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Chapter 1115: Terrifying Rain

“God dammit.

We sure are unlucky this time.

A change of weather in the outskirts of the divine realm is rare even across a whole decade.

I never thought wed come across one as soon as we came in.

Itll be troublesome now,” Zhou Chuyuns complexion became extremely horrible while the eight Heaven Saint Masters behind him became pale-white as well.

“Father, were slowing you down.

Why dont you go first Dont worry about us,” Zhou Lin pleaded.

Despair filled her eyes.

They were currently too far from the mountains, so they would definitely not make it by the time that rain fell.

“No, I will never abandon you,” Zhou Chuyun firmly promised.

However, the gaze of Liu Jun beside him began to flicker.

He became hesitant, wanting to move faster by himself.

However, he hesitated after glancing past Jian Chen.

“Sirs, the situation is extremely urgent right now.

It may be very difficult for me to accompany the two of you to the very end.

You two go first; dont worry about the two of us,” Zhou Chuyun spoke to Jian Chen and Li Jin before turning to Zhou Lin.

He said with a deep voice, “Liner, hold hands with each other.

Ill hurry along with you, so I hope we can arrive at a safe destination before the storm begins.”

Li Jin said nothing.

He continued to glance at Jian Chen.

He had a 15th Star expert beside him, so it would always be much safer if they traveled together compared to traveling alone.

“Zhou Chuyun, you definitely wont be able to make it somewhere safe before the storm arrives if you hurry along with your strength.

You should let me carry you,” Jian Chen replied.

Afterward, he casually waved his hand and an invisible force surrounded Zhou Lin and the other seven Heaven Saint Masters.

After that, he grabbed Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun by the hand, using the Illusory Flash to hurry along as a blur.

He shot into the distance as a streak of light, moving extremely quick.

Jian Chen did not want to use the saint artifact here.

The divine realm was dangerous, but it could not threaten them as long as they were a little cautious.

This was why he wanted to travel through the place purely using his own strength.

The Illusory Flash was an extremely profound and mysterious movement battle skill.

It was a technique that Jian Chen used often.

After using it so often and constantly comprehending it through the years, Jian Chens grasp of the Illusory Flash had expanded to become even greater than before.

His speed was several times faster than used to be.


A deafening constantly sound rang out as lighting continuously fell.

It descended upon a large region of several thousand meters across, filling it with a blinding light.

The force was shocking.

Jian Chen shot through the flat plains with Zhou Chuyun and the others, carefully keeping guard against the lightning.

No one knew where the lightning would fall the next moment, so they were close to being struck many times.

They basically traveled as if they skimmed past the lightning, causing the Heaven Saint Masters to pale in fright.

Large droplets of rain fell from the sky.

The rain was no ordinary rain; it could pass through all defenses formed from energy and eat away everything.

If it fell on a person, it could burn a huge hole through them.

At that moment, everyone pulled out a huge, inch-thick shield from their Space Rings and held it above them, stopping the rain from landing on them.

The tough shield actually shrank at a visible rate.

The refined steel was being eaten away by the rain, and the shield would give away soon.

“The rains getting heavier and heavier.

Once it becomes a storm, our shields will dissolve in an instant,” Zhou Chuyun said with a hoarse voice.

Their shields could only protect them for a moment and were not enough to carry them through the storm.

Jian Chen remained silent, pushing the Illusory Flash to its utmost limits.

He traveled as fast as he could, and finally, a group of mountains appeared in his vision after crossing the plains.

The rain became heavier and heavier and was coupled with the continuous rumbling of thunder.

The sky dimmed, and the shield above Zhou Chuyun dissolved faster and faster.

Everyone was already on their third shield.

Roar! Roar!

Beasts howled from the distance.

Two huge feral beasts radiated with a bold presence as they charged toward Jian Chen through the rain.

The special rain could not harm them at all.

However, Jian Chens speed was incomparable to these feral beasts that lacked a conscience.

He passed by them very soon.

With a howl of pain, the shield above Li Jin had completely dissolved.

Some rain landed on him, immediately eating away his clothes.

Several finger-sized holes had already been burned into him.

He could not resist it even with his strength and toughness as a Saint Ruler.

Painful howls and muffled grunts constantly rang out.

The other people were all struck by the rain and their bodies immediately began to dissolve.

Even Jian Chens chest was hit by some rain, burning a few small holes into his clothes.

They could not harm his Chaotic Body, but they did make him feel a piercing pain.

“Just what is this rain to be so terrifying.” Jian Chen was surprised inside.

Suddenly, Jian Chens face changed.

He raised his head to the sky and saw soybean-sized water droplets enveloping an entire region.

They filled the sky and fell.

It really was raining cats and dogs, like a waterfall from heaven.


“Were done for.

The acidity of the rain is even greater.

It can melt through a shield instantly now.

Theres nothing we can use to block it.” Zhou Lin became despaired.

Jian Chen was serious.

He stared ahead fixedly.

He had already caught sight of a cave positioned on the approaching mountains.

The terrifying rain continued to fall.

Once drenched by the rain, all of them would lose several layers of skin if they did not die.

Jian Chen was getting closer and closer to the cave right now.

Every single moment counted.


Finally, Jian Chen shot into the cave with the group at a crucial moment with a wild gust of wind.

Almost the instant he disappeared into the cave, the terrifying rain began to pour.

The sky was filled with droplets that struck the ground, erupting with a great pitter-patter.

“So close!” Zhou Lin patted her chest to calm herself down.

She looked outside the cave with lingering fear.

She knew exactly how terrifying the rain was, so what she just experienced was like being pulled back from deaths jaws.

The next moment, she paled.

Agony crossed her face.

She had been injured in several places, all due to the splashes that came from the drops rain.

Everyone else suffered injuries on different levels as well.

The dim light of fire radiated in the depths of the cave.

With the scuffling of steps, three middle-aged men emerged, looking at Jian Chen and the others with hostility.

Zhou Chuyun and the others became stunned, probably because they never thought that there would actually be other people present.

Only Jian Chen remained cold and composed, clearly uncaring.

“Warriors, we arduously carved out this cave.

It sure is easy for you coming to the cave we carved out after much difficulty.

Isnt that a little too much” One of the middle-aged men said with a deep voice.

Jian Chen glanced over the walls of the cave.

From the marks, he could tell that the cave had existed for a very long time.

It was not newly dug.

As someone experienced, Zhou Chuyun could obviously tell with a single glance that the cave had not been carved out recently.

He clasped his hands, “Warriors, you should know about the situation outside very well.

We had no other choice either, so please forgive us if we have disturbed you.”

“If you want to seek refuge here, hand up a 14th Star thunderstone each, or please leave immediately,” one of the middle-aged men coldly replied.

14th Star thunderstones were used to make 14th Star quaking thunders.

They only had a chance of appearing in the bodies of feral beasts that were at the same level.

“Do you really think that 14th Star quaking thunders are that easy to obtain Arent you asking for too much” Zhou Chuyuns face sank.

“If youre not going to cough up, then piss off immediately,” said a middle-aged man.

His gaze was extremely sharp, as if he wanted to start fighting as soon as any disagreement happened.

With a flash, Jian Chen suddenly appeared before the middle-aged man who arrogantly spoke.

Before he could even react, Jian Chen grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up.

He tossed him outside without any hesitation.


It was already pouring outside, so the man was doused by the special and terrifying rain in an instant.

Coupled with a chilling shriek, he dissolved at a visible rate.

It only took a few seconds for him to completely disappear.

All that was left on the ground was a puddle of blood that mixed with the rain.

“Y- youve actually killed Di Fe!” The two other men changed in complexion.

They looked at Jian Chen in fury and shock before running toward the depths of the cave at the same time.

Zhou Lin and the other Heaven Saint Masters all looked at Jian Chen in admiration.

Zhou Lin had even arrived beside him, now hugging an arm of his.

Her eyes twinkled like stars as she said, “Senior Yang Yutian, youre just too awesome and too cool.

Youre my idol.”

Zhou Chuyun and Liu Jun both looked at Jian Chen in admiration.

The three middle-aged men were not powerful, but they were clearly supported by some powerful organization since they dared to cause trouble.

However, Jian Chen had just tossed one of them out of the cave without any hesitation and without any consideration for the people supporting him, making him die an untimely death.

Only a 15th Star expert could do something so decisively.

“Lets go in and see if theres any other people here.” Jian Chen suggested before walking in first.

The cave was not deep.

Jian Chen arrived at the end very soon.

A bonfire crackled on the ground and four old men sat in the surroundings with closed eyes.

The two middle-aged men who had just fled back here sneered at Jian Chen as they hid before the four old men.


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