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Chapter 1074: Bi Daos Revenge

Bi Daos right eye looked rather demonic, as if a will-o-wisp was leaping about inside.

He then took a step forward and arrived before You Zixing in an instant.

He placed the Heaven-quaking Sword on the shoulder of You Zixing.

With its tremendous pressure, he said, “Speak, who was responsible for wiping out my Bi family all those years ago”

“I dont know, I dont know.

Senior, I really dont know.

It has nothing to do with my Bloodcloud clan.” You Zixing was utterly terrified.

The pressure from the King Armament seemed to invade his soul, and he could not even think of resisting in that moment.

He was a Saint Ruler, but only someone who had reached that level recently.

He still belonged to the First Heavenly Layer.

A dense killing intent flashed through Bi Daos eyes, “Then is there still any use to leave you around if you dont know” With that, Bi Dao swung the Heaven-quaking Sword before You Zixing could explain, beheading him.

At the same time, a great energy shot out from the sword and into You Zixings head, wiping out his soul.

A talented Saint Ruler died just like this.

The light in Bi Daos right eye danced about crazily.

“God dammit, you brat, why did you kill him Didnt you hear that his master was an Imperial Protector of the Karl Empire Y- y- y- you drive me insane! Youre just causing problems for me,” venerable Poisonswords enraged voice immediately rang through Bi Daos head with the death of You Zixing.

Bi Daos face remained the same, completely ignoring the venerable Poisonswords cries.

He slowly swept his gaze over the manor of the Bloodcloud clan, and he murmured, “This place belongs to the Bi family.

It will always belong to the Bi family.

No one can take this sacred piece of land away.

Ill kill whoever does.” Bi Dao spoke very softly, but it was filled with killing intent.

Every member of the Bloodcloud clan heard what he said clearly.

He then gazed past the people of the Bloodcloud clan and continued, “Who is the one responsible for the Bi family back then Speak and I will spare you.”

Everyone was pale-faced.

Their legs trembled since they were utterly frightened.

No one dared to say anything.

You Zixing was a Saint Ruler, yet he was slain without even being able to fight back.

That affected them all greatly.

Killing intent surged within Bi Daos eyes.

He murmured, “Since you dont know, you can all go die.” Bi Dao slowly raised the Heaven-quaking Sword, before swinging it down with lightning speed.


With a great sound from the center of Hellfire City, the greatest clan in the city was wiped out in an instant.

No one was left alive, suffering a fate similar to the Bi family all those years ago.

The luxurious manor was reduced to ruins.

The destruction of the Bloodcloud clan shook the entire city very soon, astounding everyone.

Countless people went to see exactly what was happening.

Bi Dao stood in the ruins of the clan with his arms crossed as he zoned out at the floor.

His eyes were dull and filled with reminiscence, as if he was trying as hard as he could to think back to all the times from before.

The King Armament was stabbed into a tough piece of rock by his side.

It radiated with a great pressure, causing everyone in the surroundings to shiver in fear.

No one dared to approach him, watching on from afar as sounds of discussions constantly rang out.

A huge stone pillar stood behind Bi Dao, and on it was carved some large forceful words:

“A descendent of the Bi family has returned with the beast fur.

Come get it.”

A powerful clan that was equivalent to hermit clans had just been wiped out in an instant.

It may not have been much on the continent where conflict never ended, but it caused a huge uproar in Hellfire City.

A group of guards immediately hurried from the city lords manor to where the clan was after they heard the news.

However, they hid in the crowd as they watched from afar, unwilling to reveal their presences.

They felt extremely frightened when they saw how the clan had been reduced to rubble.

All the other large clans in the city arrived where the had been Bloodcloud clan as well.

Without a single exception, all of them hid in the distance, fearfully staring at the black figure in the ruins.

To all of them, the black figure seemed like a demon from hell.

Bi Dao was that terrifying.

The huge pillar in the ruins became the center of attention as well.

When they saw the words carved on it, many people immediately guessed Bi Daos identity.

He was actually a member of the Bi family that had been wiped out fifty years ago.

An old man in dragon robes and a crown sat in the study of the imperial palace in the Karl Empire as he read in interest.

There was only him in the quiet study, but powerful presences erupted from the corners of the room from time to time.

The old man was the emperor of the Karl Empire.

He was not very powerful, but he possessed great authority.

The way the Karl Empire was controlled differed from how the Holy Empire was controlled.

On the surface, the Holy Empire seemed to be controlled by the imperial family, but true control was actually in the hands of the three great clans.

The imperial family was just a puppet to the three clans.

Even the position as emperor would be switched between members of the three clans.

The Karl Empire, on the other hand, completely fell to the control of the imperial family.

It was the same as the Felicity Empire.

At this moment, the space around the emperor rippled slightly and a man shrouded in a black cloak silently appeared.

He passed on a letter in his hands politely and said, “Your majesty, this is an urgent letter from Hellfire City.”

The emperor looked up before slowly putting down the book in his hand.

He took the urgent letter and began to read it.

A while later, he furrowed his brows, “The Bloodcloud clan of Hellfire City has actually been wiped out, and even You Zixing is dead.

You Zixing reached Saint Ruler in five hundred years and was highly likely of becoming a Saint King.

Sigh, it really is a pity for such a genius to die before he could fully mature.” The emperor folded up the letter and then passed it back to the cloaked man.

He said, “Go, take this letter to Imperial Protector Mo Jian.”

“Yes sir!” The cloaked man politely replied, before disappearing with the letter.

In the depths of the imperial palace, a white-robed, wrinkly, old man sat on a cushion with his eyes closed.

He seemed extremely ordinary and possessed no eye-catching characteristics, other than the fact that his robes seemed to be rather expensive. 

“Sir Imperial Protector, Enshrouded One has come under orders from the emperor to deliver this letter.” Suddenly, a polite and somewhat emotionless voice rang out from outside.

“Come in!” The old man called out without even opening his eyes.

The door opened and the cloaked man entered with his head lowered.

He walked in softly from outside and courageously passed the letter to the old man.

The old man slowly opened his eyes.

His eyes were profound, like the vast night sky.

He slowly raised his hand to accept the letter and began reading it.

The next moment, his face abruptly changed.

His nonchalant gaze turned into a glare in an instant.

Two streaks of light actually shot out of his eyes like blades.

He was extremely terrifying, causing the space before him to tremble slightly.

“You Zixings actually been slain in Hellfire City.

How dare they, how dare they! Who dares to do something like this To even kill a disciple of mine, of Mo Jian!” The old man became enraged and suddenly stood up from the cushion.

The letter in his hand had turned to dust.

“Hmph, Id like to see just exactly who it is who dares to be so reckless and completely disregard any respect for me within the Karl Empire.” The old man was completely pale.

With a swing of his arm, a crack immediately formed in the space beside him, warping into a Space Gate.

Taking a step, he vanished.

Bi Dao stood in the ruins of the Bloodcloud clan like a sculpture.

He did not move even after a very long time, while more and more people gathered in the surroundings, maintaining a distance of a thousand meters from him.

All of them pointed at the ruins of the clan and actively discussed the event.

The Bi family of Hellfire City from fifty years ago, which had almost forgotten by people, slowly returned to all their memories as well.

“A descendent of the Bi family has returned with the beast fur.

Come get it—maybe the destruction of the Bi family had something to do with this beast fur”

“For the descendent of the Bi family to return in such a brazen fashion, he probably wants to lure out the culprit who devastated his family all those years ago and then take revenge…”

“But just what level of strength does this descendent possess Even You Zixing, a Saint Ruler, wasnt his opponent.

This is just too frightening…”


Discussions constantly rose from the crowd.

Though, the words carved into the pillar behind Bi Dao had answered many of their questions.

Suddenly, a colorful Space Gate appeared in the air about the ruins.

Before the person who had created the space gate even emerged, a vast presence blanketed the surroundings, stretching out in a bold manner.

It actually enveloped the entire city.

Everyone in Hellfire City stopped what they were doing at that moment.

They stared at the sky in shock.

Many of them could not see the Space Gate high up in the air, but they could feel where the presence was coming from.

Bi Dao finally began to faintly move in the ruins of the Bloodcloud clan.

He slowly raised his head and glared at the Space Gate in the air.

His expression did not change.

However, Bi Daos right eye flashed vigorously.

Venerable Poisonsword exasperated voice rang out in his head, “A Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King.

Its a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King! Bi Dao you brat! Youve actually provoked a Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint King! God dammit, if you dont want to live anymore, at least dont drag me to my death as well! Experts like these may have been nothing to me when I was at my peak, but my current condition… Sigh, you sure have made it disastrous for me now.”


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