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Chapter 1307: The Gold-clothed Boy

The third bolt of lightning that fell was even stronger than the others.

It was much more violent than the second, having reached one and a half meters wide.

The lightning struck the ball of golden liquid with great speed, causing it to violently quiver.

However, it forcefully resisted the lightning that could kill even Saint Emperors.

The ball did not dissipate, only shrinking a little.

However, a closer look revealed that the energy within the golden liquid was rapidly strengthening even though it had shrunken after being struck.

It was undergoing a growth in quality, and the features of a human infant became much more evident and clear.

Thunder boomed in the sky, shaking the surroundings.

The lightning fell consecutively, with a fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth bolt… 

Very soon, eight bolt of lightning had rained down.

Every single one of them struck the same place.

Each one was more powerful and thicker than the last, and when the eighth bolt fell, the tremendous disturbance was enough to devastate the surroundings, turning them into darkness.

The energy of the world in a surrounding ten thousand kilometers was vaporized and the laws there fell into disorder.

The Saint Rulers and Saint Kings almost fell out of the sky.

The five Saint Emperors all paled.

They all could feel the threat of death on that eighth bolt of lightning.

It was so powerful that it could slay a Saint Emperor in a single moment.

They would be helpless before it.

“Just what terrifying thing is hidden there It can take on such terrifying lightning and still survive.” The five Saint Emperors all felt extremely curious as well as some unease.

No one was able to investigate just what was hidden beneath the mine, but all of them knew just how powerful and terrifying it was.

Quite a few of them felt dread.

“This is transcendence.

An Origin realm expert has been born on the Tian Yuan Continent, but its unfortunate that this world does not have origin energy.

It is unsuitable for Origin realm experts to cultivate here, and the passage to the Saints World has been sealed by Shui Yunlan.

If nothing happens, the Origin realm spirit will find it very difficult to leave here and will remain at the Origin realm for the rest of his life,” fairy Hao Yue murmured inside her divine hall.

She was also unable to check just what had invoked the heavenly tribulation, but with her knowledge and experience, she had guessed what it was long ago.

Rumble! The sound of thunder roared across the sky, producing a string of heavy booms like the roar of a furious dragon.

The clouds began to vigorously churn as tremendous energy gathered from all directions, condensing at its center.

All the people present were shocked by that.

They could already see that the clouds were charging up to deliver the strongest bolt of lightning they had seen yet.

At the same time, the pulses of energy from beneath the mine became more and more powerful.

The metallic essence within the mine began to rapidly gather from every direction.

The tungsten alloy immediately lost its original luster with the loss of the metal essence, becoming extremely ordinary and fragile rock. 

In just a few seconds, the largest tungsten alloy mine on the Tian Yuan Continent lost all the tungsten alloy it had.

It was reduced to an ordinary mountain range.

The lightning in the sky had finished charging up.

With a great boom that shook through the whole region, the ninth bolt of lightning fell resplendently.

It was four to five meters thick and the commotion it created was just astonished.

Wherever the lightning passed, the space would shatter like mirrors and reveal the eternal darkness behind.

At the same time, a tremendous ripple of energy appeared.

A dazzling, golden light rose up from below, quickly taking to the sky as if it wanted to rival the darkness of the void.

It was a pillar of golden light.

Like a dragon, it was vicious and violent as it climbed higher and higher into the air in an unstoppable manner.

It collided with the lightning mid-air.


A terrifying sound immediately erupted when two collided.

Wild energy streams wreaked havoc in the surroundings while the mountain range immediately cracked apart.

Countless mountains and cliffaces were flattened.

The boom finally disappeared, and the cracks in the space began to heal after a long while.

The surroundings recovered their initial brightness while the lightning in the sky completely vanished.

The sun shone just as resplendently as before, illuminating the surroundings.

The eighth bolt of lightning could easily slay Saint Emperors, but the ninth bolt was countless times greater.

However, the golden pillar of light from the depths of the mine could actually rival it, causing both to vanish into the surroundings.

The Saint Kings hovered in the distance as they watched the scene unfold.

What had happened earlier felt like a dream, completely overthrowing what they understood.

Thay had never seen such terrifying lightning, nor did they ever imagine that such a terrifying but unknown thing would be hiding in the depths of the mine, which had greatly surpassed any abilities that Saint Emperors could possess.

The five Saint Emperors quietly hovered there with pale faces.

They stared at the changed mountain range in a daze.

All of them were speechless.

“Its ended.

Lets go,” fairy Hao Yues face rang in You Yues ears.

Soon after speaking, the divine hall silently departed with Bi Lian and You Yue, returning to the city lords estate in Flame City.

Bi Hai stared at the unfamiliar mountain range, still rather taken aback with fright.

He slowly calmed himself down before leaving with the Saint Rulers of the Flame Mercenaries.

He no longer bothered with the matters that would follow.

He knew very well that even if some treasure had truly appeared there, it would not be something that they could lay their hands on.

The mine had been reduced to an ordinary mountain range, and even the terrifying energy below had completely vanished.

However, there were still many Saint Kings who dared not to approach it, staring at the huge hole caused by the lightning in fright.

A long while later, a bolder Saint King carefully made his way over to see what had happened.

He even entered the hole, but he discovered nothing in the end.

He did not find any treasure.

There was only ordinary stone and nothing else.

Afterward, more and more Saint Kings approached the area to investigate.

Even the five Saint Emperors did the same, but the outcome was the same.

They failed to discover anything.

Not to mention treasures, they did not even find the residue of any treasures.

“The lightning was so powerful, so the treasure was probably smashed into oblivion,” an older Saint King shook his head and regretfully sighed.

Many people agreed with what he said very quickly.

They really could not think of any other explanation other than this.

They immediately became regretful as well.

“Fortunately its not a new tunnel discovered by the Saints World.

Everyone, since thats all to it, lets hurry back to Mercenary City and continue to keep guard,” said the grand elder of Mercenary City.

Very soon, the Saint Kings from Mercenary City left and the mountain range became empty again.

What was different from before was that it could no longer be called a mountain range.

All the mountains had collapsed while a few of them had been flattened entirely.

Mercenary City was still as bustling as before, but interesting discussions about the lightning could be heard on the streets.

The matter became more and more exaggerated and more and more mystical, producing many versions of the story.

A boy in gold clothes stood on a street of the city in a daze.

He was less than a meter tall and possessed a pair of large, bright eyes.

He passed through the crowd rather timidly, looking around as he walked as if everything was interesting.

The boy was white and chubby.

He was extremely cute and only seemed to be three or four years of age.

His golden clothes brightly reflected light and were as resplendent as gold.

They seemed to have been made from pure gold.

The boys attire drew the attention of many people in the surroundings very quickly, but even more people became fixated on his gold clothes.

The gazes were mixed with greed, curiosity, envy, and so on.


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