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Chapter 133: The Death of the Young Master of The Tianxiong Clan

“Young master, be careful!” The middle aged man cried out as he discovered the trajectory of the flashing white light.

His face grew paler by two shades as he realized the sword was going too fast.

With the sword already a meter from the young masters throat, under this type of situation, there was simply no time to react.


Because of the lightning like sword strike, the barely Saint level young master practically had no chance to react, and so the Light Wind Sword stabbed itself deeply into his throat.

The young master of the Tianxiong clans widened his eyes as he looked dead on at the sword in his throat.

There was a look of disbelief, he was not expecting this outcome at all.

To think that this depressed little mercenary he had come across on the road to the Magical Beast Mountain Range would unexpectedly be the one to end his life.

If he had known about this before, he wouldnt have dared to come close to Jian Chen, but it was a shame that there was no such thing as a regret pill in this world for him to eat.

Right now, his destiny was all but confirmed, and there was a better chance for him to alter the mountain ranges landscape than this.

Seeing their young master already have his throat pierced, the mercenaries by his side all stared in great shock, some had even paled instantaneously.

They were fully aware that the person in front of them was the young master of the Tianxiong clan who was dearly loved by the clan leader.

He was also the successor of the clan when the time came, so to see their young master be killed right in front of their eyes, they couldnt believe it.

If the clan leader were to hear of this news, no one knew how furious he would become, and how severe their penalties would be.

Just thinking about the severe temper of the Tianxiong clan leader had sent shivers among all of the mercenaries.

Each one of them began to look at Jian Chen with rage, if they werent able to bring Jian Chen back with them, then they would be served as a substitute instead.

“Brat, youve killed our young master, prepare to die.”

All of the mercenaries began to charge at Jian Chen without hesitation while shouting out, “All Tianxiong mercenaries, surround him immediately! Dont let him escape!”

These mercenaries all held high statuses in the Tianxiong clan, so the moment they spoke, every other members of the Tianxiong clan threw away their hesitation and immediately surrounded Jian Chen from all 4 sides.

At the same time, everyone that had been watching quickly distanced themselves further away.

Even under the collapsed restaurant, a stream of mercenaries crawled out looking disheveled, but they continued to join the other mercenaries.

Every single mercenary in the vicinity had seen with their own eyes the death of their young master by the hands of Jian Chen, so they fully understood the gravity of the situation.

Everyone took a step back in order to divert attention from themselves, at this moment, no one was willing to go and inform the clan leader.

They were afraid of being implicated in the death of the young master and suffering the wrath in place of Jian Chen.

After landing the killing blow on the young master, Jian Chen had immediately started to fight with the middle aged mercenaries.

These mercenaries were of the Saint Master level, and three of them were even at the Peak Saint Master level.

Against so many Saint Masters, the pressure was on full blast, causing Jian Chen to have to go all out.

Jian Chen and the mercenaries continued to exchange blows in an endless storm of blades and fists that left the mercenaries flustered.

Taking advantage of the situation, Jian Chen had used his Light Wind Sword and immediately stabbed one of the mercenaries through his heart.

The moment Jian Chen had stabbed into the middle aged mans heart, a big axe had landed onto his left shoulder, leaving behind a wound that trickled and dyed his clothes red with blood.

Feeling an immense amount of pain in his left shoulder, Jian Chens face immediately whitened.

Pulling out his sword from the mans chest, he rapidly thrusted it at the mercenary with the axe.

Seeing the silver flash of the Light Wind Sword, the man with the axe immediately narrowed his eyes in concentration and brought his weapon up in front to receive the blow.

At the moment of impact, the man was thrown backward by the explosive force.


The tip of the Light Wind Sword had stabbed into the blade of the axe.

But thanks to the amount of Sword Qi around the sword, it had left a noticeable dent in the glossy blade.

A sharp metallic sound was heard as five Saint Weapons immediately headed toward Jian Chen at the same time while cutting off any possible escape routes for Jian Chen.

The amount of Saint Force that was radiating from each weapon was enough to cause a massive amount of air fluctuations.

Jian Chens eyes flashed in annoyance as the amount of Sword Qi on his Light Wind Sword was increased several times over, making the sword seem even hazier than before, In a flash he struck out at the five Saint Weapons and struck each one with a clang.

While the Light Wind Sword had stopped the five Saint Weapons, Jian Chens face grew white slightly as his right arm began to shake marginally.

This combined strike was the unified strength of all 5 mercenaries which would be extremely difficult to accept with ease.

Because of the large amount of force put behind the 5 mercenaries, Jian Chens entire right arm had gone numb as even his inner organs had been temporarily shaken.


Angrily shouting out, the Saint Masters didnt dare let Jian Chen have the opportunity to breathe in rest.

Once more striking at him, these mercenaries were extraordinarily clever.

Unless there was a hole in their attack pattern, Jian Chen would find it hard to defend himself without getting seriously harmed.

A fierce expression revealed itself on Jian Chens face as he unexpectedly stood in front of the 5 Saint Weapons.

His Light Wind Sword then transformed in a silver streak of light as it flew at the closest person at breakneck speed.


The Light Wind Sword met no obstructions as it penetrated the mans throat, at the same time, the 5 Saint Weapons that were on the verge of cutting into him had their Saint Force already about to touch his clothes.

In a split second, Jian Chens body twisted in a way that had dodged 3 of the Saint Weapons, but the remaining 2 had struck him on the back and waist.

Jian Chen stifled a shout as his already white face grew even more pale.

He immediately pulled his sword from the throat of one of the mercenaries and looked at the remaining fighters, he threw away the idea of continuing to fight zealously and began to plan his way of escape from this area.

Jian Chen clearly understood that the Tianxiong clan had a formidable amount of power.

The longer he stayed here, the more unfavorable his position would be.

With his current strength, he would only be able to fight against a Saint Master, if the Tianxiong clan had a Great Saint Master, he would be in trouble.

However, with his remaining amount of strength, it would not be enough to defend himself.

Sensing Jian Chens plan to escape, one of the remaining Saint Masters immediately cried out, “Block him quickly! Dont let him escape!”



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