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Chapter 134: Wrath of the Tianxiong Clan

Sensing that Jian Chen was planning to escape, one of the remaining Saint Masters immediately cried out, “Block him quickly! Dont let him escape!”

The vigilant mercenaries surrounding the Saint Masters and Jian Chen immediately charged forward to block Jian Chen heroically.

The Saint Weapons in their hands immediately came down toward Jian Chen, and despite knowing how exceptionally strong Jian Chen was, those who came forward to block him were not afraid at all.

Jian Chens legs blurred slightly, causing him to deviate from his original path and onto the side.

Dodging the numerous Saint Weapons, his right arm shook as his Light Wind Sword danced wildly all around.

One by one, the mercenaries that had tried to block him fell to the ground.

How would Saints or Great Saints be able to defend against Jian Chens usage of the Profound Steps Despite being injured and having his fighting ability lowered, if Jian Chen were to use his entire strength, these mercenaries still wouldnt have a chance.

After killing the mercenaries with lightning speed, Jian Chen twisted his body without any hesitation, and began to run away from the mercenaries, as if possessed by a demon.

As for the people that were observing the fight, they immediately left the road as soon as they saw him charge straight at them.

It was almost as if they were afraid of obstructing Jian Chen and meeting the same fate the Tianxiong clan members had.

Jian Chen had fought against the Tianxiong clan by himself while killing a few high ranking experts, and even two Peak Saint Masters, completely unafraid of the Tianxiong clan.

The fact that he had even killed the young master of the clan had scared the mercenaries so much that they didn’t dare to provoke him.

In fact, some people had started to see him as a person with the strength of a Great Saint Master.

This type of person was rare to see even in a large group of mercenaries.

Jian Chen was moving at an extraordinary speed.

In a short moment, he was already 30 meters away from the group of mercenaries watching him.

At that moment, because there wasn’t enough time, the mercenaries that were watching him simply werent fast enough to open a path for him.

Just as Jian Chen was about to reach the group of mercenaries, his two feet suddenly stomped on the ground, pushing his entire body into the air, his feet still in a running position The amount of force behind his leap was tremendous, sending him flying 10 meters away from the mercenaries.

The moment his body touched the ground, Jian Chen began to run away from them once more.

“After him! Hurry up and chase him! Don’t let him escape!”

“Catch him quickly!”

“He’s trying to escape from the city! Someone send a message to the city military officers to close the gates!”

A collection of furious, impatient shouts were heard as the mercenaries charged in from behind with deafening sounds.

The few Saint Masters had followed Jian Chens actions and leapt over the observers, before quickly disappearing into the streets.

The Great Saint and Saint level mercenaries quickly followed behind.


Not too long after they entered the streets, the angry snarl of a magical beast could be heard from behind.

The roar caused the entire street to shake, almost as if there was an earthquake.

The mercenaries that were still standing around to watch suddenly cleared the road as an ox-like magical beast came charging through.

Mounted on top of the magical beast was a sturdy, middle aged man wearing a gold embroidered robe.

From his appearance, he looked to be approaching his 50s, and his serious expression made him seem even more imposing.

His pupils as dark as the night itself shone with a cold glare that made many of the weaker mercenaries unable to look at him in the face.

In a remote city like Wake City, people that had the ability to ride magical beasts were a very rare sight.

One thing was for sure, however; if the person who was riding a magical beast was not a high leveled expert, then it was a person from a noble clan.

That was because only these 2 types of people could typically use magical beasts as mounts.

Following behind the middle aged magical beast rider was a group of about 50 people Each member stood in a clean formation with a serious expression, and they looked like soldiers who were well trained .

The exact moment the middle aged man came into view, everyones eyes focused in on him.

The entire area descended into a strange silence.

But soon after, the observing mercenaries all began to comment to each other.

“Isnt that the Tianxiong clans leader, Tianxiong Lie I didnt think hed arrive so soon.”

“It is said that not only is the Tianxiong clan the strongest clan in Wake City, but the clan leader is also extremely strong.

He has already reached the Middle Great Saint Master realm, and also possesses a defense based on his earth attribute Saint Force as well.

In all of Wake City, there are very few people that can contend against the Tianxiong clans Tianxiong Lie.”

“The young master of the Tianxiong Clan is the result of years of hard work by Tianxiong Lie.

It was with great difficulty that he had raised a son; it could even be said just giving birth to him was difficult enough.

Ever since the young masters birth, Tianxiong Lie had treated him like an expensive treasure.

I dont know how angry Tianxiong Lie will become after finding out his son has been killed.

His son had been the only candidate for passing on Tianxiong clans legacy…”

Tianxiong Lie, who was sitting on the magical beast, stared down at at the mercenaries below him with a frosty glare.

However, the moment his eyes fell on the white robed youth on the floor, his eyes suddenly went rigid as an intense killing intent flooded out of him.

His face began to grow red; even his breathing became laborious, and his facial expression changed to one of disbelief.

“Kang Er!” Tianxiong Lie cried out with a slight tremble in his voice.

Jumping down from his mount, he ran over to where his son lay with wide eyes.

Tianxiong Lies face paled rapidly as he studied the all too familiar face on the ground with a look of utter shock.

“Kang Er!” Tianxiong Lie cried out in anguish as he shook the youths shoulder with both his hands.

Feeling the icy body, Tianxiong Lies heart felt like it had shattered.

From his vast amount of experience, he already knew that this person had already stopped breathing and died.

“Kang Er! Kang Er!”

Tianxiong Lie continued to cry out in sorrow as tears began to flow from his eyes.

His clear tears fell from his eyes, slowly flowing down his sons steadfast face, and eventually falling to the ground and breaking.

Tianxiong Kang was the sole heir to Tianxiong Lie.

Because of an injury to his body, he had long since been rendered unable to have children.

But this child had been his proudest achievement, and he had always doted on this son of his.

Since it was impossible for him to have children, Tianxiong Kang was the clans darling treasure.

But now that Tianxiong Lies pride and joy were suddenly killed, his heart had been attacked and crushed in a way that was impossible to describe with words.

Tianxiong Lie looked to be around 40 to 50 years old, but that was because of the normal life expectancy of those on the Tian Yuan Continent, as well as his cultivation.

In reality, he was already within his 70s, and with the injuries he had sustained earlier in life, he was utterly incapable of reproducing.

“Who was it that killed my Kang Er No matter who it is, I Tianxiong Lie, will rip their body apart into a thousand pieces!”



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