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Chapter 1378: Attack (One)

After returning to Flame City, the upper echelons break through to Saint Ruler and Saint King spread through the city like wildfire.

It threw the people in the city into great shock, the people of the Flame Mercenaries affected in particular.

They all put down their matters at hand and gathered in groups as they celebrated.

They cheered for the increase in the mercenaries strength.

The Flame Mercenaries had once been a powerful organization that even the ten protector clans feared, but it was all due to their captain, Jian Chen, and the three magical beasts.

The Flame Mercenaries only possessed a few Saint Rulers aside from them.

It was different now.

Huang Luan, You Yue, Bi Hai, Ming Dong, and Dugu Feng had all become Saint Kings, and even Bi Lian had reached the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler.

They had no need to fear the protector clans anymore with such a powerful combination.

Perhaps they could not match up to the protector clans in terms of heritage, but they could match up in strength at the very least.

The strength of the mercenaries made all its members extremely excited and emotional.

All the people entered seclusion again right after their strength had increased.

They had grown just far too quickly within the past few days, so they needed to practice their new abilities, or they would not be able to display their power in battle at all.

A few days later, a series of cries rang out from a large bird in the distant sky.

The bird was five meters wide.

It had collided with the golden barrier outside, producing a miserable cry as it fell out of the sky.

On the back of the bird sat four people.

Due to the momentum, they all struck the golden barrier as well.

They became dizzy and fell off the bird.

However, two of them were Heaven Saint Masters and could fly.

They controlled themselves very quickly before moving through the air, saving one of their Earth Saint Master companions each.

In the end, the four of them landed safely on the ground despite the shock.

They rubbed their heads as they stared at the barrier around Flame City in doubt.

A huge bird beside them flapped its wings as it stood up with difficulty.

Its head had become bloodied and its neck had been broken.

“Where did this barrier come from Why cant we pass through it Have we been kicked out of the group after leaving back then” A young man in his twenties stared at the barrier like a victim as he complained in displeasure.

“The Flame Mercenaries are becoming more and more established.

With this powerful barrier, people are unable to enter the city by air.

The only way in is through the gates,” said a middle-aged man.

His face was resolute while his eyes were fixated on the city walls.

At this moment, a group of guards on similar magical beast mounts rushed out of the city with lightning-like speed.

They charged toward the four of them and surrounded them.

“Who are you Dont you know that its forbidden to fly in Flame City State your identities and intentions,” the middle-aged leader coldly commanded.

He was a Heaven Saint Master and wore armor forged from tungsten alloy.

He seemed to possess quite an impressive demeanour.

Now that the Flame Mercenaries had powered up, even the guards had an air of complacency around them because of the glory.

“Whos in charge of the Flame Mercenaries right now Is it Jian Chen or sister Bi Lian Why dont you hurry up and report to them that the four of us have returned,” the one, who seemed the youngest among, them slowly replied, like an old man.

He did not treat the Heaven Saint Masters words with any importance at all.

The Heaven Saint Masters face sank and his eyes narrowed in a single moment.

Their captain was now a legendary Saint Emperor on the continent.

His status was so great that even great Saint Kings needed to treat him courteously when meeting him.

It was an unforgivable crime for the group of insignificant Earth Saint Masters and Heaven Saint Masters to directly refer to their captain by his name.

Just when the leader of the guards wanted send out the order to capture the four of them, his gaze suddenly froze.

His eyes became fixated on the young man who had called Jian Chen by his name, before his face abruptly took on a new expression.

He then quickly glanced over the three others and became surprised.

He asked, “Are you Xiu Tianyu, Wang Yifeng, Yun Zheng, and Senior An, the four people Jian Chen is looking for”

“I never thought that there would still be people who remember us after being gone for so long.

Yes, I am Xiu Tianyu.

Oh right, who cast down the barrier around Mercenary City Why didnt they even tell us It hurt a lot,” the youngest-looking person present grumbled.

He was Little Fatty, Houstons grandson.

After these years of roaming the continent, he had become a handsome young man.

His face was filled with the results of traveling through wind and rain.

It was resolute and rather cold.

The Heaven Saint Master hurriedly dismounted and politely bowed to the four of them.

He said, “I am Zhuo Fan.

I didnt know you were the four sirs before, so please forgive me if I have offended you.

I dont know whats up with this barrier either.

All I know is that it suddenly appeared recently.”


Lets go into the city and find Jian Chen.

We have been hearing rumors that he has become a Saint Emperor recently and defeated two Class 9 Magical Beasts from the Beast God Continent.

I know these rumors are probably exaggerated, but it still should be something seeing how the entire continent knows about them,” Xiu Tianyu nonchalantly said.

Afterward, he called out to Wang Yifeng, Yun Zheng, and Senior An to enter the city.

“Youve finally returning.

Looking for you really wasnt easy,” at this moment, clear laughter rang out.

Jian Chen stood at the entrance of the city in white robes as he looked at the four of them.

“Jian Chen!” Xiu Tianyu cried out.

He immediately rushed over and hugged Jian Chen.

The two of them laughed from the bottom of their hearts.

They had not seen each other for many years, so they were extraordinarily excited to see one another again.

“Little Fatty, Wang Yifeng, Yun Zheng, Senior An, lets enter the city first.

Ive already gotten people to prepare a banquet, to receive you after so much traveling.” Jian Chen laughed as he directed them to the city lords estate.

Behind, the guard, who was a Heaven Saint Master, stared at the four of them in envy.

They were only Heaven Saint Masters or Earth Saint Masters, yet they had been personally received by their great captain.

Probably even Saint Kings could not have enjoyed such treatment.

At the banquet, Jian Chen drank and talked with the four of them.

They slowly told him about the things they had experienced over the years, and Jian Chen had also confirmed the rumors they had heard from various parts of the continent.

They all became stunned when they learned that Jian Chen now possessed the strength to overwhelm Saint Emperors.

The morning of the next day, Jian Chen brought the four of them back to the mountains where the tungsten alloy mine used to be.

He also let out the several dozen elites from the artifact space, planning on increasing all their strength in a single stroke.

At this moment, a terrifying pulse of energy appeared from far away.

It caused the earth to violently shake.


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