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Chapter 1317: Family Conflict (Three)

Changyang Ba returned to his senses after throwing the quaking thunders.

His face immediately changed as he muttered inside, “Oh no.” This was because the two quaking thunders he had thrown were of the 15th Star, equivalent to strikes from Fourth Heavenly Layer Saint Kings.

Attacks from Saint Kings were terrifying.

Even if they exploded several hundred meters in the sky, the ripples could still flatten the entire Changyang clan.

After all, the Changyang clan was not a capital city of the continent, let alone Flame City.

It was an extremely ordinary clan, so it was unable to defend itself at all.

However, Changyang Ba finally calmed down a little when he saw the transparent barrier being erected in the air.

There were around a dozen Saint Rulers from the Zu branch around as well.

If they cast down a barrier together, it might not have been able to stop the ripples of the quaking thunders entirely, but it could minimize the damage.

The extremely powerful ripples of energy from the two quaking thunders followed after Changyang Qing Yun while all the Saint Rulers of the two branches fled frantically.

All of them had become ghastly pale from fright, because they could tell that these two quaking thunders were of the 15th Star from the energy inside.

Once they erupted, they would be equivalent to an attack from a First Heavenly Layer Saint King at the very least.

They could even be more powerful.

The Saint Rulers of the two branches fled from the quaking thunders as quickly as possible.

None of them wanted to come into contact with them, and Changyang Qing Shan was no exception either.

He quickly shot back with a pale face.

He was both surprised and angered.

He was surprised over how such a weak person in the Changyang clan possessed a high quality quaking thunder, and he was angered over the fact that a mere branch clan member dared to throw a quaking thunder at him, an elder of the protector clan.

That was an unforgivable offence.

However, Changyang Qing Yun dismissed all his thoughts very quickly.

His gaze became horrified and filled with fear.

He had discovered that the two quaking thunders had locked onto his presence.

They had been tailing behind him the entire time.

No matter how he fled, it was useless, and the energy within the quaking thunders was rapidly beginning to activate, so they moved faster and faster.

“No!” Changyang Qing Shan yelled in fright as he became horrendously pale.

He could at least survive, albeit half alive, against just a single 15th Star quaking thunder, but it was extremely likely that he would die if he had to take on two quaking thunders at the same time.

Suddenly, Changyang Qing Yun changed directions and flew in the direction with the most people.

The two quaking thunders began to shine with bright, white lights as they tailed behind him with terrifying pulses of energy.

They moved faster and faster.

“Changyang Qing Yun you bastard! Dont follow us! Go somewhere else!”

“F*ck! Changyang Qing Yun, weve never offended you, so dont draw them over here!”

The Saint Rulers from the two branches were exasperated.

They all cursed his ancestors as they desperately scattered. 

Changyang Qing Yun was bitter.

He had only punished a rude person.

He had never thought that that punishment would end with him being pursued by two 15th Star quaking thunders.

If he had known this earlier, he would have never laid his hands on Chang Wuji even if he was a much bolder person.

“The quaking thunders have locked onto my presence, so I cant shake them off.

If you dont help me block them, Ill probably die here today,” Changyang Qing Yun explained as he secretly rejoiced inside.

It was fortunate that the person who had thrown the quaking thunders was not strong, so their initial velocity was slow, which was why he was able to flee for so long despite being pursued by these quaking thunders.

However, as the energy within them was activated, their speed would increase as well.

At that time, even Saint Kings would not be able to avoid even one of them, let alone him, a mere Saint Ruler.

Changyang Qing Yi halted and cried out, “Dont panic, everyone.

We have over thirty Saint Rulers with us.

Lets work together to stop the two quaking thunders.

Everyone gather near me immediately.”

Everyones eyes immediately lit up.

If a single person were to attempt to stop the quaking thunders, it would indeed be extremely dangerous, but if they all worked together, these two 15th Star quaking thunders were not so terrifying anymore.

All the Saint Rulers began to gather near Changyang Qing Yu at almost the same time.

They all created a powerful barrier of energy as Changyang Qing Shan charged over with the two quaking thunders.

The quaking thunders collided with the barrier, and they exploded simultaneously.

The explosion produced a deafening boom as violent streams of energy wreaked havoc in the surroundings, causing space to twist and crack.

A powerful ripple of energy shot down, but it was was stopped by the barrier Changyang Zu Xiao had cast down, allowing the Changyang clan to safely endure.

All the Saint Rulers from the two branches displayed various complexions and became rather pale.

The barrier they had created together had collapsed.

They had all cast down another barrier around themselves as quickly as possible, before retreating from the surge of energy that the quaking thunders had released.

Changyang Qing Shan was the most miserable.

The quaking thunders had locked onto his presence, so he suffered the heaviest attack.

Blood sprayed from his mouth as he shot off like a broken kite.

He constantly spat out blood.

He managed to stay alive, but he was very severely injured.

The two quaking thunder expanded across a very large area, so most of Lore City was affected.

Countless structures collapsed, reducing the entire city to a mess.

There were a lot of people who became injured, but fortunately, many people in the city knew that things were going to happen in the Changyang clan, so they had all made preparations, and thus, no one died.

A while later, the ripples of energy from the quaking thunders finally settled.

The Changyang clan below emerged undamaged while the Saint Rulers from the Qing and Yuan branches gathered together in the air.

They were dirty and in horrible conditions.

Changyang Qing Shan had lost his ability to levitate due to his injuries, so he was carried by two other Saint Rulers from the Qing branch.

They were all sheet-white.

They had set out with such a large party to regain their lost dignity, to  vent their unhappiness from being trapped for so long, and to get the people from the Zu branch to return to the clan.

They had never thought that they would get more than they bargained for.

Changyang Ba finally let out a breath of relief after seeing that the Changyang clan was fine.

He pulled out another two quaking thunders from his Space Ring and furiously roared at the group of people in the sky, “I have quite a few quaking thunders here! Those two before were 15th Star ones.

Im holding 16th Star quaking thunders in my hands right now.

If you want to act so brazenly, I wont be holding back.”

“Not only did they insult uncle Chang, theyve injured him as well.

We cannot spare them today,” Bi Yuntian furiously added and also pulled out two 16th Star quaking thunders from her Space Ring.

They were also of the 16th Star.

Jian Chen had obtained quite a few 15th and 16th Star quaking thunders from the sea realm, several at the peak of the 16th Star.

He had basically left all of them with his family.

The people from the Qing and Yuan branches revealed extremely ugly expressions when they saw Changyang Ba and Bi Yuntian pull out four 16th Star quaking thunders.

Even the Saint Rulers from the Zu branch leaped in fright with a shiver.

Even in the sea realm, 16th Star quaking thunders were extremely rare, so why were there so many here

The Saint Rulers from the two branches became rather offended and embarrassed.

This was definitely an unprecedented matter.

A mighty protector clan was being threatened by a mere branch clan.

If this was broadcasted, they would no longer possess the dignity to see anyone in the future.

Changyang Qing Yis complexion became terrifyingly pale.

He stared coldly at the group of people below and icily said, “This matter will never end after injuring an elder of our Qing branch.

We cant do anything to you, but there will obviously be someone who can.” With that, Changyang Qing Yi formed a seal with his two hands.

He used a secret message to communicate what had happened here to Changyang Qing Yun.

The protector clans possessed many secret techniques, and there were plenty that had been made for communication.

What Changyang Qing Yi used was Soul Communication.

The technique allowed someone to send a message to the soul of another person.

The only flaw was that the process was rather complicated.


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