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Chapter 1047: Fight for the Divine Hall (Two)

As the news of how the Bright Moon Divine Hall prohibited the entry of Saint Kings broke out, all the Saint Rulers and some Heaven Saint Masters could no longer resist their teeming desires.

They all excitedly charged into the divine hall.

Since all the Saint Kings within the divine hall were now trapped, they were the most powerful people as Saint Rulers.

This re-ignited the flames of hope within these Saint Rulers, as if the Bright Moon Divine Hall was now just right before them, waiting for them to take it.

As these people entered, the number of people within the divine hall constantly increased.

There were people as powerful as the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Saint Ruler, and people as weak as newly-broken through Heaven Saint Masters.

Half of the Saint Rulers from the Radiant Saint Master Union had entered the divine hall as well.

However, none of the Class 7 Radiant Saint Masters entered.

Instead, they all remained outside and waited.

They did not leave though, as they wanted to anticipate the person that the divine hall ended up with in the end.

You Yue and Kara Liwei made their way toward the depths of the divine hall under the protection of Xie Wang and the white tiger.

The palm-sized saint artifact followed behind them closely and remained above You Yues head at all times.

On the highest floor of the divine hall, the illusory woman remained seated on the pure-white piece of jade with her eyes closed.

Everything that went on in the divine hall was under her control.

The woman slowly opened her eyes.

She appeared to be in thought, as she mumbled, “Originally, I wanted to attract some geniuses in here so I could take their bodies.

Then, I can cultivate from the start again, but it seems like there is no need to do that at all with the look of things right now.

Theres already an even better option.”

“That works as well.

The origin energy in this world has been sealed up.

Even if I take a body for myself, I wont be able to break through Saint Emperor and reach the Origin realm.

However, the Chaotic Body is not similarly limited…”

“However, who set down that formation in the distant outer space Why did they seal up origin energy Its a pity that the formation is just too powerful.

I cant break through it at all, or how would I, Hao Yue, end up in a state like this…”

The layout of the divine hall was extremely complicated.

Hallways intersected again and again, which made it extremely easy for people to get lost.

It was like a maze.

You Yue and the others became lost very quickly.

They traveled recklessly through the intersecting hallways and the tunnels that would appear from time to time.

They hoped that they could find the correct way.

They had tried leaving down marks in places where they had traveled through, but it was impossible to leave a mark anywhere within the divine hall.

It all depended on luck whether they could make it out or not.

They would come across a few Heaven Saint Masters and Saint Rulers from time to time, as they made their way through the maze-like hallways, but no conflict ensured.

There would also be some Saint Rulers who wanted to join You Yues party, but they were all turned down.

They had been trapped within here for three whole days before they finally found the correct way out.

They arrived on the second floor, but did not come across any dangers during that time.

It seemed like the divine hall did not possess dangers that targeted Saint Rulers and those below.

In these three days, Saint Rulers and Heaven Saint Masters constantly entered the divine hall from outside.

The number of people within the divine hall grew to several thousand, though most of them were Heaven Saint Masters.

The news of the trapped Saint Kings had already spread to the ten protector clans and various ancient clans, which immediately shocked them greatly.

The protector clans viewed this with great importance.

The Saint Kings immediately hurried from the protector clans.

They stopped outside, as they discussed the methods to save them with their brows furrowed.

Even Saint Kings from Mercenary City had personally come.

Within the formation space of the divine hall, the trapped Saint Kings remained seated on the floor.

All of them worked hard to suppressed the leakage of their energy.

Hei Yu and Hong Lian both equipped their origin energy armors, which could drag it out a little even though it could not completely stop the leakage.

A few weaker Saint Kings had already begun to pale.

They trembled slightly, as they sat on the ground.

They were clearly suffering quite a lot.

The Saint Kings that the sword Qi had struck outside in particular had already powerlessly collapsed on the ground.

Their eyes were dull and filled with despair, as their bodies had already lost all their energy.

The loss of energy could not lead to them losing their level of cultivation.

Even with all their energy gone, they could just replenish it outside, and they would return to how they were before without much time.

However, Saint Kings without any of their energy were extremely weak.

Particularly in this odd formation space, their abilities as Saint Kings had been restricted and they could not use Spatial and World Force, so it reduced them to ordinary people.

Among all the people, the only person who did not have energy leaking out was Jian Chen.

The power and uniqueness of Chaotic Force were just incomparable to ordinary energy.

However, Jian Chen still needed to devote all his strength into suppressing it even though that was the case.

“I hope You Yue can successfully obtain the divine hall, or all of us trapped here will just be waiting for our deaths,” Jian Chen prayed inside.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed.

During that time, countless people entered the divine hall, and people could be seen everywhere within it.

However, most of them were Heaven Saint Masters.

During that period of time, You Yues group had already passed through eight floors of mazes and arrived on the ninth floor of the divine hall.

Undoubtedly, the surface area of the ninth floor was much smaller than the floors below.

It seemed more like an extremely large hall when gazing out.

There were nine, huge stone pillars with simple carvings that held up the ceiling.

Vague Moonlight Force revolved around each pillar and radiated with a tremendous pressure.

The hall was beautifully decorated.

All the stone tables, seats, and various ornaments were carved from the same type of jade.

Every single item was extremely exquisite.

It was impossible to estimate their value.

A mighty but extravagant throne hovered in the air at the end of the hall.

On the throne lay a two-meter-long, exquisitely-crafted scepter that shone with a moonlight haze.

It was extremely pleasant to the eye.

You Yues party were not the first people to arrive.

Before them, various Saint Rulers and a few Heaven Saint Masters had already arrived.

Although the hall was not packed, there were several hundred people that had already gathered at the very least.

All of them stared at the staff on the throne with bright eyes, and no one made any noise.

The atmosphere was extremely weird.

Although the treasure was right before them, no one went ahead to take it.

All the people who could arrive here were very clever.

They knew that the first person to go up for the treasure would be the first one to suffer from all the attacks of the people present.

Even Ninth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers would struggle greatly to leave with their lives intact.

“That staff definitely is not so simple.

It might be hiding some secret.

You never know.

And that throne is not your ordinary, everyday object either,” Xie Wang stared unblinkingly at the throne, as he said with a soft voice.

Roar! The white tiger narrowed its eyes, as they shone with a threatening light.

It immediately took a leap and turned into a blur that shot toward the throne.

It viewed the several hundred Saint Rulers and Heaven Saint Master that had gathered as nothing.

Xie Wang did not charge up with him.

Instead, he remained close to You Yue and Kara Liwei to protect him.

He kept loyal to his task, to protect the two of them.

“Thats the Winged Tiger God…”

“The Winged Tiger God wants to take the scepter.

Quick, stop it…”

“The scepter must hide the cultivation method of fairy Hao Yue.

It might even be the object that can directly control the divine hall.

We cant let the Winged Tiger God obtain it…”

“Whoever gains the scepter will be the one who controls the divine hall…”

The white tigers actions shattered the odd atmosphere in the divine hall.

At that moment, no one hesitated anymore, as they all charged toward the scepter at their top speeds.

The white tiger at the very front also became the target of everyones attacks, where more than twenty Saint Rulers sent powerful sword Qi at it with a wave of their hands at the same time.

Before the great temptation of the divine hall and the cultivation method of fairy Hao Yue, they all lost their minds.

The fact that the white tiger was the Winged Tiger God no longer bothered them.


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