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Chapter 1308: Reverberating Through Flame City

“Whos this kid How can he wear such luxurious clothes at such a young age They seem to be made from gold.

I wonder which large clan he comes from…”

“Gold is extremely heavy, but the boys clothes look soft, just like cloth.

However, it shines even brighter than gold.

You can tell that its made from something extremely valuable with just a glance…”

“This body is really cute.

Hes white and chubby and his large eyes are filled with brightness.

He really does make people want to spoil him.

I want to have a child as cute as him in the future…”

The people on the street became fixated on him and their discussions shifted to him as the topic.

The boy in golden clothes was as attention-catching as fireworks.

That was how unique and dazzling he seemed.

There were even quite a few people who went up to the boy to ask him about things.

They asked for his name while some people directly asked him about his background.

There were even some people had started fawning over him, asking about his well-being.

They all believed that the boy belonged to an important clan, so once they got on good terms with him, they could even gain success and rise through the ranks.

There were various people among them.

Not only were there members of the Flame Mercenaries, there were mercenaries from other groups as well.

There were also those who had come to join the Flame Mercenaries, those looking for work, as well as merchants, and so on.

Very soon, a great group of people had gathered around the boy and endlessly spoke to him.

There were quite a few people who had come to watch as well.

The boy was like a child who had never seen the world before.

He became stunned when he was surrounded by such a large crow, staring at them blankly.

His eyes were filled with curiosity as well as some timidness.

“Kid, whats your name…”

“Are you lost Tell me where your home is.

Ill take you back…”

However, the boy said nothing no matter what the surrounding people asked.

He just stood there in a daze as he blankly stared back at everyone.

His face was filled with confusion.

A few sharper people immediately caught an inkling from the boys behaviour.

They immediately guessed that the boys background was nowhere near as complicated as they had imagined, because all descendents of large clans would undergo extremely strict education from a young age or be spoiled by their seniors parents.

They would possess a natural type of pride or supremacy and not behave in such a confused manner.

“Is there something wrong with this child Has he been abandoned by his parents” A person inquired.

At that moment, the people around him became much quieter.

Many peoples opinions of the boy underwent some minute changes.

At this moment, a fat, wealthy-looking, middle-aged man dressed as a merchant approached the boy with small, white clothes.

He crouched down and said with a wide smile, “Child, Ive been a merchant for several dozen years and my foresight is extremely great.

I can tell with a single glance that the clothes on you are just far too ugly.

They dont suit you.

Look, I just happen to have these beautiful clothes on me.

Ill give them to you.

Come, let me take off your clothes and then you can wear this.”

The fat man quickly moved as he said that, taking the boys golden clothing off as quickly as he could.

He then changed the boy into the white clothes that were also rather valuable.

The boy acted like he understood nothing.

He did not resist, allowing the man to take off his clothes and change him into the white clothes that seemed even better.

This was because he could sense that the fat man would not harm him, nor did he hold any hostile intent.

“You filthy merchant.

Youre tricking a kid for his stuff…” Many people in the surroundings began to curse when they saw this.

There were also a few people who sighed inside.

They felt regretful over the fact that they did not act earlier.

The boys clothes were clearly something extraordinary, but unfortunately, the merchant had taken them away first.

After getting the gold clothes, the fat man twisted them forcefully.

As expected, they were as soft as embroidered cloth.

They could not fade since they obviously had not been dyed.

They were made from a material he had never seen before, and with his knowledge, he could immediately tell how extraordinary the material was.

He immediately smiled complacently, disappearing into the crowd with the clothes.

A few burly men in the crowd looked at each other before leaving the crowd as well, tailing the fat man.

The most valuable item on the boy was his clothes, so now that it was gone, the crowd immediately lost interest and dispersed very quickly.

The boy continued on without the crowd.

He looked around as he moved, curious about everything.

He would sink into his thoughts from time to time, but no one paid anymore attention to him.

The fat man who had taken the clothes had already made it outside the city now.

He had discovered that a few people were tailing him, but he paid no heed to them at all.

Instead, he hurriedly pulled the golden clothes from his bosom in excitement.

He had already determined that the value of the clothes was far greater than anything he could imagine with his many years of experience, because he was unable to determine what they were made out of, even with all his knowledge.

He had never seen nor heard about anything like this.

However, his face immediately hardened when he stuck his hand into his bosom.

The shining clothes were no longer present.

He had grabbed a handful of soil.

The soil had already been reduced to fine sand, slowly slipping through his fingers.

“W- whats happened” The fat man stared blankly for a while before crying out.

He immediately became flustered and continued to dig into his bosom.

Unfortunately, the clothes were nowhere to be seen.

He could not find them no matter where he looked, only grabbing handfuls of soil.

“How is this possible How is this possible How is it soil Where did the clothes from before go Where did they go I clearly put them here,” the man said in sorrow.

He thought through everything he had done since then, but he could not understand what had happened.

“F*cking fatty, hand over the clothes if you want to live.” Over ten burly men charged up from behind and surrounded him.

They were all malicious, and the leader was an Earth Saint Master.

The fat man had just lost the clothes, so he was furious.

His face immediately sank when he saw the surrounding people and angirly bellowed, “Piss off! Im not in a good mood!” He arrived before the Earth Saint Master in a single stroke, directly hurlinga punch.

The fist shone with fire-red light as it erupted with a suffocating wave of heat.

The punch moved very quickly.

The Earth Saint Master could not dodge it, so he placed the huge sword in his hand vertically across his chest.

A heavy sound immediately rang out when the fist collided with the sword.

The First Cycle Earth Saint Master was blown away along with his sword.

“A Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master!” The man who had been blown away cried out as his expression became extremely ugly.

The surrounding men all revealed different expressions when they heard that.

They were only Great Saint Masters, so how could they be an opponent of an Earth Saint Master They immediately turned and fled.

The fat man did not chase after them.

He racked his head in annoyance and cursed, “Some great expert must have realized the extraordinary clothes and secretly messed with me.

Its my bad luck.

Ive lost several hundred gold coins because of this.”

The boy had already crossed a street back in Flame City.

However, his white clothes became golden once again.

They shone even brighter than gold.

He was surrounded by another crowd of people again.

His clothes were taken away by someone else again because of his naivety, causing the clothes on him to be replaced once again.

The boy looked at the new clothes and found the process to be extremely odd.

He could not understand why people liked to change him into beautiful clothes and celebrated when they saw the beautiful clothes on him.

Very soon, someone cried out in a building in the city.

The man who had taken the boys clothes away had discovered that they had been reduced to something ordinary after taking them back to his inn.

Not only that, they were reduced to dust once he touched it.

Bi Lian currently handled the daily matters of the mercenaries in the city lords estate while You Yue sat beside in leisure, eating delicious cake.

At this moment, a guard ran in from outside and dropped to one knee.

He said, “Vice city lord, Ive just received a report that an extremely weird boy has appeared in our city.

The boy wears gold clothes made from unknown material, and its made many people go green with greed.

Quite a few of them have used various methods to take his clothes, but they become extremely ordinary without long and turn to dust with a single touch.

Meanwhile, the boys new clothes will become golden once again.

I suspect that this boy is far less simple than he seems, so Ive specifically come to report this matter.”


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