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Chapter 1095: The Former Yama

Jian Chen reacted extremely quickly.

After breaking through the ancient secret technique, he immediately attacked the Spectral Elder.

He sent a huge sword Qi, ten meters long, toward the Spectral Elder.

The Spectral Elder was no longer as powerful as before.

After blocking the attack, he moved back several dozen meters uncontrollably.

Before he had regained his footing, Jian Chen had already appeared in front of him through the Illusory Flash.

The Emperor Armament fused with the surrounding space and radiated with a terrifying energy, stabbing toward the Spectral Elders head.

In that crucial moment, the space around Jian Chen suddenly froze.

Jian Chens motion paused, and his strike headed toward the Spectral Elders head slowed.

Jian Chen roared out.

His long hair and clothes danced about wildly as surging Chaotic Force shook up his insides.

He broke through the frozen space, but the obstruction still affected him.

Not only did he lose a perfect opportunity to kill the Spectral Elder, the Spectral Elder had stabbed out and punctured his chest.

“Jian Chen, Ill take your life with us if you want to wipe out the Yama Hall,” at the same time, Jian Chen heard a voice.

A black-robed, young man, who seemed be to in his twenties, silently appeared beside the Spectral Elder.

He held the exact same spike as the Spectral Elder, stabbing at Jian Chens forehead with lightning speed.

“Thats a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King,” Rui Jins expression changed as he watched on from afar.

He immediately disappeared from where he was, swiftly rushing over.

Rui Jin was very fast, but the young man was even faster.

The black spike arrived before Jian Chens forehead in an instance.

Rui Jin could not save Jian Chen even with his speed.

Jian Chen could not dodge at all.

The attack had locked onto his presence, so he felt like he could not avoid it no matter what he tried.

All he could do was take it forcefully.

The moment before death, Jian Chen became extraordinarily calm.

A golden streak of light flashed from his forehead during a crucial moment and a fist-sized golden tower immediately flew out.

It collided with the black spike in the form of a golden streak of light.

With a great boom, the life-threatening attack that came from the young man was successfully blocked by the saint artifact.

A sliver of pity appeared in the young mans eyes.

He glanced in Rui Jins direction, and he immediately became stern.

He swung a palm full of dense energy toward Jian Chens chest before immediately disappearing into empty space.

He had vanished.

Jian Chen vomited a mouthful of blood as he was blown away like a broken kite.

His chest had completely caved in, his ribs had all shattered, and his organs had all ruptured.

His injuries were severe.

Killing intent flashed through the Spectral Elders eyes when he saw how heavily injured Jian Chen had become.

He immediately pursued Jian Chen, wanting to end his life.

Rui Jin had already arrived where the young man was before.

With a sunken face, glaring eyes, and a glimmering, golden body, a vast pressure filled with anger appeared in the surroundings.

He had clearly been angered.

“Magical beast, I know Im not your opponent, so farewell today!” The young mans cold voice rang out from empty space.

“Argh!” On the other side, Jian Chen furiously roared.

Chaotic Force rampaged within him, quickly healing his injuries.

Although it was impossible for him to make a full recovery in such a short amount of time, he suppressed his injuries as fast as he could.

“Spectral Elder, I can still claim your life even if Im heavily injured,” Jian Chen yelled out.

His battle intent increased, and not only did his might fail to decrease, it had become even greater than before.

This was the strongest aspect of the Chaotic Body.

With a powerful body and vitality, Jian Chen possessed battle prowess far greater than ordinary people.

Unless he came across people that were far stronger than him, he could take on people at the same level as him even if he was heavily injured.

The bloodied Jian Chen began fighting the Spectral Elder once more.

He was even more wild and even more bold than before.

He cast away everything and fought the Spectral Elder in a way that traded blow for blow.

The saint artifact floated above his head, ready to block a sneak attack from the hiding Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King at any moment.

By himself, Jian Chen possessed the might of a Third Heavenly Layer Saint King.

He only possessed strength at the Seventh Heavenly Layer because of the Emperor Armament, so the Seventh Heavenly Layer was his current limit.

It just happened to be equal to the Spectral Elders strength, so as the two ferociously fought, their wounds constantly increased.

The residual Chaotic Force in the Spectral Elders body had already been forced out by his supreme strength, so it could no longer deal any more damage to the Spectral Elder.

With a cold expression, Rui Jin growled, “My Dragons Domain is a smaller realm, independent from the outside world.

Unless you are at Great Perfection as well, you cannot escape.”

“If I dont come out of hiding, you cant find me either.

I can perform sneak attacks on you all the time,” said the young man.

“Your status in the Yama Hall must be extraordinary with your strength.

If Ive guessed correctly, you should be the master of the Yama Hall that was heavily injured by the sect master of the Bloodsword sect a thousand years ago,” replied Rui Jin.

He had some understanding in regards to the Yama Halls current strength from what Jian Chen had told him before.

“Correct, I am the previous Yama.

Now that my wounds have completely healed, I am roughly just as strong as you.

I may not be your opponent, but if I pester you, I will irritate you.

Magical beast, do you think theres a need for us to brawl it out,” said the former Yama.

He feared Rui Jin, so he wanted to stop fighting with him.

Scorn filled Rui Jins eyes.

He said, “The Void-movement technique of your Yama Hall truly is admirable, to be able to hide from the senses of my Dragons Domain.

It really is powerful, but finding you is as easy as a flip of my hand.” With that, Rui Jin produced a loud dragons roar at the sky.

It was earth-shaking, possessing might that destroyed the surroundings.

The terrifying sound wave caused the surrounding space to toss like waves.

The roar contained a sliver of the Dragon clans pressure.

Since the pressure originated from a Golden Divine Dragon, a king of the Dragon clan, it was much stronger than the pressure of ordinary dragons.

It could harm the souls of people.

The five Saint Rulers of the Flame Mercenaries fell unconscious, falling out of the sky.

They had been knocked out by Rui Jins earth-shaking roar.

Jian Chen and the Spectral Elder were also affected during their ferocious fight.

Both of them felt a heart-stabbing pain in their souls, causing them to become sluggish and stop fighting temporarily.

However, Jian Chens soul was far more powerful than his current strength, so he recovered before the Spectral Elder.

He immediately stabbed the area between the Spectral Elders eyebrows with the Emperor Armament, wiping out the Spectral Elders soul and killing him off.

Rui Jins roar caused the surrounding space to violently tremble.

The space tossed and turned like the surface of the ocean where waves rose one after another, forcing the former Yama out of hiding.

He appeared a thousand meters away.

“Former Yama, even if youre at Great Perfection, you dont have the capability to irritate me.

Killing you is easy.

Unless you are a Saint Emperor, you have no right to discuss anything with me.” Rui Jin coldly spoke.

The Dragon clan was a powerful and prideful clan, not to mention Rui Jin who was a king of the clan.

Rui Jin appeared silently next to the former Yama.

Without using any weapons, he extended his hands in the direction of the former Yamas head.

The former Yama became stern.

Invisible World Force immediately condensed, all of it gathering on the black spike in his hand.

It then shot toward Rui Jins hands in a flash.

Rui Jins expression remained the same.

His hands were covered by a layer of golden scales in an instant, catching the black spike.

A vicious light flickered through the former Yamas eyes.

Terrifying energy loudly erupted from the black spike in attempt to blow one of Rui Jins hands off.

However, it did nothing.

“You overestimate yourself if you want to take me on.” Rui Jins hand tightly grasped the former Yamas weapon.

The densely-packed scales on his hand were extremely tough; even an attack from a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King would struggle to harm him.

At this moment, Rui Jin slowly raised his left hand as it rapidly changed, turning into a golden dragons claw in the blink of an eye.

The five long claws flickered with a pressing cold light as they stabbed into the former Yamas chest with lightning speed.

The sharp claws impaled the former Yama, and the brutal force created a huge hole in the former Yamas chest.

Blood sprayed from the former Yamas mouth.

He was heavily injured, and he abandoned his weapon without a second thought.

Pulling back, his figure quickly began to dull.

He wanted to hide in empty space.

Rui Jin took several steps through the air where each step could shatter space.

They produced terrifying ripples in space, causing it to become extremely unstable.

The instability prevented the former Yama from hiding.

The dragons claw flickered with a dull, golden light as inscriptions flashed.

The claw came down from above, traveling toward the former Yamas head.

In that instance, time seemed to stop.

Even the air stopped, freezing everything.

The space below Rui Jins claws seemed to turn into an independent domain, a domain without time.

The former Yamas movements halted.

Rui Jins giant claw flickered with golden inscriptions.

It fell from above with incomparable force, and the moment that it came in contact with the former Yamas head, his head loudly exploded.

His soul had been wiped out before it could even break out of his body.

The claw continued down without any reduction in speed.

It fell from above, heading down, continuing into the former Yamas body.

With just a few booms, the former Yamas body was squashed into pieces.

He died without a full corpse.

The former Yama was a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King.

He was an expert who stood at the very apex of the continent, yet someone so strong as him could not even withstand a blow from Rui Jin.

Jian Chen felt deeply shocked when he witnessed just how easily Rui Jin had slain a Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King.

He could not remain calm.

This was a battle where Rui Jin purely used his own strength against the former Yama without any use of his origin weapon.

A Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint King could not even fight back before Rui Jin.

“Rui Jin sure is worthy of being a dragon king.

His strength is too terrifying.

Our differences are just too great.

It wouldve been impossible for me to kill that former Yama so easily if it were me,” Hei Yu sighed in amazement.

He too felt shocked by Rui Jins terrifying strength.


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