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Chapter 1075: The Saint King Mo Jian

Two different kinds of light flickered in Bi Hais eyes.

He seemed to completely ignore venerable Poisonswords anger and stared at the Space Gate in the air emotionlessly.

His eye that remained normal revealed some sternness.

The Heaven-quaking Sword erupted from the rock it had been stabbed into.

It became coated in a thick layer of energy, shattering the rock.

Ot then flew into Bi Daos hand as if it possessed a spirit.

After blanketing the surroundings with a violent presence, a white-robed, wrinkly old man slowly emerged from the Space Gate.

Immediately, an indomitable might began to radiate from him, deeply shocking everyone in the city.

It was like the descent of a supreme lord.

The old man look down at everyone like a king lording over his citizens.

His face was prideful and cold while his eyes shined with interest.

He stared closely at Bi Dao who stood in the ruins and growled, “Was it you who killed my disciple”

Bi Dao did not fear him.

He stared at the old man and emotionlessly asked, “You must be You Zixings master, the Imperial Protector of the Karl Empire, Mo Jian.”

“Correct, that is me!” Mo Jian coldly replied.

Bi Daos gaze remained icy, “The land beneath me belongs to my Bi family.

No one can take it.

Ill kill whoever tries.”

Mo Jian furrowed his brows slightly with that.

He seemed to stare at Bi Dao in disbelief, “Youre a member of the Bi family” The Bi family was a great clan that possessed a Saint Ruler in the past, so even Mo Jian had heard about the clan before.

What he did not understand was when did an expert like this appear in the Bi family

“Correct!” Bi Daos face remained the same as before.

Mo Jians face grew colder, “Since youre a member of the Bi family, youre also someone of the Karl Empire.

In other words, youre no outsider.

However, you killed me disciple, so you have to give me an explanation for this.”

“If you want an explanation, Ill give you one,” growled Bi Dao.

A vast battle intent immediately erupted from him, surging into the sky.

It caused the wind and clouds to churn.

The Heaven-quaking Sword in his hand also erupted with a shocking sword Qi.

“Bi Dao, my strength is far from my peak right now.

I cant let you waste it like this.

Dont resist, Ill take over your body.

This battle needs to be completed as soon as possible, or both of us will end up dead once all of my energy is expended,” the venerable elders voice rang in Bi Daos head.

Bi Dao said nothing and slowly lowered his head.

At that moment, no one realized that the light in Bi Daos left eye quickly vanished, becoming lifeless in the blink of an eye.

Afterward, an odd light suddenly appeared in that left eye, flashing about.

It was filled with an evil feeling.

Now, both of Bi Daos eyes had become demonic, as if two will-o-wisps were dancing around inside.

Unexpectedly, Bi Dao rose from the ground, shooting into the sky like a rocket.

The Heaven-quaking Sword in his hand also erupted with a bright green light.

It was a potent poison.

Not only was venerable Poisonsword powerful, he was someone who frequently used poison.

His poison was no less potent than Nubis venom.

Mo Jian could not help but furrow his brows when he saw how resolutely Bi Dao behaved, ready to give it all into the battle.

Although You Zixing was his disciple in name, their relationship as master and disciple did not exist at all.

Mo Jian indeed was greatly angered when he heard about You Zixings death, but that was mainly over the disrespect rather than the actual death.

After all, his disciple had been killed in the territory of the Karl Empire.

That was a provocation and insult in his eyes.

Mo Jian originally thought that the person who killed You Zixing was a Saint Ruler, which is why he hurried over angrily.

However, once he arrived above the city and discovered that the murderer was a Saint King just like him, many of his thoughts of revenge disappeared.

He could not offend a Saint King over someone who did not even treat him as a master, especially due to the fact that the Saint King was also a member of the Karl Empire and had only come to destroy the Bloodcloud clan.

As a result, Mo Jian lost interest in pursuing this matter.

Asking for an explanation from Bi Dao was just a way for him to set up a way out of the situation.

He had never thought that not only would Bi Dao refuse to cooperate, he would even come at him threateningly, throwing him into a temporary dilemma.

“Heaven-quaking Sword! Cloud-piercer!” Bi Dao had already struck out before Mo Jian could prepare himself.

With a loud bellow, poisonous gas immediately surged out of the sword in his hands.

The deep green light completely shrouded the sword, which was thrust out with a vast energy.

The sword disappeared the moment it was thrust forward.

It arrived before Mo Jian in an odd manner within the next moment, and the potent poison fused perfectly with the terrifying energy.

It stabbed toward Mo Jian mercilessly.

Mo Jian immediately turned solemn.

He could clearly feel just how powerful this strike was, shocking him greatly.

Only until that point did he suddenly realize that Bi Daos presence alternated between strong and weak, but it was no weaker than himself.

He could even feel mysteries of the world beyond the Fifth Heavenly Layer of Saint King in the strike, which utterly astounded him.

Without any hesitation, Mo Jian drew his Saint Weapon as fast as he could.

His weapon was a huge one-handed sword that was the width of a palm, and as soon as it appeared, the vast quantities of energy within him surged into the sword.

He stabbed out with all his might, making it collide with the Heaven-quaking Sword.


With a deafening sound, the two terrifying energies wildly smashed into each other.

They immediately caused the surrounding space to rupture, forming a black hole over thirty meters across.

The surroundings violently shook.

After the clash, the Heaven-quaking Sword turned around and returned to Bi Daos hand.

Mo Jians body, on the other hand, shook violently, and his complexion immediately became rather ugly.

He was not injured after blocking Bi Daos attack, but he fell into a disadvantageous position.

The potent poisonous gas also entered his body.

He had rarely ever come across a poisonous gas like this, and it was extremely powerful.

It forced him to use fifty percent of his power to suppress it.

Bi Dao floated emotionlessly in the air with his sword as the light in his eyes constantly flickered.

He coldly said, “Is this enough of an explanation If its not enough, I can provide you with an even more satisfying one.”

Mo Jian stared at Bi Dao in shock.

He paid close attention to Bi Daos eyes.

He could feel that the person before him was rather strange just from his instincts, but he could not tell exactly where this strangeness came from.

Mo Jian inhaled deeply and slowly calmed himself down.

After a moment of peace, he could not help but swallow his pride, “Sir is also a member of the Karl Empire.

It truly is worthy of celebration for another great expert to appear in my empire.

My failure of a disciple was looking for it himself for taking up your clans territory.

He deserved much more than death.” Mo Jian gave in.

In the clash earlier, he knew that he was definitely not Bi Daos opponent.

Gaining such a powerful enemy over someone who did not even act like a disciple was not a smart choice.

Mo Jian paused slightly before continuing, “Your strength is extraordinary, and you are also a member of the Karl Empire.

If you are willing, you are welcome to take up the position as Imperial Protector at any time.” With that, Mo Jian stuck around no longer and flew away.

“Wait, just who wiped out the Bi clan back then” Bi Dao coldly asked.

Mo Jain froze and glanced at the huge pillar in the ruins.

He said, “I spent most of my time in seclusion within the palace, so it has already been several hundred years since I last meddled with worldly affairs.

If you want to find your enemy, you are welcome to come find the emperor in the palace.

I believe his majesty will be very willing to assist you.”

Mo Jian left hurriedly through a space gate.

Bi Dao also descended from the sky, returning to the ruins.

The flickering light in his eyes also slowly calmed down, until all that was left was a sharp gaze. 

“Brat, stay a little more composed for me in the future.

Just that exhausted twenty percent of my power.

If it werent for my foresight to use supreme strength to deter that person right from the get-go, wed probably still be fighting right now.

If we get stuck in a battle of endurance, we would lose for sure.” Venerable Poisonswords angry voice rang through Bi Daos head.

Bi Dao did not respond.

He focused his attention on his dantian.

In there was a thumb-sized pearl that floated quietly.

It was completely composed of energy, extremely terrifying energy.

The pearl was the venerables power.

It had been sealed through a special method, and the venerable could use it at his will while Bi Dao could only use a tiny portion of it.

Once all the power was exhausted, it would be extremely difficult to recover.

The power sealed within was indeed twenty percent less than before.

Bi Dao did not go to the imperial palace of the Karl Empire.

He waited there silently in the ruins.

He had a feeling that those people would definitely come.

In the blink of an eye, night had already descended, blotting the entire world with darkness.

In an extremely desolate region of the continent, a huge, jet-black divine hall silently stood in a mountain range.

It radiated with a chilling aura.

It seemed like a place where demons lived, enough to make people shiver in fear.

“Reporting to the Yama, a descendant of the Bi family has appeared in Hellfire City of the Karl Empire.

He has carved the fact that he had returned with the beast fur into a stone pillar.

What should we do, Yama” A vague, evil-sounding voice sounded in the dark palace.

“What A person of the Bi family has returned to Hellfire City with the beast fur Is that true” A husky voice rang out from the pitch-black hall.

It sounded like the shrieks of ghosts.

“It is completely true.

However, he seems to be very powerful.

He fought off an Imperial Protector of the empire without suffering defeat.”

“A member of the Bi family has returned to Hellfire City with the beast fur.

Looks like he knows the destruction of his clan fifty years ago was caused by the beast fur.

However, we have to obtain the beast fur now that it has appeared once again.

It doesnt matter just how powerful that person is.

He cant stop as.

Send the orders to summon the ten Protector Kings to accompany me to Hellfire City.”


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