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Chapter 1116: Mountains of the Sleeping Dragon

“Seniors, he was the one who killed Di Fu.

He wants to take the cave for himself and try chase the four of you out.

Hes just too brazen and arrogant, so please kill this person.” The other middle-aged man righteously said as he pointed at Jian Chen.

“Seniors, its currently raining with devastating drops outside.

That arrogant person wants to forcefully take over the cave and chase us out.

He clearly holds hostile intent toward us, so we cant allow him to stay here,” the other middle-aged man added.

He twisted the truth and spun lies.

Jian Chen coldly stared at the two men.

He said, “Having people like you alive within this world is unnecessary.

Death is what you will rest with in the end, so let me send you on your way personally, just in case you harm even more people.” Jian Chen extended a finger and two Azulet sword Qi shot out.

They disappeared through the foreheads of the two men, wiping out their souls on the spot.

They could not resist at all.

Zhou Chuyun and the others also arrived at the dead end, and they just happened to see what happened.

They were immediately stunned, witnessing Jian Chens ruthless methods once again.

Jian Chen killed without any hesitation.

The four old men around the fire all opened their eyes and looked at Jian Chen.

Their gazes were filled with cold intent and a certain sharpness.

Their gazes seemed to solidify in that instant, sharp like swords.

They seemed to possess the power to puncture rocks.

“Sir, arent you a little too heavy-handed” One of the old men asked with a deep voice.

“People like that deserve it.

They are unnecessary in this world,” Jian Chen said, before taking firm strides toward the four old men.

A cold light flashed through the old mens eyes as their muscles tightened.

Vast amounts of energy violently flowed within them.

They were secretly making preparations for battle at any moment.

However, Jian Chen did not move toward them.

He calmly walked between the four men with composed steps, arriving near the two middle-aged men who had collapsed in their own blood.

He kicked them both to where Zhou Chuyun and the others were and said, “Toss the two of them out of this cave.”

“Alright!” Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun gave a straightforward response.

Without hesitating, the two of them grabbed the corpses and carried them outside.

“Sir, you sure are arrogant.

You need to understand that there are countless experts in the world, always someone who is stronger.

You are still not invincible.” One of the old men spoke with a hoarse voice.

His complexion was very ugly.

The four of them did not stop Jian Chen.

They all felt somewhat fearful of him.

“I am indeed not invincible, but just me is enough to deal with all of you,” Jian Chen glanced past the four old men, perhaps intentionally, and the sliver of a threat flashed through his eyes.

“Sir, do you want to chase the four of us out” The four old mens complexions were very ugly.

However, they remained seated around the fire.

“Not necessarily, I am not an unreasonable person.

As long as you dont come looking for trouble with me, I will not come looking for trouble with you,” Jian Chen replied before sitting down on a rock by himself.

He closed his eyes to rest.

The four old men stared at Jian Chen for a while.

They did not say anything and then closed their eyes as well.

They did not pay any attention to the other people in the cave.

After dealing with the two corpses, Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun carefully lead the Blue Sky Adventurers around the four old men.

They gently arrived behind Jian Chen and pulled out recovery pills from their Space Rings.

They made extremely gentle movements, afraid of disturbing the four old men.

They knew that the old men were extremely powerful and not people they could deal with.

This was because the powerful presence that radiated from the four of them was enough to make them feel fear.

If Jian Chen were not present, they probably would not even have the right to enter the cave.

The rain continued for three days before stopping.

Jian Chens group stayed in the cave for three days as a result.

During that time, Jian Chen continued his comprehension of the Illusory Flash and the Great Divination Technique.

He gained an even better grasp of the Illusory Flash, but he remained at the same level as before with the Great Divination Technique.

He had obtained nothing.

Three days later, Jian Chen and the Blue Sky Adventurers left the cave.

The four old men chose to leave at the same time.

They did not say anything to Jian Chen and chose a different direction, separating with Jian Chen.

Without traveling for long, a great beast roar rang out.

A feral, thirty-meter-long tiger-like beast lunged at the Blue Sky Adventurers.

Its bloody eyes were filled with hunger, treating Jian Chens group as prey.

“Its a 13th Star feral beast.

Zhou Lin and the others, back off,” Zhou Chuyun ordered with a deep voice.

He sternly drew his Saint Weapon and charged up, fighting off the feral beast.

Liu Jun did not sit around either.

He assisted Zhou Chuyun before slaying the beast in the end.

They found a fist-sized stone within the beasts corpse.

“Thunderstone, theres actually a thunderstone.

Its a 13th Star thunderstone.” Zhou Chuyun excitedly picked up the thunderstone.

If it was handed to a 13th Star expert and filled with energy, it would be worth quite a few grand quality crystal coins.

Everyone in the group was clearly excited by the harvest.

Zhou Lin and others all praised their luck.

After that, they continued on their way, heading for the depths of the divine realm.

No matter how powerful the feral beasts they came across, they were all slain, but they found an extremely low number of thunderstones.

A thunderstone would not appear in every feral beast and were vastly different from monster cores in magical beasts.

Jian Chen helped out during that period of time as well.

He could shoot out Azulet sword Qi with a flick of his finger, killing off several 14th Star feral beasts.

There were plenty of beasts at the peak of the 14th Star as well, but there was not a single thunderstone found, much to the Blue SKy Adventurers dismay. 

Jian Chen and the other arrived at a boundless plain of seagrass.

The grass there had already survived for countless years, reaching the height of trees.

It could not even be described as a plain anymore but as an ancient forest formed from grass.

Danger lurked in the grass.

Poisonous insects and beasts moved elusively, appearing silently at any moment and deal a life-threatening attack, so anyone who entered was in danger at all times.

The place was filled with marshes as well.

If someone fell into one, a force from the marsh would suck the person down.

Even Heaven Saint Masters were guaranteed to die once they fell in.

These were not the only dangers in the seagrass.

The greatest risk was that quite a few of the seagrass had gained consciousness.

Although they were unable to think, they could form huge mouths and attack passing prey, catching them off-guard.

Once trapped in the huge mouths formed by the grass, the preys energy would rapidly be absorbed, allowing the grass to become even more powerful.

The flesh and blood would become nutrient for the plants after being devoured.

Even Saint Rulers would struggle to survive once caught.

The people of the Blue Sky Adventurers really were extremely experienced.

As they made their way through the grass, they did come across many dangers, but they had all discovered them beforehand due to their experience.

They managed to avoid them, so the journey was more frightening than dangerous.

Half a day later, they passed through the grass.

A group of mountains appeared up ahead, and from afar, they seemed like a huge dragon laying on the ground, blocking the path forward.

Afar, a group that ranged into the thirties made their way toward Jian Chen and the others.

They were not weak.

There were roughly ten Saint Rulers while the others were all Heaven Saint Masters.

“These are the Mountains of the Sleeping Dragon, the largest mountain range of the divine realm.

It splits the divine realm in two, and past the mountains is the depths of the divine realm,” Zhou Chuyun explained to Jian Chen.

His face was filled with exhaustion, which then became filled with caution after seeing the group of people making their way over.

Liu Jun and the other members had also discovered the large group.

They all secretly made preparations.

Killing and looting could happen anywhere in the divine realm.

Only Jian Chen remained staring at the mountain range up ahead.

His gaze was profound, constantly glancing at various locations of the mountains.

He could feel the presences of very powerful beasts in there.

“Warriors, may I ask if you plan on entering the depths of the divine realm If you are, why dont you come with us If we travel together, well be able to deal with the dangers we come across more easily,” a person called out while maintaining a distance from Jian Chens groups.

At the same time, in another direction, four old men emerged from the grass.

They stood together as they sternly gazed at the mountains.

“Its them.

Theyve actually made it here as well.

Looks like they also want to enter the depths of the divine realm,” Zhou Chuyun discovered the four old men and involuntarily muttered out loud.

Jian Chen glanced at the four old men.

His eyes shined, but they then dulled.

It was the same four old men they had come across in the cave.

At the same time, the four people noticed Jian Chen.

They all glanced over and a gleam of light flashed through their eyes, soon disappearing.

Their gazes were deep, but they soon left.

They did not go to climb the mountains and instead followed the foot of the mountains into the distance.

“Warriors up ahead, were also entering the depths.

Join us.

If we travel together, we will reach the depths together,” the middle-aged man from the large group called out, wanting to invite the four old men.

The four old men completely ignored him, continuing on without even looking back.

Although they traveled by foot, they moved extremely quick and disappeared very soon.

At this moment, the group of people had already arrived before Jian Chen.

They stood in many, smaller groups, clearly indicating they were not all together.

“Warriors, what do you think Join us and we can enter the depths together,” the middle-aged man suggested again, inviting them sincerely.


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