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Chapter 1020: The Empyrean Demon Orbs Takes a Master

After he had completely healed himself completely, Jian Chen left the room.

Rui Jin and Hei Yu were waiting outside.

Jian Chens heart immediately warmed up when he saw how Rui Jin and Hei Yu still guarded him at all times, even in Mercenary City.

He clasped his hands toward the two of them and said, “Senior Rui Jin and senior Hei Yu, I have kept you waiting.”

“Its no problem.

Its not like we had anything better to do here, so we just came to the location where you went into seclusion just in case some accident happens to you like before,” chuckled Hei Yu.

Rui Jin stared at Jian Chen for a while and said, “Jian Chen, are the matters regarding the World of Forsaken Saints true”

Hei Yu stopped smiling and quickly became stern with Rui Jins sudden question.

Jian Chen nodded, “Correct.

Its completely true.

The seal to the World of Forsaken Saints really does exist below Mercenary City, and experts from that world attacked the seal.

These attacks caused the trembles.”

Rui Jin became stern.

He immediately stopped talking about it and said, “Jian Chen, lets go.”

Afterward, Jian Chen met up with Tie Ta once more.

He spoke with him for a while before leaving the independent space with Rui Jin and Hei Yu together, returning to Mercenary City.

Ming Dong was still in a crucial moment of his breakthrough, so it would be inconvenient for Jian Chen to disturb him.

When Jian Chen returned to Mercenary City with Rui Jin and Hei Yu, the city had already returned to its previous appearance.

The protective power had completely mended the cracks on the ground, as if it was not the crack-ridden city from before at all.

The elders of Mercenary City announced a casual reason to explain the trembling of the city.

They calmed down the panic and suspicion among the countless mercenaries.

Under Rui Jin and Hei Yus lead, Jian Chen went to find Hong Lian and Houston, who were currently recovering in an inn.

They were both in the same inn.

“I greet uncle Xiu and senior Hong Lian,” Jian Chen greeted the two of them politely as soon as he met them.

He quickly glanced past them and found that Houston was still injured and had a pale face.

On the other hand, Hong Lian seemed fine, except for the exhaustion she struggled to hide.

Jian Chen could also sense clearly that Hong Lians presence was much weaker than before.

Although Hong Lian was a phoenix that had lived for several millennia, she only seemed to be in her twenties.

Hong Lian immediately began to glare at Jian Chen viciously when she heard how he referred to her.

Then, she said with some slight anger, “What senior Jian Chen, do I really look that old”

Jian Chen became stunned with that.

He had never expected Hong Lian to react so violently from being referred to as senior.

Rui Jin smiled at how Hong Lian had reacted and said, “Hong Lian, since when did you become so much like a young girl It doesnt seem like you.”

Hong Lian used her hand to play around with her hair.

After that, she turned around and sat down on her bed.

She stared at Jian Chen in interest and said, “Jian Chen, Ive paid quite a heavy price to save you.

Four consecutive rebirths will lead me into forty years of weakness.

Talk, what treasure will you give me to make up for my loss” Hong Lian did not seem to be joking at all and her words were seriousness.

“I will never forget seniors kindness for saving my life.

I will definitely return the favor on fold if I get the chance in the future,” said Jian Chen, as he clasped his hands without any extra thought.

Rui Jin walked over and patted Jian Chens shoulder.

He smiled gently and said, “Jian Chen, Hong Lians joking with you.

Dont treat it so seriously.”

Hong Lian seemed to have not heard Rui Jins words at all.

She glared at Jian Chen rather unhappily and said, “I said to not call me senior.

Jian Chen, listen closely.

Dont ever call me senior again.

Just call me by my name, Hong Lian!”

“Okay!” Jian Chen clasped his hands at her.

After some thought, he said, “Hong Lian, Uncle Xiu, youre still injured.

Why dont you enter the artifact space I can get the artifact spirit to heal all your wounds.”

Houstons eyes lit up with that.

He coughed twice and said rather weakly, “That works.

With the help from the saint artifact of the Radiant Saint Master Union, I can recover from these injuries that would normally take several decades in a short while.”

Then, Jian Chen pulled out the saint artifact and sent Houston into the artifact space.

Afterward, he turned to Hong Lian and said, “Why dont you enter the artifact space as well to heal, Hong Lian”

Hong Lian glanced at Jian Chen, and she closed her eyes to focus on her meditation.

She said, “My weakness is from backlash of the Rebirth of Fire.

My strength has fallen from Great Perfection to the Fifth Heavenly Layer, and the saint artifact cant heal it.

I can only recover slowly.

Of course, if you have any extremely valuable heavenly spiritual resources, that can reduce my time of weakness as well.”

“Heavenly spirit resources Does the Dragons Saliva count” Jian Chen asked urgently.

Hong Lian shook her head gently.

“Dragons Saliva is only a heavenly resource.

Its nowhere near the invaluable heavenly spiritual resources.”

Jian Chen became rather dejected.

He knew that Rui Jin had brought over Hong Lian as a powerful helper.

If she could fully recover her strength, he would have one more powerful helper at his side.

“Master, the holy water of the spirit sea can help this little phoenix recover her strength.” At this moment, the voices of the sword spirits sounded in his head.

He had not heard them for quite a while.

Jian Chen became delighted.

He immediately focused his attention on his sea of consciousness and saw that the two sword spirit revolve around the Multicolored Stone in the form of two balls of light.

In the recent years, the sword spirits had always been absorbing the stone to recover their strength.

Jian Chen could clearly feel that the Azulet sword spirit were much more powerful than before with a single glance, while the stone had also grown smaller.

“Zi Ying, Qing Suo, are you saying that the divine water of the world can help Hong Lian recover from the backlash of using the Rebirth of Fire” Jian Chen asked.

The holy water of the spirit sea that the sword spirits mentioned was the divine water of the world among the Sea race.


We understand a few things about the Phoenix clan.

They will be weakened for a period of time every time they use their innate ability, the Rebirth of Flames, resulting in a great decrease in strength.

If they use it consecutively, the period of time will be lengthened as well.

Its fortunate that the little phoenix isnt powerful.

Every time they use rebirth, itll only result in ten years of weakness.

In our original world, it would be thousands, tens of thousands of years or even longer every time they used a rebirth.

In order to shorten the amount of time weakened, a few experts of the Phoenix clan had traveled all over the world in search of a method.

In the end, they found that the holy water of the spirit sea was a liquid that could help them,” explained Zi Ying.

Jian Chens attention returned to his body.

Although he knew that the divine water of the world could allow Hong Lian to recover immediately, he only had one portion, which was for forging the Azulent swords.

He could not give it to Hong Lian.

“Ill immediately go looking for the water the next time I return to the Sea race,” thought Jian Chen.

Currently, he believed he was strong enough to enter the dangerous areas of the sea realm in search of the water.

Jian Chen entered the artifact space once more after he left Hong Lian to rest.

He first visited You Yue, Xiao Bai and his mother, comforting their alarmed feelings.

Then, he directly proceeded to uncle Xius location.

Uncle Xiu made a full recovery very quickly under the healing of the artifact spirits Radiant Saint Force origin energy.

As it was his first time witnessing the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force, he exclaimed and gasped in admiration at the power and wonder of the Radiant Saint Force origin energy.

With a flip of his hand, a book appeared in his hand.

The Blood Demon Emperor had left behind this cultivation manual in the Octoterra Divine Hall.

The Baleful Yin Force within had stopped attacking Jian Chen long ago with the Empyrean Demon Orbs submission.

Jian Chen passed the book to uncle Xiu and said, “Uncle Xiu, please check out this book.”

As soon as Jian Chen pulled out the book, Houston began staring at it unblinkingly.

He immediately accepted it without any hesitation after he heard Jian Chens words.

“Hmm” Houston immediately produced an interjection of surprise as soon as the book entered his hands.

His old and profound gaze also lit up in wonder, and he cried out as he stared fixedly at the book, “Baleful Yin Force! Its actually Baleful Yin Force, and its several fold more powerful than the Baleful Yin Force I control!”

Houston did not stop the Baleful Yin Force and allowed it to worm its way through his body toward his soul.

As soon as it came into contact with his soul, not only did it pose no threat to Houston, it was devoured instead, becoming part of his own power.

However, the rest of the Baleful Yin Force shot off like a frightened bird as soon as Houston devoured a small part of it, receding out of his body and back into the book as fast as it could.

It fell silent, no longer daring to appear again.

“Hmm This Baleful Yin Force actually even possesses a shred of intelligence.

What a surprise, what a surprise,” Houston could not help but sigh in wonder.

He felt even more curious regarding the contents of the book and immediately began to flip through it.

However, his expression changed when he saw just the first page.

His eyes became flooded with surprise that he struggled to conceal, and the surprise increased as he flipped through more pages.

In the end, it turned into deep shock and disbelief.

“T- this is the cultivation manual of my Bloodsword sect.

Jian Chen, where did you get this book from” Houston suddenly shut the book and stared at Jian Chen in interest.

Afterward, Jian Chen told Houston about the books origins and everything he had learned from the memories of the Blood Demon Emperor.

Houston immediately became stunned when he found out the founder of the Bloodsword sect was actually a member of the Sea race.

His heart began to churn as he struggled to accept or believe all of it.

“Uncle Xiu, this is the Empyrean Demon Orb.

It should be very useful to you.” Then, Jian Chen passed over the Empyrean Demon Orb.

Uncle Xiu slowly calmed down, as he stared at the orb in Jian Chens hand.

He reached toward it subconsciously.

However, as soon as uncle Xiu touched the orb, the Empyrean Demon Orb immediately flew up from its original state of lying quietly in Jian Chens hands.

It turned into a faint streak of red light as it shot toward uncle Xiu, before disappearing into the center of his eyebrows.

Uncle Xius eyes quickly dulled, and he closed them.

He had directly fallen unconscious.

Jian Chen quickly caught his body, slowly laying him on the ground.

He knew that nothing would happen to him, as it was only a process of the Empyrean Demon Orb taking on a master.


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