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Chapter 1076: Trapped in the Yama Hall (One)

In the blink of an eye, seven days had passed since the Bloodcloud clan had been wiped out in Hellfire City.

During those seven days, news regarding the event swept through Karl Empire like a storm.

Since the person who had wiped them out in less than ten minutes was a member of the Bi family, that news became the biggest a drawing point.

Afterward, various rumors appeared regarding the descendent of the Bi family as well as the destruction of the Bi family fifty years ago.

They crazily spread across the Karl Empire.

The imperial family of the Karl Empire did not respond in regards to how the Bloodcloud family was wiped out.

Ever since their Imperial Protector Mo Jian had come back several days ago, they did nothing, indicating that they did not wish to interfere with Bi Daos matters.

After all, Bi Dao was also a member of the empire, and he was a Saint King.

He was an existence that the imperial family wished to pull over, so why would they take offense over the death of a Saint Ruler

During those seven days, Bi Dao stood unmoving in the ruins of the Bloodcloud clan.

He did not even take a single step from that place.

The Heaven-quaking Sword remained stabbed into the ground beside him.

Its luster was gone and it seemed extremely ordinary, but the pressure it possesses still existed.

It slowly pervaded the surroundings, no longer making them seem so ordinary.

A large crowd of people remained in the surroundings of the ruins, watching on from afar.

During those few days, people had come and left.

There were even a great group of people who had come from several thousand kilometers away just to see the awe of a Saint King.

Very soon, darkness descended on the earth once more.

The bustling city gradually began to quieten down, and the people in the surroundings all slowly dispersed.

Only Bi Dao remained where he was, disregarding any fatigue.

Bi Dao could not help but think of everything that had once happened right now.

Countless faces of the Bi family flashed through his head one by one, and his cold gaze gained some gentleness.

“So many years have passed.

I wonder how Xiangtian is right now.

Hes the only descendent left of my Bi family.

I hope he can survive…”

“Sister, once I take revenge for the destruction of the clan, Ill go hunt down the people who murdered you.

Even if I have to search to the ends of the earth, I will find them and use their blood to hold a ceremony to remember you.

Sister, rest well.

Your brother wont let you die for nothing.” Bi Dao was filled with deep sorrow.

When the Bi family had been wiped out all those years ago, only he and his sister survived.

Now that Bi Yuntian was dead, all that was left in the family was him.

Suddenly, loneliness began to pour out of Bi Daos heart.

He felt so lonely at the moment, as if he was the only one left from the glorious Bi family all those years ago.

He had always remained in the Soul-claiming Mountains in recent years, having only left a few days ago.

He had not learned about the major events occurring across the Tian Yuan Continent.

He still had no idea that his sister had been revived by Jian Chen, while his nephew was no longer a mere Saint Ruler, now a great Saint King.

Suddenly, a cold breeze gently blew past him.

The surrounding sounds seemed to vanish in that instant, and the city seemed to become a haunted place of deathly silence.

Bi Daos head immediately cleaned up, and he dismissed his random thoughts.

He slowly raised his head and looked around emotionlessly.

Ten figures had appeared in the surroundings silently at some time.

They seemed to have fused with the darkness; although they stood there out in the open, it was extremely easy for people to miss them, making it very difficult to sense them.

The ten figures stood there silently like that.

No one said anything, nor did any presences leak out, causing the atmosphere to become rather odd.

Burning killing intent immediately appeared in Bi Daos eyes when he looked at the ten people surrounding him.

He could clearly remember that when the Bi family was devastated several dozen years ago, it was done by a group of people in similar attire.

“Youve finally come.

Ive waited here for you for several days already.” Bi Daos voice was extremely icy as killing intent radiated from him without restraint.

He slowly drew the Heaven-quaking sword from the ground, adding a vast pressure to his killing intent.

The ten people said nothing, but some greed appeared in their cold gazes once they all laid their eyes on the sword in Bi Daos hand.

“Speak, who are you What organization do you belong to” Bi Dao continued after not hearing the people respond.

The ten people stood there silently, as if they were a part of the darkness.

No one replied to Bi Daos questions.

“No wonder we couldnt find any beast fur when we wiped out the Bi family back then, so its actually been taken away when a survivor of the family fled.” At this moment, a husky voice rang out from nowhere.

It was impossible to discern its origins.

One of Bi Daos eyes began to violently flicker.

He stared fixedly at the space before him.

A black figure gradually appeared in the empty darkness.

It seemed so odd.

“Just who are you” Bi Dao stared at the figure.

Just from instinct, he could tell that the person before him was the leader of the rest.

“Survivor of the Bi family, hand over the beast fur if you want to know who I am,” sneered the black figure.

Killing intent surged in Bi Daos eyes.

He coldly said, “If you want the beast fur, then take it from me, but you might not have the abilities with just the eleven of you.” With that, the Heaven-quaking Sword in Bi Daos hand began to shine with dazzling green light.

The potent poison fused perfectly with the terrifying energy erupting from the sword.

Swish! Bi Dao stabbed out with the sword, directly targeting the head of the leading figure.

“You really are a Saint King,” the black-clothed man involuntarily called out with his hoarse voice.

His gaze immediately became stern, and with a flip of his hand, an exquisite black dagger appeared.

It was only palm-sized, but it emitted a dense black glow.

A cold light could vaguely be seen flickering on it through the dark glow.

“Kiss of the Venomous Scorpion!” The figure called out and the dagger immediately shot out as a blur. 

With a violent boom, the dagger collided with the Heaven-quaking Sword.

The sound erupted in the desolate night, alarming the entire city.

Countless people woke up from their sleep and lit candles, flooding the city with light in just a few seconds.

Bi Dao and the man were evenly matched in the clash.

“Survivor of the Bi family, you really are very strong, but you cant keep the beast fur.

Why dont you hand it over obediently, and Ill spare your life.

Otherwise, today next year will be when people visit your grave,” sneered the man.

Bi Dao said nothing.

He wielded the Heaven-quaking Sword in his right hand while the venerable elders voice rang out in his head, “Brat, you wont be able to beat him even if you use up all of my energy.

Let me deal with him.” 

The light in Bi Daos eyes became odd once more.

He relinquished control over his body, handing it over to the venerable Poisonsword once again.

As soon as the venerable took over, an indescribably vast presence immediately began to radiate from him.

He seemed to fuse with the surroundings, as if he had turned into the world in that moment.

“Even a mere Saint King of the Fourth Heavenly Layer dares to be so arrogant Die!” Venerable Poisonsword sneered in disdain after gaining control.

He slowly raised the Heaven-quaking Sword and stabbed out.

Not only did the strike contain a great energy and potent poison, it possessed the profound mysteries of the world.

Not only did a strike from venerable Poisonsword contain much more energy than the one from Bi Dao, its might was multiplied several times over.

“Phantoms Flurry!” The mans gaze became even sterner.

Crying out, the dagger in his hand began to wildly dance about, forming a string of afterimages that filled the space before him.

All of the afterimages forcefully shot out. 

However, the afterimages that struck the Heaven-quaking Sword all vanished with a bang.

The sword seemed like an invincible sword, advancing like a hot knife through butter.

It arrived before the man in an instant and impaled his chest.

The man roared out and immediately shot back.

He separated from the sword and bellowed out, “Slaughter of the Ten Kings!”

The gazes of the ten darkly-clothed men in the surroundings all changed.

Vast presences erupted from every single one of them, and they knit together in the middle of the air to form an even greater presence.

Afterward, the ten of them drew their Saint Weapons at the same time, sending a powerful sword Qi into the air simultaneously. 

The ten darkness-attributed sword Qis weaved together in the air and rapidly formed the face of a demon.

It charged toward Bi Dao who was below.

‘Bi Dao could not help but sneer in even more disdain.

He mocked, “An attack through a secret from the fusion of ten Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers is only as powerful as a Saint King of the Second Heavenly Layer.

Is this all you have” As he said that, he casually stabbed at the sky and a powerful sword Qi shot out, destroying the demon face.

“Lets go!” The man with the dagger did not stick around.

Shouting out, he immediately turned into a black figure, shooting off into the distance.

The ten Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers did not hesitate either, silently fleeing into the distance.

“Where do you think youre going Stay right here!” Bi Dao regained control of his body and pursued them with bloodshot eyes.

He had found the people who had wiped out the Bi family all those years ago after great effort, so how could he let them escape so easily


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