercenary City.

Although it was impossible to see anything since Mercenary City was just too far away, he could still clearly sense just how powerful the pulse of energy was.

Jian Chen became stern.

However, his eyes began to shine as well.

Not only did they become extremely sharp like drawn swords, they were filled with powerful battle intent as well.

“Jian Chen, whats happened” The others arrived beside Jian Chen and stared off into the horizon.

The energy pulse from the distance was so powerful that even Xiu Tianyu and Wang Yifeng could sense it, even though they were just Heaven Saint Masters.

Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath and said gruffly, “Little Fatty, gather all the people here.

Were returning to Flame City immediately.

“Alright!” Xiu Tianyu firmly responded.

He did not ask why as he immediately gathered the several dozen people.

Jian Chen could not help but dismiss the thought of increasing their strength today.

He returned to Flame City with Little Fatty, Wang Yifeng, Yun Zheng, Senior An, and the several dozen elites from the artifact space.

He immediately gave the command of closing off the city, stopping all entries and exits.

Afterward, he left them behind and left the city through the space gate there with Xiao Jin.

You Yue, Bi Lian, Huang Luan, Bi Hai, and the others all emerged from seclusion soon after Jian Chen had left.

They all stood in the city lords estate as they cast their gazes into the distance.

“Whats happened Why has brother left so hurriedly And why has he brought Xiao Jin with him,” Bi Lian asked rather uneasily.

She had a vague idea why.

Bi Hai, Ming Dong, Dugu Feng, and the others became stern.

Bi Hai solemnly said, “If Ive guessed currently, the people of the World of Forsaken Saints have come.

The calamity is beginning.”

“Since the calamity is here, whatre we standing around for.

Lets all go to Mercenary City to help.

Come, lets immediately open a Space Gate to Mercenary City,” Ming Dong cried out as he was brimming with interest to fight.

However, he received a guards report that the Space Gate could no longer be activated.

“Since we cant activate the Space Gate, then Ill use my abilities as a Saint King to make one,” Ming Dong smiled confidently and immediately began to rip open space.

However, his smile soon froze because he discovered that he was unable to rip through the space there as an Eighth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings, making Space Gates impossible to form.

“What is happening!” Ming Dongs face twitched a few times unnaturally.

Bi Hai looked at the golden barrier in the sky and emotionally sighed, “Xiao Jins barrier is becoming more and more complete.

Looks like my dear grandson has taught Xiao Jin quite a few things over the past few days.

Unless you possess strength greater than the person who set down the barrier, youre unable to rip open a Space Gate.”

“Then Ill fly out of here.

With my increase of strength, I can reach Mercenary City without wasting much time at all,” Ming Dong pridefully said.

He immediately took off, headed for the sky, but all he hit was the barrier.

With a splat, he was stuck there with his legs and arms spread apart, before falling down in a horrendous manner.

“This barrier can actually stop us from leaving, and Space Gates dont work either.

What is Jian Chens intentions Hes actually locked us in here,” Ming Dong said unhappily as he returned to Bi Hais side in a messy fashion.

“I heard that the World of Forsaken Saints has many experts.

Just the number of Saint Emperors they have outnumber the Saint Kings of our continent by several times over.

Its extremely likely that the people taking part in the invasion this time are Saint Emperors.

Jian Chen wants to protect us and not have us fall in battle, which is why hes gotten Xiao Jin to trap us here.

He doesnt want us to take part,” You Yue gently said.

Her eyes were filled with worry.

“Our strength is still not enough.

We need to continue our secluded cultivation,” Dugu Feng nonchalantly added before returning to his secret room to continue his cultivation.

There was a ditch a thousand meters wide in the ruins of Mercenary City.

The ditch was pitch-black and seemingly-bottomless.

However, terrifying ripples of energy would surge into the sky and obliterate the clouds.

The energy there caused the space there to violently distort.

The experts gathered in the surroundings all stood afar with stern expressions.

The path lord of carnal desires and the three Saint Emperors the Beast God Continent were all present.

They all maintained their guard and were ready for battle.

“Oh no, theres coming over.

Theyre all Saint Emperors.

So many Saint Emperors,” Xiao Lings voice rang out from the empty air.

She had materialized herself in that moment as well.

Her young face was filled with fear as she stared at the depths of the ditch in unease.

When the experts heard that they were all Saint Emperors, they revealed extremely ugly expressions, causing the atmosphere there to become extremely heavy.

At this moment, a Space Gate ripped open several dozen kilometers away.

Jian Chen emerged with a young boy, who was holding his hand, before quickly making his way over.

His appearance caused Lankyros and Kaiser to narrow their eyes.

Their gazes became filled with fear while even the path lord of carnal desires gaze toward Jian Chen became filled with dread as well.

However, their gazes were focused on the two swords on Jian Chens back for the most part.

They were not the only ones who paid attention to Jian Chens swords.

At that moment, everyone present had shifted their attention away from the ditch to Jian Chens swords.

Many of them had not personally witnessed the power of the swords, but they knew that Jian Chen had used just one of them to defeat the two Saint Emperors from the Beast God Continent with a single attack.

“Big brother, youre finally here.

The baddies from the World of Forsaken Saints are all coming.

They have so many Saint Emperors, at least several hundred.

What should we do” Xiao Ling arrived beside Jian Chen as she asked him while clinging to his hand.

She was almost in tears.

“What! Several hundred Saint Emperors!” Xiao Lings words erupted in the minds of the Saint Kings like a bolt from the blue.

They all paled.

They had thought that only around a dozen or several dozen Saint Emperors were coming.

They had never thought that there would be several hundred.

Jian Chen gently rubbed Xiao Lings head and said, “Dont be scared, Xiao Ling.

Arent I here Ill accompany you in battle and kill enemies together.

All you need to do is use the abilities from your master to attack the enemies as soon as they appear, right”

Xiao Ling immediately calmed down quite a bit when she heard that Jian Chen would be fighting with her.

She firmly nodded.


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