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Chapter 1145: A Bitter Battle

Over twenty Saint Emperor vengeful spirits struck out at the same time, which greatly increased the pressure that Rui Jin, Hei Yu, and Hong Lian were under.

After all, they were not just facing a few vengeful spirits anymore.

There were some that were extremely powerful, maybe not as strong as Gustys, but they were not far off in terms of strength.

As a result, even with their three origin energy treasures, the three of them fell to a slight disadvantage under the encirclement of over twenty vengeful spirits.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta also used everything they had to keep a vengeful spirit busy each.

They wished to reduce Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yus burden, but they were nowhere near as strong as the three of them.

Their strength was quite far from the Great Perfection of Saint King, so all they could do was circle about the vengeful spirit as they fought.

More and more Saint Emperor vengeful spirits gathered because of the effects of the Saints Fruit.

All of them participated in the encirclement against the five of them, causing the pressure to increase by more and more

The Saint Emperor vengeful spirits handled by Jian Chen and Tie Ta increased from one to two.

Even when they used everything they had against a single vengeful spirits, all they could do was circle about with much difficulty.

Now that another one had suddenly appeared, their situation immediately became disastrous.

They quickly became injured.

The golden light around Tie Ta had almost dispersed.

The light darkened slightly and a strand of extremely pure Yin Qi invaded his body.

It rapidly devoured his vitality and froze his body.

Jian Chen also became injured.

A streak of blood ran from the corner of his body.

His chaotic neidan spat out strands of Chaotic Force to contend with the invading Yin Qi.

His soul was also attacked by the grudges of the dead, leading to stabbing pain and great dizziness.

These energies originated from the Saint Emperor vengeful spirits.

Even though Jian Chens soul was very strong, he could not resist this powerful energy.

More and more vengeful spirits gathered, reaching fifty in number very quickly.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu became trapped in an encirclement.

They became rather busy with handling the attacks from so many vengeful spirits, so they could no longer bother with Jian Chen and Tie Ta.

However, they still tried to attract a few vengeful spirits over to reduce the pressure Jian Chen and Tie Ta were under.

“Enter the artifact space!” Rui Jins voice boomed in the black mist of the vengeful spirits.

Jian Chen hesitated.

The saint artifact was not extremely tough.

An attack from Saint Kings at Great Perfection was the most it could withstand.

Although the vengeful spirits were not as powerful as when they were alive, the strength they retained was still nothing to underestimate.

Thus, he fell into a dilemma, debating on whether or not the saint artifact could withstand the attacks of the vengeful spirits.

Bang! With a muffled sound, a vengeful spirit silently appeared behind Jian Chen.

It struck Jian Chens back with a punch, sending him flying.

This was the third vengeful spirit Jian Chen had to handle.

With his current strength, he could only hold off one Saint Emperor vengeful spirit at most.

Two was already his limit, and he would not be able to last for very long.

He would be utterly doomed if a third one appeared.

Jian Chen vomited a mouthful of blood.

He flew uncontrollably for several hundred meters before falling to the ground after striking a few large trees.

At the same time, Tie Ta was knocked flying with his battle ax and flickering golden light.

He just happened to land near Jian Chen.

The light on his body had dulled and his face was pale.

A trail of golden blood ran from the corner of his lips.

“Jian Chen, these vengeful spirits are just too powerful.

We cant defeat them, so we better leave here quick,” Tie Ta said.

He was extremely stern.

Up ahead, four Saint Emperor vengeful spirits quickly approached the two of them.

The other two spirits had transformed into dense Yin Qi and grudges, quickly drifting over as well.

“Lets go!” Jian Chen yelled.

He grabbed Tie Ta as he quickly fled to the outskirts.

However, before he could even travel a hundred meters, the two of them came across another two vengeful spirits that were hurrying over to the fruit.

The two of them began to attack Jian Chen and Tie Ta without any hesitation, blocking their path.

Kept busy, the six other vengeful spirits managed to catch up.

Eight Saint Emperor vengeful spirits now attacked them at the same time.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta had basically nowhere to run now.

They were encircled by the vengeful spirits and could not flee.

“Tie Ta, dont resist! Lets enter the artifact space!” Jian Chen yelled.

With that, a blinding golden light suddenly appeared.

A ten-meter-tall golden tower appeared out of nowhere and the two of them were sucked away as soon as it emerged.

The eight vengeful spirits immediately turned their attention to the tower now that Jian Chen and Tie Ta had disappeared.

Two of them rapidly swung their fists at the artifact while four other spirits shot out strands of evil energy as streaks of black light.

The final two spirits transformed into dense, dark mist, enveloping the saint artifact and eating away at it with their pure vile energies.

Under the control of the artifact spirit, the tower shrank to the size of a fist.

It moved left and right in attempt to break free from the encirclement.

However, the artifact was only an auxiliary treasure.

It possessed a powerful interior but weak exterior, so its powers outside were extremely limited.

Other than being extraordinarily tough, the artifact had no other advantages.

It was trapped tightly between the eight vengeful spirits, unable to flee at all.

It was knocked around many times.

The artifact space felt the violent attacks too.

The entire world inside violently shook, causing the ground to quake.

The countless magical beasts that lived there were alarmed.

Great dark clouds had already started to appear in the hazy-white sky of the space.

They shrouded the sky and enveloped the entire world.

This was the invading vile energies.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta stared at the dark clouds with rather pale faces from the central hall of the artifact space.

They were grim and filled with worry.

The saint artifact was their final line of defense.

If even the saint artifact was not enough to resist them, it would be completely useless even if he brought out the divine hall of the Bloodsword sect as well.

This was because the saint artifacts toughness was greater than many divine halls.

Probably only the Bright Moon Divine Hall was tougher than it.


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