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Chapter 1339: A Damaged Piece of Divine Armor

In the center of the room stood two large, square tablets.

They were covered in beautiful and exquisite inscriptions depicting a human using an extremely powerful attack.

Even though they were just carvings, they gave off an extraordinary feeling as if they vaguely contained the pressure of the world.

Jian Chen became fixated on the two tablets as joy appeared in his eyes.

He had already realized that they were Saint Tier Battle Skills suitable for humans and that they were complete.

The Flame Mercenaries had only been founded recently.

They seemed powerful on the surface, but they lacked in certain areas far too much.

High tier battle skills like these just happened to be what the mercenaries were in urgent need of because it was impossible for the Flame Mercenaries to become truly independent and powerful without Saint Tier Battle Skills.

And other than the Flame Mercenaries, the Changyang clan needed these items as well.

It was a great harvest for Jian Chen, finding two complete Saint Tier Battle Skills in the treasury of the Tao family.

Jian Chen swept his gaze around and discovered two weapons stabbed in a huge rock near the Saint Tier Battle Skills.

One of them was a blade while the other was a sword.

They were both enshrouded by an obscuring glow as they pulsed with powerful energy.

“Emperor Armaments!” Jian Chen felt shocked once more.

The treasury of the Tao family was far wealthier than he had ever imagined.

Not only were there two complete Saint Tier Battle Skills; there were even Emperor Armaments.

If these items were placed on the Tian Yuan Continent, Saint Kings would engage in bloody fights to obtain them.

However, only humans could use the Saint Tier Battle Skills or the Emperor Armaments.

Their power was limited when used by the Sea race.

As soon as Qing Yixuan entered the cave, her gaze became locked onto the Emperor Armaments and the Saint Tier Battle Skills.

Her eyes burned with desire as she mumbled, “I once heard by accident that the ancestor of the Tao family had visited the Tian Yuan Continent and had a fortuitous encounter there.

He came across a dwelling where a very powerful expert had passed away in meditation and really benefited from the encounter.

Not only were there Saint Tier Battle Skills; there were even Emperor Armaments.

Looks like it’s true.

Unfortunately, the Emperor Armaments can only be used by humans while the Saint Tier Battle Skills can only be practiced by humans.

They’re not suitable for the Sea race, or the Tao family would have been able to become even more powerful with just the Saint Tier Battle Skills.”

Jian Chen agreed with what Qing Yixuan had said.

If Tao Zhengtian had grasped a Saint Tier Battle Skill with his strength, he would have been able to take on Saint Kings at Great Perfection.

And once he possessed a battle prowess like that, the Tao family’s fate would not have ended as miserably as it did.

Unfortunately, the Saint Emperor that had appeared in their clan did not create any Saint Tier Battle Skills himself.

Saint Tier Battle Skills were a heavenly might.

Not only did a person require supreme talent and remarkable abilities of comprehensions to come up with a Saint Tier Battle Skill but they also needed to conform with the world on a certain level.

Only with these special circumstances would they be able to come up with a Saint Tier Battle Skill.

In the history of the Tian Yuan Continent, there were a few experts who had only just reached Saint King and had managed to come up with shockingly powerful Saint Tier Battle Skills under special circumstances.

At the same time, there were some people with almost-unprecedented talent who never came up with a single one even after becoming a peak Saint Emperor.

Qing Yixuan turned to Jian Chen and said, “Jian Chen, do you still remember how the Tao family just happened to be in possession of what I needed The items are right in front of me, so I hope you will not get in my way.” Qing Yixuan’s eyes were filled with desire and urgency.

If Jian Chen was only as powerful as before, Qing Yixuan never would have said those words, but she required Jian Chen’s agreement now.

“You need an Emperor Armament” Jian Chen looked at Qing Yixuan.

If he had known earlier than the item Qing Yixuan needed was an Emperor Armament, he would have given her the Emperor Armament he owned back at the Turtle clan.

It was completely useless to him now that he had reached the fourth layer of the Chaotic Body and comprehended the first realm of Sword Origin.

The weapon was unable to withstand his power now.

Qing Yixuan nodded before staring at one of the Saint Tier Battle Skills for a while.

She said, “I also want a Saint Tier Battle Skill.

You can have everything other than those two items.”

Jian Chen thought about it a little and replied, “You can have the Emperor Armament, but the Saint Tier Battle Skill is very important to me as well.

I can only lend it to you, so return it to me after you’ve comprehended it.”

“Alright, deal!” Qing Yixuan agreed in an extremely straightforward fashion before taking the sword-shaped Emperor Armament and one of the Saint Tier Battle Skill tablets.

Jian Chen continued to look through the treasury.

There were a lot of items that had been accumulated over the years, and they were invaluable, but they were no different than soil in Jian Chen’s eyes.

He could not be bothered to look through them.

In reality, even the pile of divine quality crystal coins did not catch Jian Chen’s attention either.

In the end, Jian Chen arrived before the bookshelf made of rare metal.

He found that a third of the books there were cultivation methods and the experiences and comprehensions of Saint Emperors.

Not only were there ones that belonged to the Sea race, but there were also ones that belonged to humans and magical beasts as well.

A small portion of the remaining books were Heaven Tier Battle Skills created by humans while the remaining books detailed various wondrous items in the world as well as ancient records regarding the history of the Sea race.

Jian Chen pulled out an ancient piece of beast leather from an inconspicuous part of the bookshelf.

He unrolled it and found that the leather was a meter long and wide and was covered with extremely complicated and detailed inscribings of a formation, which seemed to contain another world.

Jian Chen had almost been drawn away by it even with his powerful soul.

“What’s this” Jian Chen was surprised and immediately became stern.

He could already tell that the beast leather was not as simple as it seemed.

“This is a teleportation formation, and a high level teleportation formation.

It can be used to move between worlds.

That’s weird.

Such a high level teleportation formation only appears in higher worlds, so how has it ended up here” Zi Ying’s voice rang through Jian Chen’s head filled with surprise.

“This piece of beast leather originates from a higher world as well.

It’s extremely tough and should have come from a beast that’s reached Godhood at the very least.

Even Saint Emperors cannot destroy it.

Master, this teleportation formation will be of great use to you, so you must store it away well,” said Qing Suo.

With that, Jian Chen immediately pulled out an embroidered box and properly stored the teleportation formation in the box.

“Hmm” Suddenly, Zi Ying produced an interjection of surprise.

He stared at a corner of the treasury in interest and said, “Master, go over there.

There’s something very impressive there.”

Jian Chen was surprised as disbelief slightly filled his face.

The Azulet sword spirits possessed an extremely incredible insight, so barely anything would catch their eye, but they had actually described something as very impressive, which shocked him very much.

Jian Chen immediately hurried over to the location Zi Ying specified without any hesitation.

He then dug out a piece of armor from a large pile of valuable treasures by following Zi Ying’s instructions.

The piece of armor was pitch-black and made from an unknown material.

It was as light as a feather, as if it did not possess any weight at all.

However, it was extremely damaged and not in perfect condition.

“Zi Ying, Qing Suo, what’s so fantastic about this piece of armor” Jian Chen asked out a curiosity.

He examined the piece of armor in his hands and failed to discover anything out of the ordinary other than the special material it was made of.

“Master, this is a piece of divine armor.

It’s a god artifact even greater than immortal artifacts.

At the same time, the grade of the armor is impressive as well.

I estimate that the owner of the armor was a Chaotic Prime at the very least, possibly even a Grand Prime.

It’s just that the armor is far too heavily damaged where it’s almost completely ruined,” Zi Ying said in pity.

Jian Chen was shocked and the hand he was using to hold the piece of armor began to tremble slightly.

He stared at the armor in disbelief as his heart churned.

This was actually a piece of armor that had very likely been worn by a Grand Prime.

Grand Primes were peak existences in higher worlds, so the armor they wore would definitely be a great treasure.

Right now, he had actually come across such a treasure here.

Even though it was damaged, it still left Jian Chen flabbergasted.

“In my opinion,the expert from the higher world was probably embroiled in a great battle and became heavily injured.

In the end, he fell into a spatial crack and descended here by luck, which was how this armor was obtained by the people of the Tao family in the end,” Qing Suo analyzed the likelihood.


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