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Chapter 102: Ten Thousand Immunity (Three)

Right now, there was only one step remaining until Jian Chen could refine the Ten Thousand Immunity.

This step was also the most important one; whether or not he would be successful completely depended on this step.

By this point all of the most important parts of the Silver Striped Golden Snakes blood had been cleanly gathered by Jian Chen and concentrated in the gallbladder to form a strange substance.

The strange substance was the anti-venom and the blood of the Silver Striped Golden Snake combined together.

In accordance to the contents of the books, Jian Chen needed to absorb the anti-venom and blood substance into his own body.

And once he had completely assimilated it into his body, only then would he successfully gain the Ten Thousand Immunity.

As long as the substance was absorbed into the body, then Jian Chens blood would take on a detoxifying property.

Not only that, but the body would undergo changes as the blood circulated around the body.

After some time, the body would become resistant to poison and grow an immunity to weaker poisons without fear of harm.

With a heavy expression, Jian Chen stood up.

This was the final step as well as the most crucial one because the anti-venom substance would only gather within his body if the gall bladder of the snake was present.

If there was no gall bladder, then the substance would dissipate uselessly.

Before he could digest the snakes gall bladder, he would need to assimilate the anti venom within his blood stream.

Jian Chen calmed himself down and began to control the substance around his body.

However, as the substance left the gall bladder, a strange attraction started to happen and began to pull at the substance Jian Chen was trying to control.

Jian Chen bit his lips as he increased the amount of focus he was putting in his control.

Although Jian Chens strength was still quite weak, his spirit was unquestionably strong.

Under his increased control, the strange substance had finally left the gall bladder and assimilated into his bloodstream.

However, just as he was assimilating the bloodstream, the strange substance completely separated from the blood, like two opposite poles of a magnet.

The two seemed incompatible with each other, and there was no way they could possibly fuse.

However, Jian Chen still wasnt discouraged.

He once again focused his strength on controlling the strange substance to forcefully merge with the bloodstream.

He then watched it from the side; if the strange substance showed the slightest indication of separating again, he would immediately pour all his focus onto it and force it back into the bloodstream.

As the blood flowed throughout his veins, the substance which Jian Chen had forcefully absorbed into his blood was finally completely assimilated.

Surprisingly a part of the substance had a green tint to its color, but in the end that had also been absorbed into the blood and disappeared.

As the energy from the substance was absorbed into his bloodstream, Jian Chen felt that his blood had somehow gotten weaker, as if something else had happened.

After a portion of the energy from the substance was assimilated, Jian Chen didnt know how much time had passed, but the gall bladder he had digested had shrunk a bit.

Jian Chen knew that the gall bladder wouldnt be able to survive in his body for long.

So without a moment of hesitation, Jian Chen had forcefully broken a part of the substance away and began to try to assimilate it into his bloodstream one more time.

Time after time, Jian Chen had tried again for an unknown amount of time.

But in the end, the very last of the substance had successfully been assimilated into his bloodstream as the gall bladder was on the brink of disappearing.

Feeling the noticeable change in his bloodstream, Jian Chen let out a sigh of relief.

His heart grew excited as a bright smile took over his face.

“The Ten Thousand Immunity, I never thought I would gain the unpoisonable body!” Jian Chen said inwardly.

From his past 20 years of experience, he knew that this new world he was in was even more dangerous, so the Ten Thousand Immunity would bring him a great amount of benefits.

At the very least if he was to be captured by his enemies, he wouldnt have to worry about poisoned food.

However, while Jian Chen had successfully refined the Ten Thousand Immunity, it was still in its primary stage and not its perfect stage.

While his blood had fused with the anti-venom from the blood of the Silver Striped Golden Snake, this fusion was not yet complete and would need some time before it would reach perfection.

Once his blood and the anti-venom had perfectly fused together, it would then circulate around his body endlessly and transform the bones, flesh and organs within his body.

Every part of his body would gain the anti-venom capability.

This would be the true extent of the Ten Thousand Immunity.

Slowly, Jian Chen opened his eyes to the first rays of light.

In the horizons, the fiery sun was just peeking out, meaning that it was only the start of the morning.

Jian Chen leapt out from the blood filled cask and took out a towel from his Space Belt to clean off the blood on him before wearing a new set of clothes.

After all that time Jian Chen had spent in the cask, the blood within had already been reduced by a quarter.

Even the previously bloody smell had dissipated and the color of the blood had started to darken a bit.

Looking at the cask besides him, Jian Chen kicked at the container firmly.

The cask overturned and broke on the hard ground, spilling the blood onto the ground.

While the blood of the Silver Striped Golden Snake was incomparably precious, the most important part of the blood had already been absorbed by him.

The remaining parts of the blood could only be said to be equal to water and did not have a single use for it anymore.

After returning to Wake City once more, Jian Chen entered a restaurant and ordered a few dishes to eat his fill.

After a day and night of not eating, Jian Chens stomach was a bit hungry.

Right now was the busiest time for the restaurant, the environment inside was already very lively.

The people coming and going was like an endless stream and filled up the tables in a flash.

Even the waitresses of the restaurant were constantly scampering around busily taking orders and delivering dishes.

“Little brother, the seats here are all occupied already.

Could I possibly sit here with you”



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